Mideast Crisis 2] (MEC2) is a total conversion for 'Command and Conquer 3 - Tiberium Wars' set in the near future, letting you use modern technology (such as the Abrams, F-35 and Hind) alongside future technology (such as Drones, Airships and Medibots) in a conflict ranging from Jerusalem to Beirut.

MEC2's gameplay focuses on Occupation Warfare in which players are encouraged to not only capture parts of the map, but to put the map to use. Low on fuel? Capture a gas station. Need money? Hold key positions on the map with units. Need MORE money? Depending on the faction you can; Export Oil, capture News Vans or deploy Pop-up Ads. Add in our unique map events, 3 factions with highly diverse gameplay, and multipurpose units ensures that MEC2 doesn't play like any other RTS out there.

If you have any problems installing or loading the mod please see our technical support FAQ here: Moddb.com (updated link)

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Sorry if anyone mistakes this for a new update, this is just a repost and minor update of the technical support FAQ from the forum (which I actually had to find via the wayback machine). Our forum and site is down, and unlikely to ever come back soo this is here to help anyone who has problems running the mod.

MEC2 won't launch for me!

Is C&C3 fully patched up? You'll need that in order to play the mod.

Is MEC2 installed to the proper directory? (it should be located so that the file mec2.big's filepath is mydocuments\cnc3\mods\mec2\mec2.big)

Does the mod show up in the C&C3 launcher? (pop your disk tray out and back in, it'll bring up a menu...hit the "mods" tab and see if MEC2 is listed there)

It's still not working!
The MEC2 shortcut needs to be set up so that it is something like this (right click the desktop icon to see the settings);

Target: "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Command & Conquer 3\CNC3.exe" -modConfig "C:\Users\Bryan\Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\mods\MEC2\MEC2_1.0.skudef"

Yes that all needs to be on the same line (ignore the 'Target:' though)

Depending on your computer the exact location will be different, but the importance is that C&C3 points to CNC3.exe as well as MEC2_1.0.skudef, if you have to use a search to find the location of them on your PC.

If you still have problems, it is likely that MEC2 is in the wrong location. See the first post for where in the mydocuments area it should be. In that CNC3 folder should be; mods, screenshots, replays as well.

What if I have the Steam version of C&C3?
The problem with Steam is usually just the filepath for mods. It is 100% possible to get mods working with the Steam version of C&C3.

What if I have the Origin version of C&C3?
You're screwed. I've heard of someone getting it working (via replacing launcher exe's I believe) but by default the Origin version of most C&C's don't run mods well.

Ingame units are invisible and have weird polygons stretching across the screen!
Changing your video settings (in the options menu) so shaders is set to medium or above should fix this. If you still have problems set your model lod to low.

The game crashes when I try to change my settings in the options menu!
Load up normal C&C3 and change the settings there, they'll carry over to MEC2.

When I load up a skirmish game it crashes (or gives me an automatic win)!
This is likely caused by setting the AI to random, set it to a specific faction and you should be alright. (I do think this bug was fixed though)

If you have suggestions for other FAQ items to add here please post below. Also if you have any extra info on how you got MEC2 running on a Steam or Origin version of C&C3 please post.

Final Version Released

Final Version Released

News 23 comments

The final version of MEC2 is released! It adds the UN Peacekeeper faction, new maps and many other fixes/improvements.

Unreleased Concept Art

Unreleased Concept Art


For a brief change of pace, this MEC2 update will contain no video or deluge of UN Peacekeeper content. If you want that check our other recent updates...



News 2 comments

Continuing the trend of posting large updates this MEC2 update includes; the UN's bombers, video of them and the F-35, more unit audio and a changelog...

Biggest MEC2 Update, Ever

Biggest MEC2 Update, Ever

News 8 comments

This is the largest update we've had yet for MEC2. It covers the; Website Update, 'Cut Units' article, Medibots, Infantry, Cerberus, and more!

RSS Files
MEC2 Release 2

MEC2 Release 2

Full Version 51 comments

This is the final release of 'Mideast Crisis 2' which adds in the UN Peacekeepers as a playable faction, 2 new maps and many other minor changes. Please...

Blood SDK

Blood SDK

SDK 8 comments

This is only for C&C3 (and maybe RA3) modders who wish to implement MEC2's death types in their mod. This includes the code and art used in MEC2's...

MEC2 Release 1.5

MEC2 Release 1.5

Full Version 58 comments

Release 1.5 of Mideast Crisis 2 is a massive update that overhauls the resource system, adds in upgradable superweapons, overhauls both the IDF and GOI...

Release Candidate One

Release Candidate One

Full Version 34 comments

This is the first public beta of MEC2 release, for February 23rd. It does not feature the UN as a playable faction yet, but it is functional and our first...



