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In the turn of the 22nd century World Resources are running out, causing the world to divide and become a waste land, three superpowers form and start to fight over the last remaining resources in the world

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Asian Nation build mechanics (Games : C&C3: Tiberium Wars : Mods : Fall Of Nations : Forum : Asian Coalition : Asian Nation build mechanics) Locked
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transport in structures, instead of a con yard build i believe the Asian nation can transport their structures and potentially units in to the battlefield from off map. After all China is a powerhouse of production, why should they build from anywhere but China? they could either transport structures in via air transport, this portable format means that most structures are very small but they can build a lot of them, Power plants will be very weak only capable of powering 1 or 2 structures, but they are also very cheap.

the starting structure will coordinate building transports only able to place structures in a radius around the starting structure. the infantry production structure is a helipad, initially infantry will have to be placed here by helicopter later on, with upgrades you can control incoming infantry transports, allowing the player to deliver them straight to where they are needed, to produce vehicles an airfield is needed, the airfield is produced by a vehicle that combs the ground and lays markings it will deploy to the side of the strip and act as the tower, the airfield will take up most of the space in the base large transports will land on the airfield unload turn around and depart from the field.

in order to make a profit off of resources they as well must be sent to china (if everything is made in china then china needs the resources to build) resource transporters will be integrated with the refineries.

defenses are also based on tow-able turrets, when defenses are called in they come with the vehicle that tows them, you can maneuver around till you find the spot you want to place it, turn the vehicle around, unpacking will immediately drop the turret so where the barrel/missile point is pointing before you unpack will be where it is pointing after it is deployed, the turret deployment will take some time, the vehicle will lay down sandbags in front of the turret, and provides the soldiers to man the turret once deployment is complete the vehicle carrier can be removed from the turret and sent wherever, even sold however in order to move the turret again the vehicle must be provided, to start the packing process.

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