Command & Conquer Red Alert History is a small mod that adds a few new units. The idea came about because I wondered what a few Red Alert units would look like and perform inside the Tiberium wars engine.

I consider this mod a 'museum', wherein I add a few historical pieces that I like into the C&C3; engine!

The Mod will be updated by adding a few units at a time (typically around 10 items).

The mod is a mixture of mostly EA & public models, as well as a few original models done by me.
Check the forums & articles for detailed information and for in-depth discussion.

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Release VII

News 15 comments

Release 7 is a major step for Red Alert history, as it marks the first time that the mod does not feature tiberium! What kind of differences does this have on how the mod plays? you will have to download and find out for yourself!
The brute strength and air power of the Soviets, or the speed, stealth, and intelligence of the Allies, who will be your pick?
The Soviets finally have both a Commando unit (Boris), and a proper artillery unit (V3 launcher), and the addition of drone warfare will have a much greater impact then you might think!
The Allies meanwhile finally have a powerful multi-role aircraft, never mind the fearful additions of both the Mirage tank, and the dreaded Prism tank!

C&C Red Alert History: Release 7

There are more additions that I will leave you to discover for yourselves.

Ore Version 1.0

While the newly implemented Ore system has been tested extensively, you might still run into issues.

  1. When the Ore\Gem field runs low, there might be animation issues because the game engine scales the amount of time spent dropping off and processing Ore, depending on the amount of Ore dropped off.
  2. A Tiberium Wars bug means that upon placing a Refinery, it is possible for miner docking to be bugged for that Refinery, causing the miner to dock in weird positions (including facing the completely wrong direction). Additional refineries may not have the same issue.
  3. If any structure is placed anywhere near an area close to the miner dock end (dropping off Ore) or dock start (the position where the miner turns to reverse into the dock end position), the miner will not dock in the correct position, how far off it will be when docking varies, but it will never dock in the right position.
  4. Mixed Ore\Gem fields (specifically when the fields are placed on top of each other by 'clever' mappers), will probably cause issues with the visual display of Ore or Gems on the Allied miner.

I will work to lessen these issues in the future if possible.

Hints and Tips


  • The APC and Phase transport have a drop modifier. This means that any infantry that exits from them receive a modifier that slows them down for a few seconds. This was done to reduce the frankly boring Engineer+APC opening moves that the Tiberian C&C series are famous for. Also it means that you have a few seconds to react (even if means selling a structure) to the nightmare Phase+Engineer or Phase+Tanya or Phase+Spy combinations.
  • The British Sniper is the Allied garrison clearer (one unit at a time, if it is 3 squads of Conscripts you will be there for a while!).
  • The Spy's 'Bribe' ability is by far the most useful feature (combined with being invisible!), however it is costly to use. To start you off, try rushing the AI on a small map, get your spy close to the AI refinery, and wait for at least a full AI harvester, and use the 'Bribe' ability on it, to claim it for your side!
  • Enemy commando's, other spies... and the Soviet Dog, are unaffected by the 'Bribe' ability!
  • Units and base defences that have a long pre-fire time, will struggle to effectively target a stationary Mirage tank (even while it is firing). It is recommended that you have a stealth detector nearby, to make targeting the Mirage tank easier!


  • Use the Dog to reach far away garrisons, and to deny the enemy neutral Spikes, in the early game.
  • The Hind Transport's Gunship upgrade rockets, do not home in on enemy targets, avoid targetting moving units with it.
  • The Hind Transport Gunship (obviously) reloads in the air!
  • If your Iron Curtain is up, it will attempt to assist a single War miner (whether from an allied Soviet team, or your own), by launching a single vehicle radius Iron Curtain!
  • Do not forget that Repair drones can repair vehicles other then their parent vehicle, this includes any teammate that is allied to you. Regardless of whether they are Soviet or not!

Changes since Release 6:
Release 7 balance changes:

Please use the forums if you want to help improve Red Alert history!

Special thanks to:





RAH: Release 7 balance changes

RAH: Release 7 balance changes

News 1 comment

Balance adjustments for Release 7 that effect Allies and Soviets.

Release 7 general changes

Release 7 general changes

News 7 comments

General changes in Red Alert History Release 7. Balance changes to individual units and structures will be done in another post.

Release VI - Beta

Release VI - Beta

News 12 comments

C&C Red Alert History: Release VI Beta. It is time for the next battle!

Release V - Abandoned alpha

Release V - Abandoned alpha

News 4 comments

A leaked version of the cancelled release V, this release will never be completed.

RSS Files
C&C Red Alert History: Release 7

C&C Red Alert History: Release 7

Full Version 41 comments

C&C Red history: Release 7. The gold rush is now on!

C&C Red Alert History: Release 6 Beta*(Obselete)*

C&C Red Alert History: Release 6 Beta*(Obselete)*

Demo 7 comments

C&C Red history: Release 6 Beta, more craziness for you to enjoy!

C&C Red Alert History: release 2 *(Obselete)*

C&C Red Alert History: release 2 *(Obselete)*

Demo 11 comments

A few more units for the Allies and Soviets. Have fun!

