Dawn of War: Professional (DoWPro) is a mod for the Dawn of War franchise that has been developed over many years, and is based on the Warhammer 40000 universe. The mod aims to enhance the multiplayer experience through Player versus Player by incorporating intelligent gameplay design and balance with the exciting and spectacular game that is Dawn of War.

No longer will units become obsolete as you gain higher tech, and no longer will you have to spam a certain 'overpowered' unit in order to win.
In DoWpro strength through diversity is promoted, and with the return of the 'hard counter' system from the original Dawn of War game, DoWPro offers the player many different choices on their path to victory.

The latest version of DoWPro is for the third and last Dawn of War expansion: SoulStorm. Boasting nine completely unique races to choose from, DoWpro: SS offers a fair amount variety.

Key Features of the Mod:

- You can now use Wargear in multiplayer and skirmish games.
- Exciting and fun gameplay that differs greatly from SoulStorm in ways of how you research abilities and use your units.
- New graphics and visuals for every race.
- Sizeable community of its own, and can be played through the Steam Group or the Discord channel.
- New units for almost every race.
- A complete and instructional set of manuals to let you know every aspect of the mod and the armies.


- For DoWpro: SS you need SoulStorm, patched to version 1.20. For Steam users it is required its very own latest version.

Where to Get Support and Meet Players

If you have any technical issues, or are just looking for a couple of games. please join us on the Steam Group or in our Discord channel!


The Steam Group


Korbah - Former Mod Leader.
OctopusRex - Former Dev Team Leader.
Saaz - Former Codemonkey.
Nicodemus - Former Codemonkey, Autowiki and Dark Eldar development.
mlai - Former Coding alumni.
Hollow4thewat - Coding, Dark Eldar overhaul and Sisters of Battle.

Denizasker - Content Team Leader and modeller.
Hollow4thwat - Translations and Tooltips.
Reeelax -FX maker.
LoRd KoRn - Art and Icons creator.
DeviantGhost - Maps and Art.
DoOB & Dysthemic - Art.
Ellipsis Jones - Art.
Kurtcos - Art.
Ppipp - Art.
TurboPepsi - Art.
Soutchka - Sounds.
MurhpyJ, Pimpy, ActionDragon, Ain, Whodunnit, Tauknight, Yaoquizque, Slates - Manuals
Ain, Dryden, Imbaer, JabolX, Hollow4thewat, whg_topside, Rendy.cz, s1_ONE, Yaoquizque - Translations

ActionDragon - Former Senior Balancer.
Ain - Senior Balancer.
Baneboss - Former Senior Balancer.
ChokoBambus - Former Senior Balancer.
Cloud7 - Senior Balancer.
Dux - Senior Balancer.
Khan - Senior Balancer.
Jozen - Senior Balancer.
Murphyj - Senior Balancer.
Pimpy - Senior Balancer.
Reeelax - Senior Balancer.
Slaste - Senior Balancer.
TrueTheReaper - Senior Balancer.
Tauknight - Senior Balancer.
Imbaer - Senior Balancer.
Viparas - Senior Balancer.
Whodunnit - Senior Balancer.
Yaoquizque - Senior Balancer.

KaiserSoze - AI Team Leader.
LarkinVb - AI coding assistance.
Sire Thudmeizer - Skirmish AI Mod Liason.
ArkhantheBlack - Skirmish AI Mod Liason.
AI Testers - Allen, Capione, Capry, Cheeseman, Con1k, Leondegrance, Me987654, Nightwing, Ruprechtus, Tankhunter.
The Skirmish AI Mod Team - without these excellent chaps we wouldn't have their incredible AI.


