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Report RSS Elite's Conflict Mod: v1.0 Release This Week - 05/10/2016

Elite's Conflict Mod v1.0 is nearly here! Progress on the mod has been going well for a while now and the mod is about to be released. This article will inform you of what exactly this mod will do and what we plan to accomplish within the next few weeks and the long road ahead. I'd also like to thank all of you for the ideas, support, and help you have given the team over the past year! I hope this mod is what you were waiting for and that you enjoy it as much as we do. - {HEROIC} mod team

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  • Elite's Conflict Mod: v1.0 Information
    • Our mod team {HEROIC} has spent many hours developing an original trilogy mod for Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. In this mod, players will experience a new dynamic of the beloved Star Wars universe. Aimed at providing balance and newly sparked interest to this aging game, Elite's Conflict Mod hopes to give players that great feeling they had when they watched a Star Wars movie for the first time. We have focused the base game on the dramatic conflict between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire, taking the best aspects of this expansion game and its predecessor. Doing this, our love and care for this game has only grown and now we want to share this experience with you.
    • The new features in this mod that you should notice are a more balanced game over both of the previous games in the series. A new focus on Star Wars: Legends and the Expanded Universe, including new units to keep this game fun. A redesigned galaxy in the Galactic Conquest game mode that allows for new strategies and more game play, including 19 new planets. A complete overhaul of the previous soundtrack that really brings that Star Wars feeling to players in the game.
    • Some smaller changes we have made include changing the color of the games main and option menus to be less yellow. We edited the space fleet boxes to reflect the blue colors of the original game. We fixed issues with LAN multiplayer that caused disconnections and synchronization issues. We also added a ton of Easter eggs and hidden elements to the game for the fans and for the people in the past who have made Star Wars what it is today.
  • Elite's Conflict Mod: v1.1 Information
    • Elite's Conflict Mod: v1.1 will be released by June 3rd, 2016. This update to v1.0 of the mod will include a multitude of edits, additions, and more! Our intent with this quickly released update is for the fans playing the mod to inform us of any errors, typos, bugs, or additions they would like to see or that make the game less fun for them. Regardless however, we have content we would like to add that isn't quite ready for v1.0 but we want the community to have this mod sooner rather than later.
    • Some new content you may see in v1.1 includes new units such as the Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruiser, Victory II-class Frigate, CC-7700/E Interdiction Cruiser, and many more! New planets that are nearly ready to be added, including Aridus, Moraband, Despayre, and more! Also three new Galactic Conquest maps that will add to the intensity and diversity of this mod. These three along with two of the three base maps will be playable in LAN multiplayer games.
  • Elite's Conflict Mod: v1.2 and v1.3 Information
    • The v1.2 and v1.3 releases of this mod will be much later and including drastic updates to the base mod as well as any more additions and patches we need or want to implement. Some of these features include more units, planets, and maps. New buildings that will have new effects on game play. Overhauled spacestation hardpoints and some unit hardpoints. And completely remade planet descriptions for every planet while editing the bonuses received for controlling a given planet.
  • Elite's Conflict Mod: v2.0 Information
    • The second major release of this mod will be v2.0. At this point which could be another year from now or longer, will include a completely remastered third faction to the game. We will add new units, planets, maps, et cetera, but the focus will be on developing this new faction and making it something it never was, a true Star Wars faction.
  • Elite's Conflict Mod Team
    • We have a lot of dreams and we do hope to accomplish them, but we have to remember that all of the members of our team and this community have real lives and real responsibilities. For myself, {HEROIC}Elite, this summer I am shipping out to boot camp for the Marine Corps. That's part of the reason I've been working so hard to get this mod to you all soon, so we have time for v1.1 to also be released before I leave. I'm telling you this because I will not be available for questions, comments, or suggestions from June through August so if you have them, send them now or within the next few weeks if you'd like a quick response.
    • I want you all to know that no matter what though, we will continue to work on this mod and give you the best quality we can. Thank you for all of the support and help, I hope you are as excited for this release as we are.

Release Soon

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  • Elite's Conflict Mod Page
    • The Elite's Conflict Mod page is listed here: Elite's Conflict Mod

Thank you all for reading and have a nice day,

- {HEROIC} mod team


very nice can't wait

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Can't wait to try this mod out

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Sergeant Barlex
Sergeant Barlex

Well I'm interested.

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oh this is going to be good!

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