DOOM: The Brutal Chronicles Info



Episode 1: The Imps' Awakening

Level 1: Within' Doors Reach

Level 2: The Yards

Level 3: The Gravel Halls

Level 4: It's Down to Hell We Go

Episode 2: Hellbent Mayhem

Level 5: Name TBA

Level 6: Name TBA

Level 7: Name TBA

Level 8: Name TBA

Episode 3: Name TBA

Level 9: Name TBA

Level 10: Name TBA

Level 11: Name TBA

Level 12: Name TBA

Episode 4: Name TBA

Level 13: Name TBA

Level 14: Name TBA

Level 15: Name TBA

Level 16: Name TBA

Episode 5: Name TBA

Level 17: Name TBA

Level 18: Name TBA

Level 19: Name TBA

Level 20: Name TBA

Episode 6: Name TBA

Level 21: Name TBA

Level 22: Name TBA

Level 23: Name TBA

Level 24: Name TBA

Episode 7: Name TBA

Level 25: Name TBA

Level 26: Name TBA

Level 27: Name TBA

Level 28: Name TBA

Episode 8: Dr. Mantine's Lair

Level 29: The Lair Hall

Level 30: The Lair Laboratory



Current Version: (none)

v1.2a: Uploaded megawad, wad includes 1 of 8 episodes.

v1.2j: Added some tweaks to the first episode, added 3 more episodes.

v1.4a: Added some more tweaks, fixed bugs. Added final 4 episodes.


Story coming soon!

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I've made a mistake...


Hey, you know NUTS! 4: A Herd Of Demons? Well, I forgot that the page that I was uploading the .zip file onto, was the DOOM: The Brutal Chronicles page instead of the NUTS! 4: A Herd Of Demons page, sorry for that!

ANDROIDFERRET - - 1,134 comments

I can see NOTHING in the video or the pictures:(

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novianexpress - - 2 comments

dont worry, soon i will be changing the videos and pics.

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DarkMaster03 - - 124 comments

This are only maps?

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novianexpress - - 2 comments


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