Redux by BigTinz. Realism+ by Boggalog. Multi-Fixer by FoxAhead. Functional Outposts by Scubrah.

Improved graphics

  • Removed rim lighting - the blue light at night that makes the player look like an alien.
  • New color grading
  • Increased number of physics items.

The following graphics settings have been improved, the default settings for these have been moved down a tier, so Ultra High is now Very High, High is now Medium etc: (Realism+)

  • Geometry (Ultra High) - This setting has a huge performance impact. Turn this down to Very High if you have low fps! Increased draw distance for trees. Increased draw distance for minor terrain details (rocks etc). Enhanced LOD for objects/trees/vegetation. 8x max number of decals (bullet holes etc).
  • Geometry (Very High) - This setting replaces the original ultra high setting as it has a small 1-2 fps impact. Increased draw distance for trees. Enhanced LOD for objects/trees/vegetation. 4x max number of decals (bullet holes etc).
  • Shadows (Improvements have been added to every setting)
    Softer, more realistic shadows.
    Trees and vegetation cast more shadows.
    The original game had a line ~10m from the player where high quality shadows became low quality shadows. This has been fixed.
  • Ambient (High)
    Increased draw distance for static shadows.
  • Terrain (Ultra High)
    Enhanced terrain LOD.

New textures

  • Enhanced textures for the UI/HUD
  • Road signs have a new a high resolution hand-painted style font. New signs have been created for weapon shops and safehouses. Weapon shop road signs are no longer green.
  • Hand-drawn map icons in the style of the originals.
  • Detailed, full-colour weapon icons, made using pre-existing game art.
  • Syrette icon is now an actual syrette, not a syringe.
  • M16 is now black, and the FAL’s stock and grip are wooden.

Weapon improvements

  • Extra gadget slot for the flare gun, accessible by pressing the machete button twice.
  • Weapons can be holstered by pressing 'n' on keyboard (rebindable). Most actions will holster your weapon automatically, exceptions being healing or throwing grenades which will lead to your weapon being drawn. On controller weapons can be holstered by holding Y.
  • Weapons can be inspected by pressing ‘i’ on keyboard (rebindable). On controller weapons can be inspected by holding X.
  • Weapon animations have been tweaked so weapons are held lower when standing, and are fully lowered (safe zone style) when crouched.
  • Weapons found in safehouses (mission related, not from safehouse weapon crates) are now in better condition. They now have 50% durability remaining, increased from the default 25% durability remaining.
  • Weapons do not automatically reload.
  • Increased ironsight FOV.
  • Weapons have been renamed to have names realistic to their real world versions.
  • DLC weapons have been added to the ammo upgrades.
  • The flare gun is available to purchase during the tutorial, and has been removed as a reward from convoy mission 1.
  • Sawed-off shotgun uses shotgun ammo.

Weapon rebalances

  • Machete
    'Creeping' has been added to the machete so you can walk at half speed by holding the iron sight button. (Realism+)
    Machete stealth kills aren’t silent. (Redux)
  • Shotguns
    All shotguns are more accurate with improved effective range.
    SPAS12 - reduced magazine size to 9.
    Silenced shotgun - reduced magazine size to 4.
  • Assault rifles
    All assault rifles effective range increased by 33%.
    G3KA4 and FAL magazine sizes corrected to realistic 20 round capacity
    AR-16 - Now fully automatic
  • Flamethrower
    Flamethrower range increased
    Various tweaks to make enemies use flamethrowers more effectively.
  • Rocket launchers
    RPG/Carl G - Rocket speed increased 2x.
  • Explosive crossbow
    Crossbow projectile speed increased 2x, projectiles fire in an arc.
    Crossbow ammo increased (+1 infamous, +2 hardcore/normal, +3 easy).
  • Mortar
    Mortar max ammo increased by 50%.

Vehicle improvements

  • Vehicle and boat speed increased, reduced the damage vehicles take from crashes.
  • Permanent windshield bullet holes.
  • DLC vehicles come in a variety of colours.
  • Improved hang glider stability when shot - you will lose some control and altitude but only be pushed into a nose dive under very heavy fire.
  • Increased look angle for the swamp boats so you can look behind you while driving. Added 'v' as a dedicated keyboard button to look back when driving (rebindable).

Weapon/Upgrade shop improvements

  • Reorganised shop so the order of everything makes more sense.
  • All ammo, health and repair upgrades are available early in the game.
  • Weapons in the armoury don't respawn instantly - there will be fresh stock next time you visit.
  • New vehicle upgrades have been added for the DLC vehicles.

Gameplay improvements

  • Deadly combat - Increased player and enemy damage.
  • Increased range for outpost respawns - credit to Scubrah.
  • Infamous and Hardcore Redux difficulty – Rebalanced versions of Infamous and Hardcore difficulty with a more forgiving amount of ammo.
  • Limited navigation - removed the player arrow from the map and other map/GPS/road sign tweaks for an extra immersive experience.
  • Play as the female mercenaries.
  • Play as an 'Anonymous Mercenary', randomly generated using the same system that generates enemies.
  • Improved player agility - Increased stamina, increased sprint speed, reduced sprint turn penalty, increased jump height, increased slope climbing capability.
  • Reduced stamina drain when exploring the desert.
  • Improved stealth - reduced enemy perception pre-combat by 20%.
  • Controls changes – ‘Tab’ now uses the map, tap ‘Shift’ to sprint.
  • Changed the malaria pill animation to an existing rare animation, where the player pours out two pills and puts one back.
  • Reduced monocular sensitivity.
  • Briefcases that previously contained one diamond now contain two.
  • Explosive barrels now start fires.