Full Version 5 comments

MEC2 soundtrack. Includes two tracks, both composed by Jonathan vd Wijngaarden. MEC2_REGIONAL_AMBIENT - Used during exploration/base building MEC2_REGIONAL_COMBAT...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 1,442)
GDI_Amiya - - 177 comments

Coming back to play this MOD after so many years is a bit mixed. At the moment of a new round of conflict in the Middle East in 2023, it is so suitable for relieving people's inner depression. The visual effects of the game are really excellent, and the digital future battlefield style is really great. Very cool. Really hope it continues to be updated with more maps and units...

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kenseirabbit111 - - 2 comments


Install via exe like normal.
Go into Steam and select C&C3; TW.
Right Click and go to properties.
Under Launch options type in -ui.
Open C&C3; via Steam, it will now launch the Launcher instead of the game.
Go to Game Browser then Mods.
Launch MEC2.

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RealTelefonmast - - 8 comments

I feel this is probably the best C&C mod out there and an underrated one at that. When I first played this it felt like a whole new game and all the little details just made it very fun to play through all factions and test out all possible things.
Unfortunate to read that it won't have any further updates due to legal reasons, but I'm glad that it remains a great and very polished experience to this day, many years after the full release!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
Blitzkriegrekrut - - 900 comments

It has nothing to do with "legal reasons", it's just finished.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 689,117 comments

Dear ISOTX Devs, Thank you so much for this brilliant mod.
Besides many of your interesting designs, I’m especially impressed by the overall atmosphere and units’ talks, “Faith is good armor, ERA makes it better” and such, those dark humors always bring more fun to the fighting.
And also the music is more than fitting and thrilling.
However, as creative and delicate as MEC2 is, there are many issues need improvement:
Tanks are too powerless against infantry, even ineffective against non-AT light infantry in open ground, where they should have an edge.
Israeli Gideon simply counters anything with ease, although being my favorite unit, it may need some nerf.
F-35 feels dumb in AA guard mode, can hardly intercept MiGs unless manually controlled.
And the lack of AA capability of MiG is also disappointing consider its shape definitely implies a good dogfighter.
It’s a pity that MEC2 feels semi-finished in a number of little details while the overall design is so nicely done.
Hope to see a more polished version of MEC2 by you, or by fans, if you allow.
Thank you again for this professional work.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ori`verda - - 12,429 comments

So glad to see you still post in 2020. I'm deeply curious about the world of Mid-East Crisis 2, is there a production bible or a hastily written word doc somewhere? I'd love to learn more.

I'm also interested to hear what some other plans you had for MEC2 before Isotx pulled you out.

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Tony233 - - 37 comments

A very nicely done mod. The overall performance and experience are almost in industrial standard, a little disappointment in not getting any more updates especially new maps and missions.

Btw, if I played as UN against AI, will AI ever do the stuff to violate Geneva Conventions? So far as my playing experience goes, that never works, and I will always be stuck with only one Brummbar tank.

My playing experience especially in the very late game, UN would find it very hard to counter Guardians, for their insane amount of massed infantry (major problem) and super long-range Katyusha (which can be countered by UN F35 and Requiem). UN really lacks long-range fire support on the ground and any mean of AOE especially for soft targets, the only reliable way is the Brummbar's main gun (F35 bombs can help a bit though, but not plausible if the ground is filled with AA ak47 guys :D). Also, Commanche's firepower is a joke compared to the other two counterparts :D

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smurfbizkit - - 526 comments

Thanks! The AI never liked our resource system so we're lucky we got it working in any form at all.

I agree, the UN is the least fleshed out of all the factions since the IDF and GOI both got 2 updates. The UN really needed at least 1 more update to be on par with the other factions.

MEC2 wasn't made by Isotx, they hired us to make a port of MEC1 to CNC3 and instead we took the budget to make a full on sequel. We got MEC2 to be almost complete but again, Isotx owns it, we chose to leave it as it was and work on new projects.

Honestly we felt like MEC2 would be the springboard for us to make retail RTS's but publisher funding for the genre died after the recession and its very very very difficult to do it on our own (neither Simon or myself are good enough programmers to use say, Unity or UE4). Starcraft 2 seemed like a good option but only for free mods sadly.

Our current on-hold project is here (well we have 300+ models done for it);

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Tony233 - - 37 comments

Thank you very much for the insight and story surround the project :)

What a missed and sad opportunity for this masterpiece to be further polished and perfected. But with the success like AOE2:DE and C&C remastered, I am confident and optimistic about a better future in RTS genre. Best wishes to all you guys and all your hard works :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
X1Destroy - - 963 comments

Is there any ISOTX ex-member still around here?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
smurfbizkit - - 526 comments

I check in once in a while.

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