Command & Conquer Red Alert History is a small mod that adds a few new units. The idea came about because I wondered what a few Red Alert units would look like and perform inside the Tiberium wars engine.

I consider this mod a 'museum', wherein I add a few historical pieces that I like into the C&C3; engine!

The Mod will be updated by adding a few units at a time (typically around 10 items).

The mod is a mixture of mostly EA & public models, has well has a few original models done by me.
Check the forums & articles for detailed information and for in-depth discussion.

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Here is the internal release V that was cancelled. While this had potential, there was still too many issues for me to resolve, and I still felt that the Allies looked far too much like GDI. You will also see that there is an over reliance on RA3 assets when it comes to the Soviets (although this is preferable to Nod's atrocious structures!).

German Tank DestroyerAllied APC

Badger BomberTesla Trooper

Release 5 alpha
C&C Red Alert History: Release 5 alpha

This release will never be finished has I have reached the limit of additions-per-release that I had set.

This alpha was tested for a while, but there are still some outstanding issues, however there are no crash issues (that I experienced).

This has been released for the long suffering Red alert history fans (all 5 of them!), who constantly see images but never get to test anything properly.

Known issues

  • The Iron Decay support power is missing (I was going to improve it, but never got around to it).
  • The AI will almost never use the Tesla Troopers 'charge coil' ability.
  • The Soviet Crane has major issues (I believe the issues are being caused by the ability to recycle vehicles). Any vehicles attacking it will have targeting issues when it comes to engaging this structure, and also the AI will often fail to destroy this structure or will completely ignore it (indicating that they are also having targeting issues).
  • The Heavy assault gun has misaligned wheel textures, that are very noticeable when the vehicle is moving.
  • The Harbinger, YAK and P51-J, all have a bug whereby if they have destroyed a target and there is no other target in their range, they will stop in mid air, perfectly stationary! I have not yet been able to resolve this.
  • The Badger bombers AA turrets apparently do not work.
  • The Soviet Flak cannon only pitches up when attacking aircraft, not by default.
  • The Soviet airfield will typically open all of its covers when it gets hit by an enemy weapon!
  • The Kirov mkII weapon handling is very poor (it will often choose the wrong weapon).

Hints and Tips


  • The APC and Phase transport have a drop modifier. This means that any infantry that exits from them receive a modifier that slows them down for a few seconds. This was done to reduce the frankly boring Engineer+APC opening moves that the Tiberian C&C series are famous for. Also it means that you have a few seconds to react (even if means selling a structure) to the nightmare Phase+Engineer or Phase+Tanya combinations.
  • The British Sniper is the Allied garrison clearer (one unit at a time, if it is 3 squads of Conscripts you will be there for a while!).
  • Tanya gains an EMP ability! This is deployed in a similar style to Nod's buggy in Tiberium wars. I am sure that Tanya players will find many uses for it!


  • Infantry inside the Soviet Bunker are still immune to garrison clearing weapons!
  • If you feel that your Nuclear reactor is about to be destroyed, sell it, to avoid having to deal with the fallout.
  • The Psychic beacon, has well has providing a support power, is also a full range stealth detector (ie equal to detector units detecting range) and also it will attempt to deflect small missiles that are fired within a radius around it (same has the Scrin Storm column). These extra abilities can be very useful when facing the Allies and the deadly Phase transport, so consider building more than one Psychic beacon in order to protect key areas in your base.
  • If you enter a Half track with a squad of terrorist, you will get the option to use the Half track has a make shift bomb truck! Just click on the explosive button, and then click on your intended target. If you want the Half track to use its gun, click on the gun button.
  • Infantry can use their weapons from inside a Half track. Half tracks + Tesla troopers + Iron curtain = insane!
  • If you place any Flame tower within a reasonable radius around a Psychic sensor, its weapon will be improved! The fireball will attempt to home in on any target, guided by the Psychic sensor!

Please use the forum if you want to help improve Red Alert history!

Special thanks to:


Release IV - Leaked alpha

Release IV - Leaked alpha

News 7 comments

A leaked version of the cancelled release IV, this release will never be completed.

Release 2

Release 2


Basic information regarding release 2 can be found here.

Changes to Release 1 additions

Changes to Release 1 additions

News 1 comment

Quick summary of updates and fixes to release 1 content in release 2.



News 4 comments

It's time to say goodbye to those poor C&C3 units that have been fired from release 2.

RSS Files
C&C Red Alert History: Release 5 alpha

C&C Red Alert History: Release 5 alpha

Demo 9 comments

Abandoned internal alpha of the cancelled C&C Red history: Release 5

C&C Red Alert History: release 2 *(Obselete)*

C&C Red Alert History: release 2 *(Obselete)*

Demo 11 comments

A few more units for the Allies and Soviets. Have fun!