Enemy and Buddy improvements

  • Enhanced enemy arsenal - enemies can use almost every weapon and go through loadout progressions over the course of the game.
  • Buddies also use more weapons and will go through their own progression curves.
  • New buddy rescue – The Dogon Village buddy rescue in map 2 has been replaced with the Black Mamba rescue, found in a wrecked train in the North-West desert.
  • Enemy infighting - patrols and camps will fight each other.
  • Enemies shout out and communicate more often during combat.
  • Patrol vehicles have been swapped to a more interesting variety and they now include the ATV and utility truck.
  • Specops enemies now have a unique appearance fitting for being 'foreign commandos'.
  • More unpredictable enemies - behaviors such as rescuing injured comrades, using mounted weapons or closing distance using vehicles are no longer guaranteed to occur.
  • The chance for enemies to chase you when driving through checkpoints has been reduced.

Bug fixes

  • A new game executable is included that has been patched to use 4GB of RAM, this improves load times and game stability.
  • Restored missing big truck engine sounds.
  • Restored missing critical healing animations on Infamous difficulty.
  • Fixed bouncing NPCs.
  • Fixed the silent phone call bug
  • Fixed being able to see the edges of your arms when using the hang glider.
  • Fixed the hang glider bouncing on water - it is now buoyant and you can climb onto it while it is floating.
  • Fixed assassination targets having the same vision as snipers.
  • Fixed a sniper that often gets stuck inside a rock in map 2, at the ammunition outpost between the Crash Site and Sepoko. They are now stood next to the rocket enemy at the same outpost.
  • Fixed the MAC-10 being silent.
  • Fixed mouse speed clamping.
  • Improved a slight misalignment of the vehicle GPS.

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Far Cry 2: Realism+ Redux

Return to the Heart of Darkness

Far Cry 2: Realism+Redux

Realism+ Redux is a crossover of the Realism+ and Redux mods for Far Cry 2, and features some of the best features of both to provide a fresh and exciting gameplay experience.

Almost every aspect of the game has been tweaked or enhanced, and both BigTinz and I would love to go over some of the most significant features which we’ve included in this new modding project.

As of our latest version, there are now different downloads available which allow you to choose to have the player's position on the map, to restore the game's original colours, and shorten the taxi ride at the start of the game.


Far Cry 2 is without doubt a game of its era. While the plains and jungles of Africa are well-realised and a true sight to behold, the original game’s presentation is covered in late 2000’s classic brown, and comes with a short draw distance alongside distracting LOD and shadow deficiencies.

Realism+ Redux addresses this by first boosting the game’s saturation to bring out some lively colour. This is done by simply removing the desaturation values, so what you see is the game’s assets with their original colours. On top of that the game’s overall graphics are pushed as far as the engine will allow, with improved draw distance, LOD values and shadows. New textures have also been added, with AI-enhanced versions used alongside some which are newly created.

All the screenshots used in this article are straight out of the mod, and the GIF below gives a comparison.

Colour Comparison GIF

The game’s UI has also received a facelift, again with AI-enhanced textures used with newly created artwork for weapon and map icons. There is a comparison below showing some of these changes.


Our most exciting new feature is a fix for the annoying outposts, which are infamous for respawning as soon as the player leaves the immediate area. The talented Scubrah has written a newscript where once all the enemies in an outpost have been killed they will only respawn once half an hour real-time has passed. We are so pleased to finally have a solution to this absolutely renowned issue with Far Cry 2, and very grateful to Scubrah for letting us adapt his mod for Realism+ Redux. This feature is demonstrated in the video below.

The next most significant change is an overhaul for weapons and combat. The original game had bullet-spongey enemies, with pistols and shotguns being particularly ineffective.

Realism+ Redux gives an overall boost to player and enemy damage, which immediately makes combat deadlier and more impactful. This has been balanced around two new difficulties ‘Hardcore Redux’ and ‘Infamous Redux’. Both have increases for weapons’ max ammo, ‘Hardcore Infamous’ has the same combat difficulty as the original Infamous difficulty, and ‘Infamous Redux’ is a new, more difficult experience fit for experienced players. In addition to this each class of weapons has been re-balanced to try and make them all equally viable - no more pathetic shotguns!

There are a lot of overall changes to gameplay, too many to completely list here, but these include the removal of the player arrow from the map for more immersive exploration, infighting between enemy factions, expanded arsenals for enemies and buddies, a reorganized shop, new upgrades for DLC weapons and vehicles, faster vehicles, new vehicles for enemy patrols, improved hang gliders, improved stealth, less sluggish player movement, controls tweaks, and a whole lot more. Come and check out the mod description for all the details.