C&C: Red Alert History 1 *(Obselete)*

C&C: Red Alert History 1 *(Obselete)*

Demo 1 comment

The first release adds 10 new items, has well has trimming (read butchering) some C&C 3 elements to adjust the gameplay.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 246)

Bro this mod is AWESOME. This is a how a remake of RA2 should look like. God the Apocalypse tank, the Prism Tank, Tesla Troopers, even the Allied and Soviet barracks look stunning. Realistic, unlike the cartoon and toy look of RA3. Will you fully add the the GI's, Grizzly, Rhino tanks and other units and structures as well?

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


will you add Yuri's own faction like in Yuri's revenge?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Having tried to play it a decent bit, i get plagued with "E_OUTOFMEMORY" and "E_FAIL" almost constantly. I'm basically never able to complete a match even 1v1. Your Tiberian History mod also has this issue, but not nearly as bad. It also seems to depend on the map, some maps just out of memory crash before even finish loading. I have to wonder if maybe you're using too many high-res assets etc. We have to remember, while this game can run pretty well it's a 32bit application and it's very easy for it to break in 64bit os environment when using a lot of memory, and this game's engine is particularly weak for handling that. I have a feeling the only way i'd be able to play this fully without it dying on me is to run an old-*** gpu on a 32bit os.

Edit: with more experimentation it definitely does seem to be a limit it gets to. by this i mean i managed to get in a map where i was just BARELY in the okay without memory crash, but then i went and tried using some flame troopers i hadn't used yet that game, and as soon as i told them to fire, boom out of memory. before that happened my refinery disappeared(invisible) when low damage, unable to load the damaged model.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Madin Creator

I am running 32bit, and do not have those issues.
There are a couple of fan made maps that can cause memory crashes, but those maps always have the potential to cause issues.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

After a long time i finally figured out why this is happening, but that leaves me at no way to solve. Having modern AMD graphics drivers, and a 64bit OS results in crashcrashcrashcrash. Out of memory happens in 64bit OS, and E_FAIL etc are due to modern drivers not working properly with the older game, but this happens from too much assets being present ingame. If there's too many different textures and objects it stops being able to render them, so some are invisible or chunks of the terrain vanish before just flat out crashing. But it is the truth that with Tib History and Red History (especially Red History) i get it WAY more than other mods or the stock game.

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Madin Creator


I am wondering what your screen resolution is? I have a feeling that my low resolution 4:3 screen (1280 x 1024). is probably the main reason I hardly ever have issues.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Sovs are overpowered as hell in this mod lmao!

Allies are overpowered in RA2, but that's because of all the chrono stuff and IFVs, especially them legionnaires are basically superweapons in of themselves.

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Madin Creator

The Ore purifier and Spy satellite are significant (as well as actually having a super weapon that does damage).

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hello Everyone!
1. In this mod(Red Alert History: Release 7) save does not work at all.
When loading saves, crashes to the desktop occur.
I played on different maps(standard and custom) but there is no sense. Saves don't work.
Am asking correct and fix conservation. They should work.
2. From time to time in battles there are departures on the desktop.
I ask to eliminate these departures.
Departures occur at different times. Through 20-30-40-50 minutes. In departures all interest disappears to play your mod.
And even the save is not loaded. Crashes to desktop when loading saves.
3. What about Screen?
Replacing on Japan will?
Will there be a third party?

P.S. I played TiberiumEssence 2.0 Alpha, KW Reloaded 1 91 FInal, Crossfite_beta0.8, CNCFalloutV02 and MEC2Release2.
In these modes, save work and abnormal sorties in the battles there.
Hope that in the future in Red Alert History: Release 7 will problems(1 and 2 point) eliminated.

Всем Здравствуйте!
1. В данном моде(Red Alert History: Release 7) сохранения не работают вообще.
При загрузке сохранений происходят вылеты на рабочий стол.
Играл на разных картах(стандартные и пользовательские) но толку нет. Сохранения не работают.
Прошу исправить и починить сохранения. Они должны работать.
2. Время от времени в сражениях происходят вылеты на рабочий стол.
Прошу устранить данные вылеты.
Вылеты происходят в разное время. Через 20-30-40-50 минут. В вылетами весь интерес пропадает играть в ваш мод.
Да и ещё сохранения не загружаются. Вылеты на рабочий стол при загрузке сохранений.
3. Что по поводу Скрина?
Замена на Японию будет?
Третья сторона будет?

P.S. Я играл в TiberiumEssence 2.0 Alpha, KW Reloaded 1 91 FInal, Crossfite_beta0.8, CNCFalloutV02 и MEC2Release2.
В этих модах сохранения работают и аномальных вылетов в битвах нет.
Надеюсь что в будущем в Red Alert History: Release 7 будут проблемы(1 и 2 пункт) устранены.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Madin Creator

Point 1 and 2 are reasonable, I will look into it further.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
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10/10. Well made and incredibly detailed mod. It feels good, it plays good, it looks very good.

I assume is only Alpha version, it has some minor bugs and C&C3 content left, it's a still very atmospheric mod.

I really hope you will finish this mod, it's worth it.

Sep 14 2013 by Gunship_Mark_II

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