FoK mod team - Medes, Mirage Knight, Hangar-8, Megazogg, Melooo and Horusheretic.
KRMZ and Friedric_P for the utilisation of the WH:AS mod content.
Cyclone Mod - Québec_Dug, XEN and Brother_Santos.
Chiu Chungling for his incredible texturing work.
Corncobman for his awesome help.
Reaper R66 for his fixes.
The Camera Zoom Mod - Inquisitoriae & Gnome5.
RT2 for his fixes.
Greenscorpion for his most awesome help and fixes.
Eranthis for his great VO performance and art assets included on the Eranthis Project.
LeonardGOOG for his amazing texturing work.
EvilIsador for his awesome help with the UI fixes.
GrOrc for his fixes and assets.
TagHF for his newly French translation.
Kasrkin84 for his help on the Stronghold Assaults minimod.
Kekoulis for his model fixes and 3D expertise, without him 3.69 would have ever been finished.

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RSS Articles



  • Added the Venerable Dreadnought - available at the Orbital Relay. Comes equipped with a Plasma Cannon able to be fired on the move. Hardcapped at 2. 55 secs build time. Costs 320/440. Takes 3 veh pop. Only 1 builder is able to repair ir. Can use Smoke Launchers Ability. Can decap points.
  • ASM: Added Plasma Guns as weapon option. Added Melta Gun as weapon option. Lightning Claws moved from Holy Artifact to T2. Made it so now they have only 2 weapon options + 1 after Heavy Weapons research.
  • Rhinos Made it 2 slots. Price cost adjusted to 120/130. Still 30 seconds build time All Tactical Marines and Grey Knights take 2 slots.
  • Power Fists: Increased by 15% the damage vs monster_low targets.
  • Massive retexture and model update done to almost every single Space Marine unit.


  • Added the Wraith Guard - Available at the Webway Gate right after Annihilate the Enemy research. Medium Heavy Infantry infantry type. Medium range fire support effective against monster_med targets. Can recruit a Warlock. Granted 400 morale. They are not affected by negative cover penalties. Hardcapped at 2 squads. Costs 255/75. Takes 4 infantry cap.
  • Webway Healing Station: Research decreased build time from 30 to 20 secs.
  • Updated some (not all) of the textures for some of the infantry units.


  • Added the Chaos Dreadnought - Available at the Sacrificial Circle. Able to Deepstrike. Equipped with a multi melta to serve as medium range anti vehicle option. Hardcapped at 4. Cost 190/330. 40 secs build time. Takes 2 vehicle pop. Gains bonuses from Daemon Researches (except Daemon Fire)
  • Rhinos: Made it 2 slots. Price cost adjusted to 120/130. Still 30 seconds build time All Chaos Marines, Zerkers and Possessed take 2 slots.
  • Power Fists: Increased by 15% the damage vs monster_low targets.
  • Massive retexture and model update done to almost every single Chaos unit.


  • Added the Zzap Gun for the Looted Tank - Trades its artillery damage for long range raw damage versus heavy infantry units, 150/150 cost. 30 seconds buildtime.
  • Added the Deff Dred available at the Mek Shop. Armed with Mega Blastas. 150/130 - 30 secs build time. They can also use Stikkbombs (previously researched.)
  • Big Mek: Mega Blasta radius increased to 3.


  • Heavy Weapons Team: Added the Heavy Mortar as weapon option - 9 secs build time. Costs 30/20. Good vs infantry blob units at long range.
  • Added the Leman Russ Demolisher. Requires Mars Pattern building and the Leman Russ addon inside that building to unlock it. Comes equipped with the Demolisher Cannon which deals a lot of damage to buildings, besides heavy flamers to deal more damage at medium range. Costs 290/460/80.
  • Power Swords: Increased by 15% the damage vs monster_low targets.
  • Improved the overall textures for some infantry units and vehicles.


  • Added the Piranha Skirmisher at the Vehicle Building. Dedicated short range Anti Vehicle unit. Hardcapped at 4. Costs 160/140. 30 secs build time. Takes 2 veh pop.
  • Fixed an issue the second vehicle building did not have an extra build time.


