Dawn of War: Professional (DoWPro) is a mod for the Dawn of War franchise that has been developed over many years, and is based on the Warhammer 40000 universe. The mod aims to enhance the multiplayer experience by incorporating intelligent gameplay design and balance with the exciting and spectacular game that is Dawn of War.

No longer will units become obsolete as you gain higher tech, and no longer will you have to spam a certain 'overpowered' unit in order to win.
In DoWpro strength through diversity is promoted, and with the return of the 'hard counter' system from the original Dawn of War game, DoWPro offers the player many different choices on their path to victory.

The latest version of DoWPro is for the third and last Dawn of War expansion: SoulStorm. Boasting nine completely unique races to choose from, DoWpro: SS offers a huge amount variety.

Key Features of the Mod:

- You can now use Wargear in multiplayer and skirmish games.
- The all-famous skirmish mod and the ever useful camera mod already included.
- Exciting and fun gameplay that differs greatly from SoulStorm in ways of how you research abilities and use your units.
- New graphics and visuals for every race.
- Sizeable community of its own, and can be played through the Steam Group or the Discord channel.
- New units for almost every race.
- You can easily switch between DoWpro and standard SoulStorm through the in-game 'Game Manager'.
- A complete and instructional set of manuals to let you know every aspect of the mod and the armies.


- For DoWpro: SS you need SoulStorm, patched to version 1.20. For Steam users it is required its very own latest version.

Where to Get Support and Meet Players

If you have any technical issues, or are just looking for a couple of games. please join us on the Steam Group or in our Discord channel!

The Steam Group

Discord Channel for the mod - Discordapp.com


The DoWPro mod uses some material which belongs to some other mods. Some of them, are totally exclusive and cannot be taken out without the authorisation of the team leader of the mod that created the material which has been added. DoWPro mainly uses the following models from the following mods:

- Firestorm over Kronus.
- Purgation of Kaurava.
- Witch Hunters: Adepta Sororitas Mod.

To be more specific. In the case of the Witch Hunters: Adepta Sororitas Mod, there has been an exclusive deal from both mod team leaders (that is, between Korbah, Friedric_P and KRMZ). If, by any circustamce you take any of these models or content from DoWPro, which belong to the Witch Hunters: Adepta Sororitas Mod you are not allowed to public it in your mod unless you have real authorisation from Friedric_P and KRMZ, the mod team leaders from the Witch Hunters: Adepta Sororitas mod.

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RSS Articles

3.68 - Changenotes



  • Included the 1v1 map Minos Bridge.


  • Aspiring Champion Tactical: Fixed a bug which enabled him to be on a different infiltration type compared to the regular tactical Chaos Space Marines.
  • Rhino: Made it so now its possible to purchase both Combi Flamer and Missile Launcher.


  • Avatar: Fixed a bug that made him be purchaseable even right before Tier 2 by just having Relic captured and 3 Soul Shrines.


  • Lord Destroyer: Decreased build time from 80 to 65 secs. Vehicle possession cast time decreased from 12 to 10 secs.
  • Necrontyr Pillar: Increased cooldown time from 40 to 50 secs.


  • Warriors: Terrorfex Grenades duration time decreased from 12 to 5 seconds. Decreased morale damage from 40 to 25. Made it so now Dark Lances require the unit to stand still.
  • Scourges: Fixed how were still able to FOTM when they should remain stationary to shoot.
  • Incubi: They require either Haemonculus Lab or Wych Cult Arena. Research will be now splitted into 2. First one grants charge modifiers and +1 Incubi, 2nd upgrade grants Health regen +2 members at T3. Increased mass from 19 to 25. Decreased Power cost from 30 to 25.
  • Hellions: They now require Wych Cult Arena only. Changed armor type from inf_high to inf_heavy_low. Increased mass from 19 to 30. Tracking Device: Removed cost altogether. Increased duration time from 20 to 120 seconds. Made global ability, recharge time increased from 90 to 200 seconds.
  • Talos: Requires now Haemonculus Laboratory.
  • Reaver Jetbikes: Made it back into a squad; minimum 2 maximum 3. Require Wych Cult Arena. Made them back to 2 pop. Increased Req cost from 50 to 70. Decreased cost of Blaster from 60/50 to 50/25.
  • Raider: Increased Dark Lance accuracy from 0.6 to 0.8.
  • Talos, Ravager & Dais: No longer able to enter Webway Gates.
  • Souls Mist: Increased recharge time from 90 to 110 secs. Decreased duration time from 15 to 10 secs. Decreased radius from 18 to 15.
  • Haemonculus: Stinger increased duration time from 6 to 10 secs.
  • LP2 & 3 addons: Fixed so now they should grant the proper sight radius modifiers. Dark Lance Addon: Increased accuracy from 70 to 80%. LP3: Fixed an issue that made generate more than double Requistion when done.
  • Webway Gates: Increased Req cost from 35 to 50. Made it so now they self destruct after 170 secs.
  • Slave Graveyard: Soul Shock ability no longer requires Souls.
  • Poison Blades research 1 & 2: Made it so they have the same price as ranged upgrades. 2nd upgrade requires Haemonculus Laboratory.
  • Agonizer research: Requires Haemonculus Laboratory.


  • SoB tacs: Increased Divine Retribution duration from 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Repentia: Moved back to T1.5 for the sake of build order variety.
  • Canoness: All wargear that grants abilities no longer grant Faith bonus.
  • LP2 & 3 addons: Fixed so now they should grant the proper sight radius modifiers.
  • Generator: Corrected the flamer fire angle not being set up at 360 degrees.


