This mod is primarily focused on Nod, and afterwards GDI and Scrin. making Nod a tougher adversary for GDI & Scrin first. Yes, I know NOD is all speed and low armour, I have just made NOD more diverse. It was almost impossible for noob players like me ;) to defeat a single steamroller brutal gdi or scrin, so it gave me the motivation to make NOD more powerful to counter those heavy units. The assets used in this mod are either EALA or from open sources, I have mentioned proper credits still remind me if a missed anyone.

Do note this is just an alpha right now, though I have tested it but still it may be unstable. I have limited the build count for many cnc4 units because of the overall polycount engine can handle. As far as I can guess it will work fine for 2v2 or 3v3.
So far I haven't had any problems. Though, It is recommended to use after Patching TW with the 4gb tool by Egozi44.

More content will be added with time. Since, this is a NOD focused mod, first I will do with NOD then move to GDI, and then Scrin.

Anyone willing to help with regards to coding, modeling, particle effects, animations or testing please contact me. I have some concept arts too other than just cnc4 models, if someone could help with those I would be grateful.

You will be credited for your support.



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A Short Intro

Feature 1 comment

Changelog for 1.0:

What is in this mod;

  1. Soviet Bunker Added to Nod.
  2. Added EliteRocketSquad. Consists of 8 Rocket soldiers,have a build limit of 10. Get a BlackHand as flagcarrier.Good for guarding expansion outposts against GDI tanks.
  3. NOD commando is now stealth while moving.
  4. NOD scorpion tank is more powerful then ever when it comes to firepower.Has both cannons after the upgrade. Laser cannon can fire at air targets.
  5. Secret Shrine will now heal infantry just like armory.
  6. Secret Shrine will build elite infantry.
  7. Venom fire power increased. keeps both weapons after upgrade.
  8. Saboteurs will be faster and have a repair drone. will make them more useful.
  9. Refineries produce 2 harvesters. Capacity increased. refund price is same.
  10. Harvesters are faster, have repair drones, and produce income every 5seconds 20$.
  11. Construction Yard health is increased to 50k. Spawns Repair drones.
  12. Shroud Clearing range doubled. Vision increased.
  13. Obelisks are now more powerful. increased ranged, double strike, anti air capability.
  14. price increased.
  15. All turret hubs have larger radius and +1 turrets.
  16. Most NOD weapons have been buffed.
  17. Added GLA QuadCannon .(Madin) Good for fast AA support compared to NOD rockets.
  18. Added the Classic Mammoth tank to NOD.(Madin). Have greater firepower.Have a build limit of 6 max, due to reasons ;)
  19. Added NOD Reckoner from kW. (PurpleGaga)
  20. Added Cyborg Commando from Cnc4 (EA & CncForums)
  21. Added an Elite BlackHand(Cnc4 blackhand) to the BlackHand Squad with Confessor upgrade.(EA & CncForums)
  22. Added the Big Scorpion Tank from CNC4. (Unfinished still working on the xml- Treads dont animate :/ dont know why)
  23. MCVs have larger build radius and Shroud clearing.
  24. Added HiConfessor. Good for Infantry control.(CNC4)
  25. Added Redeemer facility to build heavy vehicles. Doesnt have Redeemer though.(KWReloaded)
  26. Added Ascended from Cnc4 to the militantrocketelite squad. CNC4
  27. Added the CNC4 NODengineer. Works as a Repair man. Doesnt Capture. CNC4
  28. Added Demon aircraft from skullmod.Added Reckoner from cnc4.
  29. Added attackbike and raider buggy from cnc4.
  30. Added the Devout from cnc4 to militant rocket squad as flag carrier.
  31. Added the cnc4 hijacker. (Incomplete)
  32. Added the cyborgreaper from cnc4.
  33. Added Enlightened and Awakened Squads from cnc3 KW.
  34. Added Enlightened from cnc4 to Enlightened and Awakened Squads as Flag carrier.
  35. Added Cobra craft from cnc4.
  36. Added cnc4Venom as a fast scout craft and vertigo.
  37. Added cnc4 hijacker (unfinished).
  38. Added Zone Enforcer to GDI as a heavy tier4 infantry.
  39. Added cnc4 Mammoth Tank to GDI as an Ultra Mammoth (unfinished)
  40. Added cnc4 Salamander as a heavy gunship.
  41. Skirmish has starting units.
  42. BlackHandElite now fires a grenade from his back-mounted Cannon.
  43. Shadow Strike team are now elite units, much effective satchel charges.
  44. Cyborg Commando has a stealthed field.
  45. cnc4 units have now proper voices.
  46. Armageddon bomber is trainable with one devastating bomb. Build limit is 1.


  • Treads animation issue to new units from cnc4. I am having a hard time figuring it out
  • Stance of some new infantry are missing
  • Garrison out from reckoners is not working for some infantry they get stuck in there once garrisoned.
  • Support power I added is not showing up, while the NOD AI is able to use it. No idea why?


Bibber - for the kickass modding tools

Madin - for his mix mods

Egozi44 for the 4gb patch and his help on the forums

PurpleGaga(Zocom7) - for his source codes KWR & TacitusRevolution

EALA, CNC forums, PPM,gdi_commando,Cyborg Reaper,Zocom7- for KW and cnc4 units

Zgeorg for some new units, particle fx and support powers which will be in the next release

Discord Server started

Discord Server started

News 1 comment

For feedback, suggestions, reviews and other help for the mod

RSS Files
Hybrid Ascension 3.0

Hybrid Ascension 3.0

Demo 9 comments

Finally a new version. A lot of changes since the last release.

Hybrid Ascension 1.1 alpha

Hybrid Ascension 1.1 alpha

Patch 4 comments

Second release of my mod Hybrid Ascension, the mod file is by the name "Redeemer" which was the older name, so dont confuse

Hybrid Ascension 1.0 Alpha

Hybrid Ascension 1.0 Alpha

Full Version 14 comments

My first mods first release. Enjoy the mod. Though, it is unfinished and as of now only NOD has a diverse force.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 53)

can you plz noof some nod units because nod stermroll me everytime i try to play the gdi campagin

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
EngineerGKL88 Creator

Yes balancing is not complete yet

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Tank Buster Squad is broken AF

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
EngineerGKL88 Creator

squad is not broken, the model is. and it is a known issue, thanks for the feedback

Reply Good karma+1 vote

good mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

All seems fine, no crashes encountered. But some units don't seem to be promoted or ranked up. An example is the Cyborg Commando.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
EngineerGKL88 Creator

Yes i have noticed that, will resolve it in next release. Any more issues, pls report on my discord

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Great mod but it needs a lot of polishing.I found the missing descriptions pretty annoying.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

It also crashes my game occasionally and forces me to restart my pc being unable to forcefully close it

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
EngineerGKL88 Creator

I havent had any crashes, when did it crash was it a specific unit spawn or a power or something? Do u have graphic set to high?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

My graphic settings are set low to mid.And it only happened after i completely destroyed the enemy.I don't think it was any specific unit/power at fault.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
EngineerGKL88 Creator

Try with higher graphic and antialiasing

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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