  • Lord Destroyer: Decreased Vehicle Posession time from 12 to 10 seconds.
  • Greater Summoning Core: Now can be a teleportation destination.
  • 2nd Monolith Power price decreased from 600 to 500.


  • Overall mass reduced, Morale death penalty increased, Get up time reduced for all infantry units significantlly. Disabled charge modifiers for all infantry units.
  • Reviewed the overall build time and reinforce time for most of infantry units to acomodate against MEQ targets.
  • Slave: Decreased morale from 150 to 50.
  • Mandrakes: They now scale through Skimmer Shop. Mandrake research grants now a HP bonus to Mandrakes, it also grants them the ability to create Webway Gates.
  • Archon: Animus Vitae speed modifier on enemy units revised from 0.85 to 2. Increased range from 25 to 30. Can purchase Incubi from the very beginning - Req cost decreased from 90 to 80. Decreased mass from 25 to 22.
  • Haemonculus: Decreased sight range from 25 to 30. Decreased morale damage from 70 to 60. Destructor range decreased from 25 to 22. Completing his researches increases his build time.
  • Warriors: Increased Req from 45 to 50. Removed Splinter Cannon, added Blasters - weapon effective vs Heavy Infantry and Monsters, can also be good slightly vs light vehicles.
  • Incubi: Made now as a separate squad, available from Tier 3. DPS set so they counter Heavy Infantry and monster_med (Daemon armor). Set to be unlocked at Tier 3 - Requires Haemonculus Laboratory to be unlocked. Hardcapped at 2 squads.
  • Wyches: Combat Drugs ability no longer requires Souls, now requires Daughters of Pain research, made it Global cooldown. DPS set so they counter infatry_med, infantry_high and monster_low targets.
  • Hellions: Changed armor type from inf_heavy_low to inf_high. Kept their secondary armor as inf_heavy_med for gameplay purposes.
  • Scourges: Splinter cannon DPS decreased damage vs medium infantry by 20%.
  • Warp Beasts: Moved from T2 to T3. Increased HP from 515 to 815. Decreased Beastmaster HP to match Wych Leader HP. Decreased damage vs vehicle_medium by 20%. They now require Wych Cult Arena to be unlocked besides Relic.
  • Webway Gates: Decreased maximum slots from 4 to 3. Decreased cooldown from 120 to 110 secs. Made it so every single infantry unit and vehicle occupies 1 slot.
  • Fleet of Foot: Decreased time from 45 to 30 seconds.
  • Gruesome Display: Increased build time from 15 to 20 seconds. Unlocks healing station ability right away. Price increased from 50/15 to 100/50.
  • Commander abilities: No longer require Souls.
  • Piercing Vision: Decreased from 40 to 30 Soul cost.
  • Rekindle Rage: Made it so it now also enables charge modifiers. Duration time of charge modifiers and secondary armor bonus increased from 1 second to 10.
  • Souls Mist: Reduced by half the initial morale reduction effect, Adds a morale loss over time of 2 for the remainer of the ability.
  • Screams of the Damned: Fixed it so now it should decrease 1/4 of the total morale of squads. Decreased morale degeneration time from 5 to 3 seconds.
  • Swapped requirements of Haemonculus researches with Incubi upgrades (Laboratory) and Melee Sargeant researches (Wych Cult Arena) respectivelly.
  • Incubi upgrades: Moved to Hall of Blood. First research requires T2, second research requires Vehicle Building.
  • Reaver Jetbikes: Returned to a more vanilla centered style of hit and run. Are now Ultra Light Vehicle, 1 veh cap hardcapped at 4. Only 1 jetbike. Buildtime increased from 22 to 27 seconds. They are able still to get into Webway Gates. Removed HP regen so workers can repair them. They can uncapture straegic points. Reaver Targetting research cost increased from 75/35 to 80/60. Blaster option now slightly good vs medium vehicle targets.
  • Raider: Increased build time from 30 to 32 seconds.
  • Ravager: Increased build time from 40 to 50 seconds.
  • Dais: Decreased keen sight from 30 to 15. Decreased sight range from 30 to 25.
  • Slaves: Decreased morale from 150 to 50.
  • Tier 2 & 3 addons: Cost 20 and 40 Souls.


