HEROIC Studios presents Elite's Conflict Mod, an innovative, immersive, and realistic take on the Galactic Civil War. New models and textures, units, planets, maps, music, balance, mechanics, and lore keep this classic Star Wars game feeling unique and remarkable.

Report RSS Elite's Conflict Mod: Update Four - 04/11/2016

Elite's Conflict Mod v1.0 is not dead! Progress on the mod has been slow for the past few months due to real life complications, but we will strive on. Here is an update of what we have been working on, what else we plan to accomplish before release, and what we now plan to do for the v1.1 release, which will occur quickly after the release of v1.0. Thank you all for the support, it is truly what keeps me going, {HEROIC}Elite.

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  • Elite's Conflict Mod v1.0 Information
    • Please review the previous two Articles posted on this mod's page for information pertaining to what this mod will do for Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption and you. Their links are listed below:
    • This is Elite's Conflict Mod: Update Three...
    • This is Elite's Conflict Mod: Update Two...
    • This is Elite's Conflict Mod: Update One...
    • This is Expanding The Elite's Conflict Mod Team...
    • If you have any further questions, feel free to post on the mod page or personally message me.
  • What Elite's Conflict Mod Has Accomplished So Far
    • {HEROIC}, our mod team, has really accomplished some great things over the past few months. We have created a mod for a great game that has no errors or bugs. We have one of the best soundtracks to date in any Star Wars game. We have in-depth descriptions of nearly every unit available to the main factions of this game. We have added new units to add some diversity to the game-play while maintaining the balance of the original Empire At War. We have done so much and I have to thank the team as well as the fans for all of your support and hard work.
  • What Elite's Conflict Mod Will Accomplish Before The v1.0 Release
    • Not only have we done what I from time to time think is and was impossible, but we continue to surprise ourselves with ideas and opportunities we didn't know would show themselves.
      • Reformatting the XML files of this game to allow nearly any player to adjust the mod how they feel fits them best. (This has taken a lot of time and it not complete, but it is a work in progress that will be partially available at the launch of v1.0)
        • This will continue into v1.1 and beyond.
      • We recently fixed the 2 largest bugs facing this mod, both of which turned out to be small but they had a large impact on the game. At this point, there are no "bugs" in this mod that will cause crashing or any errors! (This is a huge achievement for me personally. I can't stand when I mod crashes, especially if I didn't save the game recently. I'll get angry enough to not play the game for days and that's not acceptable in any game or any mod)
        • COMPLETE!
      • We continue to add new units to this game, meaning new icons, new names, new descriptions, and new abilities. (This is one of the most fun aspects of modding for me and I really hope you all enjoy what we have in store for you)
        • This will continue into v1.1 and beyond.
      • Replacing unnecessary units and buildings with ones that are more interesting and have longevity in game-play. The Imperial Research Facility for example, was completely useless after Tech 5 was achieved. Now, this building is required for the production of a handful of units and is only buildable on a select few planets.
        • COMPLETE!
      • Maintaining the balance of this game will be a lifelong challenge, but so far we are doing very well in this aspect. Overall, there are stronger units than ever before in this mod, but they balance each other out. This adds to the excitement and surprise factor of the game.
        • This will continue into v1.1 and beyond.
      • A promotional video for the v1.0 release.
        • COMPLETE!
      • Installation instructions for our users and ease of installation for new players for the v1.0 release.
        • COMPLETE!
      • Proper Credits are for the Elite's Conflict Mod v1.0 team.
        • COMPLETE!
  • What Elite's Conflict Mod Plans To Accomplish Before The v1.1 Release
    • The entire idea behind v1.1 is to get players the patch they need quickly.
      • Fixing bugs, errors, typos, any anything else I or anyone in the community finds after the release of v1.0.
      • Adding a some content. Here is a list of what kinds of additional content you may be able to expect from v1.1.
        • New units.
        • New unit abilities on existing units.
        • New planets.
        • A new Galactic Conquest map.
        • More XML file reformatting and guides on how to locate things.
  • The Future Of Elite's Conflict Mod v2.0 And Beyond
    • For v2.0 of Elite's Conflict Mod, we are looking into a lot of ideas and concepts.
      • Completing the Zann Consortium faction by adding and balancing units, structures, and heroes.
      • Looking into a larger faction to overtake the roll of the Zann Consortium, for example the Black Sun, Hutt Cartel, CIS Remnant, Hapes Consortium, or Corporate Sector.
      • Searching campaign files and seeing if there is any possibility of any way we could create a campaign.
      • Recoloring even more of the game to be less yellow. (Though this has already partially been done in this mod, it would be great to finish it)
      • Possibly allowing the color options available in Skirmish mode to be available in Galactic Conquest mode too.
      • And the list continues to grow...


  • Below Are Some Screenshots Of Our Most Recent Accomplishments
    • Canderous-class Assault Tank
    • T-47 Airspeeder Squadron
    • BTL-A4 Y-wing Squadron
    • RZ-1 A-wing Squadron
    • A/SF-01 B-wing Squadron
    • There are more on the mod page that I have uploaded in the last few days!

Canderous-class Assault Tank

T-47 Airspeeder Squadron

BTL-A4 Y-wing Squadron

RZ-1 A-wing Squadron

A/SF-01 B-wing Squadron

  • Like What You See...? Elite's Conflict Mod

Thank you for reading. I hope you are excited for this mod!

Have a nice day,



keep up the good work

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Nice work! I'm really excited for this mod guys

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