Doom is now playable on the Nintendo DS! The game will be sold in cartridge form in a collectors box and is NOW available as a Rom download!

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The Week of May 11 2018

Brutal Half-Life is a modification that makes the game more violent and addictive. It is also a tribute to the classics FPS. Public beta 2 of Brutal Half-Life. Still needs lot of work but it is stable enough for a release. I will continue adding more features in future versions.

Psionic Warfare: Total Destruction is a bombastic, fast paced arena survival third person shooter for the Starcraft 2 Arcade in which you have to make your stand against an entire zerg invasion. Utilizing the models from the Starcraft 2 cinematics for high-fidelity graphics aswell as a bombastic presentation, it aims to offer a Starcraft experience like no other.

Investors interested in Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness agreed to help fund the localization and advanced modding support for the game, but only if GrapeOcean Technologies raise at least €60k. Consequently GrapeOcean team added a new stretch goal with a language pack and advanced moddability.

This mod is an inverted game Half-Life, because you walkthrough the game upside down. All the maps will be turned over, even the ones you downloaded. YaLTeR made files for the game, I modified it into a mod and fixed some bugs... Also you can use commands from bunnymod pro which are in this mod.




For: Doom

A Version of Doom made to run on the DS! Sold In Cartridge Form and available as a ROM!

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DS Doom

DS Doom

Full Version 26 comments

Rom of DS Doom is now released! Cartridges coming soon!

razorstargazer - - 14 comments

Can I have a tutorial on how to get this on my 3DS please?

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Emperors_Fist - - 1,093 comments

"The game will be sold in cartridge form in a collectors box"

Um, does Bethesda know that you want to sell their property?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+10 votes
Magic_Nipples - - 1,325 comments

Its been playable on DS for over 10 years.

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