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Complete Overhaul of Weapons

  • Realistic weapon accuracy based on real-life technical characteristics
  • Recoil based on bullet momentum, weapon weight, and handling ergonomics
  • Bullet damage based on kinetic power, caliber, muzzle velocity, mass, and other real-life data including average density of bullets and human flesh (pretty much, enemies aren't bullet-sponges)
  • New ballistics for rockets, grenade launchers and bolts
  • AR rifle now fires in full auto!
  • Flamethrower now acts like its real-life counterpart!
  • And AR-style semi-automatic shotgun!

Tons of gameplay Changes

  • Weapon shop: rebalanced prices, weapons and military equipment now use their real-life counterpart names
  • Equipment system: rebalanced mercenary equipment based on real-life prices and rarity, new equipment bonuses (affiliation, ammo)
  • Rebalanced convoy missions and weapon unlocks
  • Diamond rewards and cases rebalance
  • No (limited) weapon respawn in armory
  • DLC weapons are now carried by NPCs and distributed at random armories in the game world
  • Ridiculously long opening sequence (7th Release) and tutorial has now been shortened
  • Increased stamina and running time
  • Increased durability for all weapons
  • Completely new (restored from alpha) animations for specific weapons (optional)
  • Tweaks to weapon slots, magazine capacity, carried ammo, and field-of-view
  • Disabled camera zoom while aiming down sights for weapons
  • Modified vehicles handling and performance

Retextured assets/models

  • New wood textures for weapons
  • New looks for weapons including Dart Rifle, SPAS-12, Desert Eagle, AR, and Sawed Off
  • New PSO-1 scope texture
  • Red dot scope and clean magazines for AR
  • More grey plastic parts for G3A4
  • Redesigned map icons, done (presumably) by player character

Immersive HUD

  • Disabled health bar, ammo counter (only visible when reloading or low), and map's safe house markers
  • Monocular: tagging color removed, 8x zoom, sensitivity
  • Map gadget tweak

Other Additions/Changes

  • New game installer
  • Steam version compatibility
  • New vehicle sounds (Big Truck) and additional DLC vehicles colors
  • even more hardcore Iron Mode! (as of 6th release)
  • Watch (currently only visible after visiting safe house)
  • Changed effects for some weapon impacts

Upcoming Changes/Features:

  • Compatibility with all previous Far Cry 2 versions
  • Wooden FAL as a completely separate weapon
  • Unique ammunition (for compatible guns)
  • Changes to AI shooting behaviour (shortened burst-fire intervals)
  • New textures: green 40x46mm grenade band for M79, Red tanks for LPO flamethrower, 6P9 red-orange handle

Mod inspirations:


  • Dimibyte – compilation, scripts, mathematics, retexture
  • LonerStalker/LonerDK – testing, animations, retexture
  • hansdampf36 – testing, AI, advisory
  • fitzjcol – testing, advisory
  • McLovin – testing, description
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At first, I unpacked RealMode. Then I unpacked Get Lost.
I have merged theese files:
graphics\objects\mapcompass\final_objective_icons.xbt <-- edited using original RealMode files

graphics\objects\mapcompass\final_objective_icons_mip0.xbt <-- edited using original RealMode files


Then I composed it all in patch file.
First version released.

I looked at the patch.dat using hexadecimal editor GHex and found weapon properties. I looked for clip/mag sizes and thought that they probably are in hexadecimal form. So I found it. The sizes are written in form:
97 6C 59 88 04 XX 00 00 00, where XX is size.
There is something after this:
C2 1C 0F 2A 04 XX 00 00 00
and I think there is more parameters in this form. Not researched yet.
I have edited the sizes and released second version.

After this, I looked for files, where weapon properties are. I'm a linux man, so I used grub.
At first I typed this:
grep -i 'WeaponProperties' ./*
in two files there was a match: 3F4BDDF8 and F43E63CB in __UNKNOWN folder.
I have thought, that one contains vanilla weapons and another - dlc weapons.
So I checked this by the command:
grep -i 'SilentShotgun' ./*
and there was only one match: F43E64CB
Thus, this file is from dlc pack and contains new weapons.

After theese conclusions and results I had decided to look into worlds.dat file structure. It seems that 2 worlds (2 cities) are divided in sectors(they are called "levels") 5x5. So there are 25 maps connected in one world. I'm not familiar with map editor, but I think there is a way to insert map into one of this sectors. Should be researched.
There is some information about map objects in dlc files. It seems, that devs added elements into world using map object files (integration by engine).
I suppose, engine supports many DLCs, but was released just one: dlc1 (and dlc_jungle). So, I think, this may be used to create another DLC using dlc2 name.