C&C: Red Alert History 0.01 *(Obselete)*

C&C: Red Alert History 0.01 *(Obselete)*

Demo 1 comment

The first release adds 10 new items, has well has trimming (read butchering) some C&C 3 elements to adjust the gameplay.

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It will working for a origin C&C 3 ?

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I did have these questions for Madin about the new V7 mod he is working on now..

"1. Is the construction crane going to be reverted back to its original function? (as you even said in V5 it had many problems unresolved)

2. Is it possible to put wall-building into V7 and (hopefully) gates as they are in TE?"

His answers were:

"1. That is the plan

2. No"

So I am sad by there not being any wall-building capabilities, nor gates.. As I said I miss actually being able to build fencing/barbed wire say to keep out infantry but vehicles could roll over. Then have the walls (with gates ideally).. I also missed in TW period, not having sea-faring vessels like earlier C&C games, like subs, destroyers/cruisers etc. We still have water in TW and some people's maps have lots of water but not a single vessel to occupy it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Those walls would add a lot to atmosphere. Anyway I can understand why as modding in TW seems to be (sorry for the language) a pain in the a**.

That's really sad due to the fact that SAGE is one of the best engines to handle RTS games (Both Tiberium Wars and Battle for Middle-Earth), not to mention that it's indefinitively improveable (someone actually imported RA3 terrain & shader graphics in BFME 2 mod BFME:Tactics).

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Merry Christmas! How's the mod going?

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Does this work for windows 10?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This is a mod, it works for every Windows version supported by the original C&C3;:TW so yes, it works for Windows 10.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Well then there's a problem because I have windows 10 and origin (with fixed launchers installed).

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I was thinking (maybe it could be implemented in the future versions), to virtually remove almost all RA3 structures from Soviet side (leaving only the Grinder Crane and the Outpost maybe.

I was thinking that Helicopters could be produced from the War Factory and stationed in Helipads (helipads not as production structures). Mig aircraft, on the other hand, can be produced at the Airfields and each airfield can carry 2 Migs. Maybe add 1-plane runways aswell(again not as production structures.

War Factory from RA2 is great, meanwhile, the Barracks might be the only "troublesome" structure. The RA1 Barracks does not fit with the general Soviet Style. The RA2 Barracks has that huge Statue which no modder is willing to make. So I was thinking on a RA2-style barracks with the same format as the RA1/3 one (two long halls each with doors, only one opens).

Currently, I have untextured 3d models in .obj format for Airfield, Helipad and the Barracks. (I also have 3 more variations of the barracks). I will work on a RA1-style Missile Silo. I don't know what the community thinks but if Madin is interested I will send them to him. (I will post immages in a comment)

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Actually, I have not liked the Soviet grinder structure taking the place of the construction crane. I've noted the issues listed with AI interaction under "Known Issues" but also WHEN the construction crane existed, it meant it was capturable and you could then build Soviet structures etc... But obviously, now you can't.

I know it can add back a few credits but just my personal view, I've never really seen a need for a "vehicle cannibalism" structure as to my knowledge no other such credit-back system exists elsewhere except what always existed for ALL factions, "sell-structure".

Just asking, why would you want helicopters coming from the WF only to sit on helipads where IF helicopters come from the helipad it makes sense they're stationed on them? For example, cryo-copters come from the "airfield" as they're air units and are free-floating so you can create as many as you want but IF you choose a bomber, its specific to its number of available landing pads. So you don't have bombers come from the WF to sit on say, a separate, independent landing pad or at the airfield. All air units are made from their air-unit associated structure which makes sense to me.

I actually kind of like at least 4 planes but 2 is ok on a single airfield as long as airfield structures (and other structures frankly) fit nicely together. In other words you don't need acres of space all around these structures so its like where you could fit say 8 GDI-sized power plants is the same space required for two airfields.. Just way too much space just to get 4 planes on two separate runways when you could just build a slightly larger airfield then w/ 4 planes on it. The single plane runway for like a major bomber or something, yea that is a neat idea just making sure it does some serious damage like say with napalm or air/fuel explosive drum or even smaller yield nukes, otherwise if its the equivalent of 2 Migs with a bomb-loadout, it defeats the purpose. For anyone thinking "spy plane", that IMO should be a simple sidebar power.

I like your models! :D Its MHO that it'd be great to see helicopters come up out of or simply come down out of the sky over the individual landing pad itself and land on it.

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See models here:

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Madin Creator

Nice models!

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Thank you! After I complete the Missile Silo, I will pack them and send them to you if you want.

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Highest Rated (3 agree) 10/10

10/10. Well made and incredibly detailed mod. It feels good, it plays good, it looks very good.

I assume is only Alpha version, it has some minor bugs and C&C3 content left, it's a still very atmospheric mod.

I really hope you will finish this mod, it's worth it.

Sep 14 2013 by Gunship_Mark_II

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