Other Tutorial 1 comment

A summary of some basic questions which have been asked all the time in the mod development and now you have answered.

RSS Files
DoWpro: Soulstorm 3.68

DoWpro: Soulstorm 3.68

Full Version 8 comments

New version containing the latest fixes and balance issues sorted. Requires Dawn of War: Soulstorm (be it through CD version up to 1.20 or the Steam version...

DoWpro: Dark Crusade 3.41 Hotfix

DoWpro: Dark Crusade 3.41 Hotfix

Patch 3 comments

The 3.41 hotfix for DoWpro: Dark Crusade. This version requires Dawn of War: Dark Crusade 1.2 and DoWpro: DC 3.40 to run correctly. After installing...

DoWpro: Dark Crusade 3.40

DoWpro: Dark Crusade 3.40

Full Version 2 comments

The 3.40 full release version for DoWpro: Dark Crusade. This version requires Dawn of War: Dark Crusade 1.2 to run correctly.

DoWPro: Winter Assault 1.66 Hotfix

DoWPro: Winter Assault 1.66 Hotfix

Patch 1 comment

This is a Hotfix for DoWPro: Winter Assault 1.60, after installed, you'll have the latest and final version of WApro.

DoWPro: Winter Assault 1.60

DoWPro: Winter Assault 1.60

Full Version

This is the main installer for WApro (DoWpro for Winter Assault), version 1.60. Please be sure download the 1.66 hotfix as well, and install it after...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 737)

Please make another update. Playing against the T'au is ******* ridiculous. They are way to OP and can clear a map even with balanced teams. Also not a fan of the new changes you made to the Necron development. Also as one of the previous commentators said, the SoB are way too under-powered. Considering that this expansion is based on them that's kind of stupid. I was not a fan of them in vanilla, but your mod has made me want to play as them almost every time.

That being said, I absolutely LOVE this mod and think you have done a fantastic job with making everything more crisp and detailed, despite the games age. The game balance is pretty fair for all of the other races and it's great to have new units and abilities added. I only wish that some adjustments can be made to the T'au (nerfs) and some buffs made to the SoB. (i.e. their transports do HALF of the damage a chimera does).

If not, please explain how to modify the files and where said files are found. Basically which one contains the data for stat modifications, I know they're all .rdg files, so that doesn't help much in changes.

Thanks again for the great mod. I know the criticism is a bit harsh, but I'm a little salty by losing against the T'au all the time.

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Hollow4thewat Creator

Just deleted my previous comment and read ypur message a couple of times to get it.

AI-based games.


Reply Good karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


First of all, I'd like to say that this is my favorite mod for Soulstorm. I've been playing since 3.59, and it's practically the only mod I play for SS. If you'd oblige me though, I've some questions I'd like to ask.

1. I noticed right away the new firing animations for SM Tacts when you first introduced them. Lovely work, is that custom? I was curious if you'd ever give the Chaos Tacts those same animations?

2. This could be just me, but the Sisters have always felt a bit underpowered. In particular I've always thought the hard caps for their squads could be raised slightly, as their army tends to feel too small compared to other races. What's your opinion on the current state of the SoB regarding this?

3. Any chance of increasing the number of units Eldar Webway Gates can hold? Three is sometimes hard to work with; even increasing it by 1 or 2 would make a huge difference.

4. The Dark Eldar's Soul Mist power progressively creates heavy lag when used, and appears as if the "mist" effect is being applied repeatedly until the power wears off. It's also impossible to see any units within the fog, it applies the effect so much, (I would imagine that's the intention, given the power's purpose, but it's frustrating nonetheless). This has been present for a while now, think it can be fixed? I avoid using the power altogether because of said lag.

5. Reaver Jetbikes have no means of healing as of 3.68. I don't think the game engine allows for builders to repair squads, so perhaps they should be given some HP regen back?

Thanks for your time, and keep up the great work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Hollow4thewat Creator

1 - Cant do anything about them. Tried adding the new models but they bug out even at targetting. They would need a retexture.

2 - SoB have always been a thorn on the side. Many people have advocated to straight up removing them and some others advocated for reworking them (again!?) but keeping the vanilla SoB.

3 - Something to consider in the future.

4 - Same as point 3.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Can't blame you about the point on the SoB. Their playstyle is definitely the least defined of all the races, and the niche they fill in the army roster is...quite strange. I'd imagine they are the most difficult to balance.

My vote is against removing them, however, and I personally don't think they should be reworked; they're not THAT bad, (plus, their current appearance/playstyle is so much better than vanilla). I played a match with them earlier for the first time in 3.68, and they're feeling quite better, so I think you're on the right track.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is it me or Flayed Ones are waaay to op, while Assault Marines kinda sucks? AM die in a few seconds, while FO can tank several squads at the same time. I get they are slow, but it takes longer to kill them than several vehicles

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Hollow4thewat Creator

Flayed Ones are strong, but are easy as hell to dance since they have literally no means to retaliate in ranged combat and it takes a lot of effort for them to reach to close combat unless the other player is too distracted. ASM on the other hand are tanky, just that.

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I think I found an exploit for Necrons (maybe it's already known and it is single player only): I can pause the game and issue all 4 scarab workers to build a power grid, when unpaused they will build 4 grids close to each other. It can be done every time they can build a grid.

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Hollow4thewat Creator

Answered over Reddit, check it out yo.

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