Playable Characters

One aspect we are particularly proud of are the new options for playable characters. We have added the female mercenaries to the playable roster, and also the option to play as an ‘Anonymous Mercenary’ where a player model is randomly generated using the same system which generates enemy fighters. Having a more diverse choice of people to play as is really nice to have, and you can see some of the results of being an ‘Anonymous Mercenary’ below.


Bug Fixes

If you’ve played Far Cry 2 before you may be well acquainted with things like weirdly bouncing npcs, getting soft locked through being unable to rescue buddies, silent phone calls, and a whole host of other weirdness.

We’ve gone to great lengths to fix as many of these issues as possible, and while it’s not 100% bug free (seriously, don’t use DX10), we are confident in providing a stable Far Cry 2 experience.

Thanks and Links

Realism+ Redux has been possible thanks to the now more than a decade old Far Cry 2 modding community, and we’d particularly like to thank Scubrah for their awesome outpost respawn script, and FoxAhead for their ever so reliable Multi-Fixer project.

If you’re interested in downloading the mod or learning more about the features then please come and check out our mod page here.

We’re more than happy to answer any questions and help out if you have any difficulties. The install is practically drag-and-drop, so it’s really quite simple.

And as a side note, Realism+ Redux is completely Steam Deck compatible! We have an 'Official' control scheme availaible in Community Layouts.

Realism+Redux is Direct X 9 ONLY - DX9

Realism+Redux is Direct X 9 ONLY - DX9

Textures Tutorial

Do not use DX10 in FC2. It's a mess. More importantly, this mod is DX9 ONLY!

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Far Cry 2 Realism+ Redux

Far Cry 2 Realism+ Redux

Full Version 109 comments

1.2.5 - Bug fix 1.2.4 - Ultra shadows fixes, USAS improved, colors re-balanced, south map buddy restored to vanilla rescue location, mouse buttons in...

Far Cry 2 Realism+ Redux | Original Colors

Far Cry 2 Realism+ Redux | Original Colors

Full Version

1.2.5 with original colors. Bug fix 1.2.4 - Ultra shadows fixes, USAS improved, colors re-balanced, south map buddy restored to vanilla rescue location...

Far Cry 2 Realism+ Redux | Player Position and Original Colors

Far Cry 2 Realism+ Redux | Player Position and Original Colors

Full Version 4 comments

Full Taxi ride, original colors, no player position on the map. 1.2.5 - Bug fix 1.2.4 - DX9 ONLY - Everything updated. Gameplay perfected!

Far Cry 2 Realism+ Redux | Player Position and Vibrant Colors

Far Cry 2 Realism+ Redux | Player Position and Vibrant Colors

Full Version 7 comments

Full Taxi ride, new colors, Player Position on the map. 1.2.5 - Bug Fix 1.2.3 - DX9 ONLY - Everything updated. Gameplay perfected!

Comments  (0 - 10 of 480)
Guest - - 699,070 comments

For some reason, even in the mod's Infamous mode, the car's GPS keeps showing the arrow in the direction I should go, should this really happen?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
BigTinz Creator
BigTinz - - 1,547 comments

The arrow is supposed to remain on the GPS, since that's plausibly realistic. It's only removed from the paper map(s).

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 699,070 comments

I understood. Previously I played this mod without this arrow on the GPS, I ended up getting used to it that way. Do you happen to know if there is any way to remove it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
BigTinz Creator
BigTinz - - 1,547 comments

It can def be done, but I don't remember exactly how offhand.

You can unpack the mod, unpack the entitylibrarypatchoverride and then open the gadget.xml file

I think it should be under the GPS section, and you should be able to delete the lines for arrows.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 699,070 comments

I'm sorry, but how do I do that?

I don't know much about these technological things and I rarely play games. If you could tell me, I'd appreciate it, but if not, I'd appreciate it anyway!

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
BigTinz Creator
BigTinz - - 1,547 comments

It's kind of a pain in the butt.

No version of Redux or Realism+ Redux has intentionally removed the arrows from the GPS screens.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Reamed_by_Steam - - 15 comments

Oi BigTinz old bean. Will installing 1.25 over 1.24 break my sweet save?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BigTinz Creator
BigTinz - - 1,547 comments

It shouldn't. It's been so long I don't even remember what bug was fixed, though.

Backup your current patch.dat/fat and save, then update. You'll be covered that way.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 699,070 comments

Hello, I've started playing the game and it was fine, until I realised I was playing on DX10. After changing to DX9 and trying to open the game, it shows the loading screen and then crashes back to desktop. Don't know what to do.
Did a file integrity on Steam and it restored 3 files, but then only launched the vanilla game successfully.
After doing that, I re-did the mod installation and it simply started crashing again in the same manner as before.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Guest - - 699,070 comments

Fixed after re-installing the game, deleting my save files and re-installing the mod. At this point I lost interest in returning to where I progressed to. Cool mod though, might return to it in the future.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
SmackHead2 - - 157 comments

You gotta read the read me files bro. It says quite clearly says DO NOT USE DX10

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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