Maybe I'm not right about many things here, but still it's worth looking.

Now, I'm working on third release where weapon costs will be rebalanced and upgrades will have other bonuses. Also getting real weapon names in stores. Thanks to LonerStalker.

Upcoming changes in the 6th release

Upcoming changes in the 6th release

Feature 11 comments

Feature updates in upcoming release. I will update this article to show, what is on the way. Last update: 20-04-2016

Upcoming changes in 5th Release

Upcoming changes in 5th Release

Feature 2 comments

Feature updates in upcoming release. I will update this article to show, what is on the way. Last update: 14-03-2016

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Infamous Fusion: Inflexion (7.x)

Infamous Fusion: Inflexion (7.x)

Full Version 77 comments

Minor update with extras. Changelog in "ReadMe.txt" file. Starting new game highly recommended, as always. This release is based on installer. If you...

Infamous Fusion 7th Release

Infamous Fusion 7th Release

Full Version 48 comments

Heavy update. Changelog in "ReadMe.txt" file. Starting new game highly recommended. Special thanks to LonerStalker, fitzjcol, McLovin.

Infamous Fusion 6th Release w/o SPAS&DE; retextures

Infamous Fusion 6th Release w/o SPAS&DE; retextures

Full Version

Instructions and notes are in ReadMe.txt file. Please get acknowledged before using. Research file included. 6th release save files are compatible with...

Infamous Fusion 6th Release

Infamous Fusion 6th Release

Full Version 4 comments

Instructions and notes are in ReadMe.txt file. Please get acknowledged before using. Research file has been updated. Have a nice shooting!

Infamous Fusion 5th Release

Infamous Fusion 5th Release

Full Version 4 comments

Instructions and changelog is in ReadMe.txt. Some research notes provided. Enjoy! Feel free to feedback.

Infamous Fusion 4th Release

Infamous Fusion 4th Release

Full Version

Read the instructions in ReadMe.txt file. Changes Log is also there.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 274)

I've never played Far Cry 2 with mods, is it easy to go between a modded and vanilla game on the fly without needing to uninstall/reinstall everything? Also did the many unique looking NPCs get added in? I've been a huge FC2 fan since 2009 I think? And am hoping to try some mods once I get my hard drives reorganized.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Dimibyte Creator

Yeah, it's possible to use the same savefile, but you need to make sure that there is no mod content used in savefile, or it's use is minimal. For instance, it's recommended to not having implemented weapons (e.g. AR-shotgun) on your character while saving.
Game will not be bug-free, but after a while it should "stabilize" using not modded entities.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

So if I have two characters one can be vanilla and one modded?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Posting what I also posted on reddit about restoring the ammo counter and healthbar (healthbar being the biggest gripe of mine, otherwise this mod is the definitive FC2 experience.)

Here are the steps:

Download this:

Open patch.fat using the ArchiveViewer.exe

Extract patch.fat into a folder called "patch"

Go to ui\localized\pcwidescreen\eng\ui and delete the hud.mgb and hud.mgb.desc files

Drag the entire "patch" folder over the Dunia.Pack.exe in the Wob_Gibbed folder

Place the newly created patch.dat and patch.fat back into Data_Win32

This basically turns the R key into your "check hud" key, allowing you to see most if not all hud elements with a very quick fadeaway.

This is probably a brute force retard strength blanket way of doing it but seems to work.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Dimibyte Creator

It's so funny to see in other mods these recoloured map icons created by me, using the scanner.
****. Infamous Fusion mod is teared apart as people want. Nothing new.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

What other mods are you talking about?

I mean, If you are talking about Hunter, he even credited you and your team for the ideas and his GPS-only scanner concept is completely different from your mod, so what is the problem? :/

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Sorry but that was obvious it will happen sooner or later and blaiming others for this situation is ignorance from your side.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

So ever since I activated the predecessor tapes exclusive content this mod doesn't work, I have tried many times reinstalling in various ways and formatted my entire hard drive to try and get back to being able to use this epic mod but nothing works. Really dying to be able to use the mod again

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I'm having a problem where the malaria effect kicks in and I was given the objective to get some rest. I did that, but when I woke up, I'm stuck with this blurring effect on my screen that wouldn't go away, making it impossible for me to see anything clearly when shooting, driving, and reading. This happened at the first mission when I told to acquire a safehouse and then to scout an enemy territory. Any help?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Press the Heal button to eat your malaria pill

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