Project Digital Hell is a Sci-Fi horror survival modification. Its based on System Shock 2 - but would be unique with an own story. It wouldnt be an Remake ! Because all sshock2 content under copyright.

Feel the touch of the epic game "System Shock 1 and 2" from looking glass / irrational games.

--- Summary ---

You are working as a UNN engineer on board an small spaceship.
After weeks of boring space exploration your captain pick up an emergency distress signal...

One week you reach the destination of the signal...
A abandoned Arwell Corparation Outpost lays on an uninhabitable planet.
The captain let you explore the origin of the distress signal.
Suddenly you get seperated with your squad and the first dead bodys appear...
What the hell was going on here ?
In a Audio log you get the cordinates of an huge unknown spacecraft...
The teleportation device get you into the unknown...
What kind of ship is that ?
It seems very familar... Something here isent right anyway...
After exploring a bit of the ship you understand what the words
"Remember Citadel" means....

UNN Soldier Cyrus,
Welcome on board,
the second human build faster then lightspeed travaling spacecraft for space exploration!

- A complete different view
- New story
- a parallel dimension in the Sshock 2 universe
- new and different ship design

Welcome to the UNN !
make your choice !

- Soldier
- Engineer
- PSI agent

Every career has his own ending.

Escape - Hide - Fight - Hack - Explore - Rescue - Discover - Enjoy !

The player wake up in dark... silence... cold... then suddenly a flashing light.

You find yourself awake from an cryo healing, after an sugery... But you cant remember anything what happend before. Also the cryo recovery suite looks like a mess... the power seems to run on emergency backup
A unknown voice via intercom give you an short briefing; The ship has been conquered from an unknown force, all internal security systems have been used against the crew... And now they are after YOU...

Would you be able to find out what happend on board ?
What a story tell the audio and video logs you find on board ?

---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Currently we use Dystopia / Eternal Silence Models and some Textures as a placeholder; of course with permission!
Thank you very much !

And please visit this great mods too! :)

Eternal Silence :

Dystopia :

---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

More detail informations would follow soon!

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Current Status : 15.12.2010


Currently we are completing all major important textures !
Also the story is going to change some times.

Current Status of Textures :
- All Sshock 2 content have been deleted.
- Replaced through own textures.
- Tech Screens are in development.
- Replacing any TriOptimum through our Arwell Cooperation.
- The Title image would change soon of course too.

Current Status of Level-Design :
- Training course Level completed.
- Intro level would need some changes.
- maps for level 1 and 2 are done.
- starting development of map 1 and 2.
- level one get his final touch.

Current Status of Story :
-Intro needs to be changed.
-Story needs to be translated from german into english.
-Characters get there final touch for the story.
-Concepts for characters are on way (artwork; like Cyrus).

Current Team Status:
(Level Design, Story, Textures, Sounds, Music, Coding)
(Artwork,concept artist, 3D-Artist)
-CJ and a few others
(Voive acting)
-And some thankfull helpers !
Thank you very much ! :)

Well the work is going on.
Enjoy our next preview soon !

Special thanks to Community for all there great help !


cool project!

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Try to combine with Mark Valentine's assets if that will be useful

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Based System Shock 2, you say?

-Tracking program initialized

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Tracking Enabled.

Press Y/N to continue.


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Maybe now people will stop saying my work looks like System Shock 2 and focus on yours :P

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oh my god! oh my god! oh my god! oh my god! ;D

I'll keep watching this.

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Jesus. I applaud sci-fi mods. Especially since they take so long to make **** look believably realistically futuristic haha.

I'm watching this. I love how it looks guys.

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good luck with that projekt

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System Shock 1 is a really really good game and System Shock 2 is most likely my favourite game of all time. Not sure whether to applaud or discourage this mod. Nonetheless I'm watching this

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Leadershinji Creator

Dont forget that "Digital Hell" wont be a remake of Sshock 2 anyway.
We are currently using some sshock2 content as a placeholder, also like the Eternal Silence / Dystopia content. But we hope to get our own content soon.

Thanks for watching us :)

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