"It will be a nice travel", you said.

The place where you go should be a paradise. It is what everyone want, a summer full of fun, with a lot of girls and the beach with white sand. But your pilot doesn't knew that a storm will break your plane and crash into a strange place. It is an Island, but not the island that you're waiting for. People here are weird and their behavior is unusual. Your plane was full of people, and now you look like to be the only one who survived. Your goal is to find a safe place, with a radio or something, because there is no other ways :

Everyone on this island want to see you dead.


I can't do my mods for the original Far Cry 3 game, so my mods have to be played on the Far Cry Editor. So, when you load the map, do NOT move the camera and explore the map. Just press CTRL-G and enjoy!

  • This mod is based on the stealth and exploration
  • A lot of weird places and items hided all around the map
  • Like in famous survival games, there is less zombies when you're far from structures and human activity
  • Time can be changed : Day or Night, the gameplay is the same
  • No storyline narrated, just imagine what happened
  • Play how you like : Machine gun or Bow ?

  • I'm adding a lot of new features everyday, and I will share them here everytime.
    May, 25th 2014 :
    -Removed the HUD for more difficulty and realism
    -Added new shelters everywhere on the map
    -Added more ennemies (Zombies) all around the map for more difficulty
    -Added more long range rifles
    -Added little houses everywhere (can't be explored) for more realism and gameplay
    -Added important places where you can find weapons, ammo etc

    May, 26th 2014 :
    -Added more vegetation
    -Added little roads
    -Optimized some important places (adding furnitures, ressources, gameplay entities)

    May, 29th 2014 :
    -Added heavy weapons (hard to find)
    -Added a bow
    -Added usable vehicules (limited)
    -Finished the second part of the island (There is two "parts" on this map, each ones got there own ambience)

    May, 31th 2014 :
    -Added a new place full of monsters
    -Added throwable rocks
    -Added customized weapons

    Download it now and please leave a review!

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    Isaac wrote: Do never run.

    This is a quick way to attract all the horrors of the corner.

    Isaac wrote: Always hide yourself.

    Vegetation is your best friend against the monsters.

    Isaac wrote: Do not waste your ammo for nothing.

    If they are more than one hundred, just give up.

    Isaac wrote: Explore the island. There is a lot of items you should miss.

    AK-47 is old fashioned.

    Isaac wrote: You died? Do not restart from the start!

    You will find some shelters everywhere. Restart inside them if you die, or try again!

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    Far Trouble - Part One Official release

    Far Trouble - Part One Official release


    Here is the official release of Far Trouble. There is nothing to change while the beta was released, so download the last version!


    Can someone please tell me what music is playing in this video :D it's a nice one <3 :)

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
    Isaac_Clarke973 Creator

    It is Disclosure - You & Me (Flume remix). Very famous in France! :D Thanks!

    Reply Good karma+2 votes

    May I inquire if you're modding the content yourself or using Fino's mod or something? :) Always nice to see another editor mod!

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
    Isaac_Clarke973 Creator

    Of course, i'm using the files from Fino's (just for the HUD), hope it is allowed!
    Yes, i though there is not enough mods for this great game.

    By the way, i love yours, glad to receive a message from you!

    Reply Good karma+1 vote

    hi saac-clarke973 please make new mod for far cry 3 add 200 new animals and like lion and hipo and girafe and add more birds and add more fish and add anaconda and types of snakes and tybes of inscects
    please contact me
    facebook khalidalasad54@yahoo.com
    email khalidalasad5441@gmail

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    fc3 doesn't have sdk or mdk. So yeah, only retexturing can be done.

    Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
    Isaac_Clarke973 Creator

    Hi, I'm not a graphist or something, I don't have these skills.. Sorry!
    The only thing that I can do is designing levels and creating stories ^^

    Reply Good karma+1 vote
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