  • Reworked them again from the ground to be more akin to vanilla. Sorry WH mod fans but Im not sorry.


Other Tutorial

A summary of some basic questions which have been asked all the time in the mod development and now you have answered.

RSS Files
DoWpro: SoulStorm 3.69

DoWpro: SoulStorm 3.69

Full Version 4 comments

The 3.69 full release version for DoWpro: SoulStorm. This version requires Dawn of War: SoulStorm installed. If you have any previous versions of the...

DoWpro: Dark Crusade 3.41 Hotfix

DoWpro: Dark Crusade 3.41 Hotfix

Patch 3 comments

The 3.41 hotfix for DoWpro: Dark Crusade. This version requires Dawn of War: Dark Crusade 1.2 and DoWpro: DC 3.40 to run correctly. After installing...

DoWpro: Dark Crusade 3.40

DoWpro: Dark Crusade 3.40

Full Version 2 comments

The 3.40 full release version for DoWpro: Dark Crusade. This version requires Dawn of War: Dark Crusade 1.2 to run correctly.

DoWPro: Winter Assault 1.66 Hotfix

DoWPro: Winter Assault 1.66 Hotfix

Patch 1 comment

This is a Hotfix for DoWPro: Winter Assault 1.60, after installed, you'll have the latest and final version of WApro.

DoWPro: Winter Assault 1.60

DoWPro: Winter Assault 1.60

Full Version

This is the main installer for WApro (DoWpro for Winter Assault), version 1.60. Please be sure download the 1.66 hotfix as well, and install it after...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 772)

Would it be possible to get an imperial guard bunker, or another upgrade for the damage and range of their bunker weapons ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Hollow4thewat Creator


Reply Good karma+2 votes

okay thanks

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Hollow4thewat Creator

I regret nothing.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Me neither.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Hey Hollow, I know you don't generally care about the AI and maybe you're already aware of this, but if not, you should know the AI is pretty messed up in 3.68. For example, they will often just "give up"; they'll stop producing new units or progressing altogether. Dark Eldar AI is especially plagued by this, to the point of being completely broken. The AI also just doesn't seem to play as well in general compared to past versions. I went back to 3.67 and no longer have these problems, except for the "giving up" which now happens much less frequently. Moving units into their base seems to knock them out of it.

I also tried 3.66: maybe it's just me but the AI there seemed even better than 3.67. This was all on Insane, with the same settings in the AI Control Panel.

Any idea what's going on and if it can be fixed?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Hollow4thewat Creator

Nothing much can be done about it I am afraid. Your best bet is sticking out on Hard difficulty.

Right now it is unkwnon how the AI fares with the new changes and most likely it will be even worse than 3.68. Just saying.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I see, fair enough!

By "sticking out on Hard", you mean to say the AI encounters less issues on lower difficulties?

And if I may, what do you think is the most recent version with the best working AI? Anything you'd recommend doing with the AI Control Panel to avoid issues, as well?

My friend and I enjoy playing team games with AI allies, so we're trying to find a good setup. Then of course we switch to 3.68 for 1v1's.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Hollow4thewat Creator

AI on Hard difficulty has the same economic income as the human player. It is hardcoded so anything below that recieves less resources and Harder and Insane has more resource income to grant the artificial feeling of being more agressive, which it really is not.

Like you pointed out I do not really care that much about the AI whatsoever so I cannot tell you about any best version out of it.

If you play with AI allies it is hardcoded so said allies play a whole less worse and weaker than a human player.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Okay, yeah we figured they'd get extra resources. Didn't know about AI allies being coded as worse/weaker though, that's interesting. Many thanks for the input! We're looking forward to 3.69, hope it's going well for you.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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