This mod will change units' ability from attribute based to level based. Every unit will have their own base attributes and have an overal growth based on their attributes after each level-up, instead of gaining additional attribute. Special Thanks to Colchispirit (Author of ColchispiritMOD) Larkin (Author of powernodemod and Bugfix 1.08) shiny (major mod tester) as well as many others whose names I fail to recreate in English.....

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Mod Introduction


Disciples Reincarnation Tactics (DRT for short) is mainly a unit overhaul mod for Disciple Reincarnation, to make unit progress more reasonably RPG-like. This mod is to celebrate the incoming release of Disciples Liberation. Liberation is going to be an RPG, yes I know, but at least there is hope for this series.

  • About this mod

In DRT, the game is more RPG-ish. Let’s face it. The vanilla game is an RPG that was built on a strategy game system. The game has four unique and complex campaigns, with broken AI factions that are mostly non-functioning. So, RPG it shall be!

This mod is for anyone who wants to replay Reincarnation’s campaign before Liberation comes out. It started years ago as a series of tests, to see what kind of skills I can make in this game. Now, with Liberation’s release closing, I finally decided to pick up what I had left and finished this mod.

  • What does DRT really do?
  1. Quality of life changes:
    1. Half the stone requirement for buildings of third stage units and above;
    2. Double the income from gold and stone resources (income from cities and capitals remain unchanged)
    3. Units summoned via runes in the arena now last two turns instead of one
    4. 200% bonus experience for all units so you don’t have to farm the map to a wasteland, nor to wait hundreds of days in front of a training camp…
  2. Terminology change:
    1. Accuracy and evasion are now Attack and Defense
  3. System changes:
    1. Unit stats have been completely overhauled. Unit attributes are now fixed. Leveling up no longer give extra attributes, but a general improvement based on unit attributes instead. E.g., when your squire becomes level 2, his hp, damage, attack and defense will all increase a bit rather than receive an arbitrary extra strength or dexterity.
    2. Every attribute now only affects one stat instead of two.
    3. Attribute modifiers and growths are now the same across all classes. E.g., now the damage modifiers for level 1 fighter, archer, mage and rogue are all 8 points per strength. The only exception is healer, whose dexterity and speed both contribute to initiative at a much lower rate.
    4. Unit experience and price tweak.
    5. Units that are not final transformation will receive a new skill leveling up 3 times, and those who can theoretically transform to better units receive another new skill after another three levels, as a compensation for not transforming.
    6. Equipment has also been reworked to fit into the style of DRT.
    7. Some spells and skills have been tweaked to make them not cheat codes in DRT.
    8. Building mage tower and temple enables player to hire new units (though this is more like a place-holder test rather than an actual feature…)
  • Notes:
  1. Potions haven’t been changed a bit, which makes them cheat-like items. I leave them untouched so if someone want to power-gaming through campaigns or reduce difficulties, they can use potions.
  2. Though higher level units are always better than their lower level counterparts, it is encouraged to block the transformation of one or two units, to test different combinations and team building directions. Some skills of lower level units are designed with team building in mind.
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Disciple Reincarnation Tactics Alpha

Disciple Reincarnation Tactics Alpha

Full Version

This mod will change units' ability from attribute based to level based. Every unit will have their own base attributes and have an overall growth based...

Disciple Reincarnation Tactics Alpha 1.0.1

Disciple Reincarnation Tactics Alpha 1.0.1

Full Version

Version 1.0.1, mainly including bugfix and small tweaks.

Disciple Reincarnation Tactics Alpha vanillaEXP

Disciple Reincarnation Tactics Alpha vanillaEXP

Full Version 1 comment

The same version but without exp bonus. Other than that, it's the same mod, changing units' ability from attribute based to level based.

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