The MOD Deus Ex Mankind Divided: Hardcore Revival aims at improving the gameplay of Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Some features of this mod : - Some augmentations activated by default are now disabled by default. - The objects' price, size and stacking have been changed. - The xp rewards amounts have been changed.

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Here is what the Hardcore Revival Mod for Deus Ex Mankind Divided changes when it comes to the gameplay :

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Mod : Energy Recharge Disabled Deus Ex Mankind Divided Mod : Health Regeneration Disabled

Deus Ex Mankind Divided : Modded Augmentations Deus Ex Mankind Divided Mod : Objects' size and stacking

I) The Augmentations (NB : The pictures above are from the old V1.0 version) :

- The numbers of praxis kits necessary to activate Adam Jensen's augmentations have been changed (Most augmentations now require more praxis kits to be enabled so at the end of the game, Adam Jensen will be more specialized).

- The Health Regeneration upgrade is now disabled by default but can be enabled with Praxis kits.

- The radar augmentation is also disabled by default but can be enabled with Praxis kits.

- The Stealth Avatar augmentation is now disabled by defaut so if the player is detected and manages to hide himself, there will be no image of his last known position displayed on his field of view... unless of course, he activates this augmentation.

- The Rebreather augmentation now doesn't consume energy anymore (Just like in Deus Ex Human Revolution)


- The items' size and how many copies of the same items can be stacked have been changed :

For example, now weapons use more space in Adam Jensen's inventory.

- The stacking values have been changed : Now some objects can't be stacked, others can be stacked more and others can be stacked less. Basically, the v1.016 version of the game allows to carry more items of the same type.

The goal here is to make the player to not loose to many time at managing his inventory.

- The price of most items have been changed so it is more difficult for the player to become rich.

- The base stats and the upgraded stats of the weapons have been changed to improve the gameplay : For example now, the revolvers upgraded at their maximum can now carry only 7 bullets (and not 14). Another example, the Côte d'Azur combat rifle which was mostly an useless weapon is now a powerful weapon (hard to get, has little ammo, but it fun to play with now).

NOTE : The mod also modifies the DLC "Elite" weapons

- The blurred vision effects when the player drinks a beverage now lasts only 2 or 3 seconds (instead of 30 seconds originally).

III) The XPs rewards :

The Xp rewards for some actions (like exploring, low-level hacking, remote hacking or knocking out enemies rather than killing them,ect...) have been nerfed as this incitated too much the player to play stealthly, to not use lethal force and to explore everything even after having cleared the area if he wanted to get the maximum number of XP points.

And as contrary, to rewards players : The rewards for completing main and secondary missions, to find notebooks and to do actions which require personnalized skills (like hacking a level 5 computers for example) have been increased.

IV) Ressources for modders.

Since some of my mod's features (like lowering Adam Jensen's carrying capacity) won't be liked by everybody, here are some tutorials I made so you can create your own mods (Note: The tutorials list will be updated little by little).

Tutorial 1: How to mod the XP rewards :

Tutorial 2 : How to change how much space the objects use in Adam Jensen's inventory :

Tutorial 3 : Can the items be stacked or not in the inventory ? And how many copies of the same item can be stacked :

Tutorial 4 : How to change the items price in DX Mankind Divided :

Tutorial 5 : How to mod the weapon's base magazine in Deus Ex Mankind Divided :

Tutorial 6 : How to mod the number of praxis kits an augmentation needs to be unlocked :

Tutorial 7 : How to mod the weapons stats :

Tutorial 8 : How to mod the ammo capacity upgrades for the weapons :

Tutorial 9 : How to enable or disable augmentations and upgrades by default :

Tutorial 10 : How to mod the special EMP ammos (how they can stack, their price, ect...) : :

Other tutorials can be found on the channel.

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Mod Hardcore Revival for Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Mod Hardcore Revival for Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Full Version 2 comments

Version 1.01 of the mod Hardcore Revival for Deus Ex Mankind Divided. The mod is for the PC version of the game only. NB: You may need to install the...

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the hex for manipulating energy consumption of augmentations?

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Grognougnou Creator

For the moment, it is just possible to remove the energy consumption of some of the augmententations (like cloaking, punch through walls, the rebreather aug, ect...). But it isn't possible to do that with all augmentations (For example, for now it is impossible to remove the energy consumption of the takedown). Search for the hex code 29 2E 5F AE (292E5FAE) in your hex editor. Before this code, some augmentations have 02 and 01 (01 means that when the augmentation is used, the energy is drained little by little. So if you want to disable the energy consumption, replace this 01 with 00).

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Can't wait for release, best of luck!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Speaking of which, how's progress?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Grognougnou Creator

I would say the mod is finished at 65-70%.
If there is no unexpected difficulties, normally, the version 1.0 will be available for download this month.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Grognougnou Creator


For the damage the player can take, well, by making some tests, I managed to make Jensen die during the Dubai intro cinematic (inside the Helicopter, during the mission's briefing), so normally it may be possible to change how many life points Jensen has by default.

But for the IA and the NPCs' health, I don't know at all where is located such data.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Grognougnou Creator

Well, I tried that at first = Just modding the xp rewards but at the end of the game, I ended up with too much augmentations activated (for my liking). That is why I decided to mod the augmentations as well (and especially make some augmentations, which render the gameplay too easy when they are activated, quite expensive in praxis).
But anyways, if the mod doesn't suit your tastes when it comes to this, I have started to make videos tutorials so people can do their own modifications (and/or modify some aspects of the mod when it will be published ;).

As for hacking level 1 with the camera augmentation disabled, it is still useful : To unlock some doors (For example, with hacking level 1 disabled, Jensen would stay blocked in front of a door during the Dubai tutorial).

As for making weapons impossible to sell to merchants, I don't know if it possible but also maybe there is ligne somewhere which change the percentage at which the merchants buy the objects. But I haven't found it, so I tried to bypass this by making the arme take more spaces in the inventory and the munitions to stack less (so less weapons can be put in the inventory).

And for the takedowns' noise, I haven't find nor searched that for the moment but it is a good idea.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Very promising stuff, will definitely be trying this out in a few weeks when I can make time for it. Some thoughts:

-Have you considered NOT increasing the Praxis costs for abilities, but instead just gutting the XP rewards for kills/takedowns/hacks/etc. (and not compensating with higher mission XP)? This has the effect of reducing overall player progression and downplaying the importance of reward minmaxing, but still allows the player to purchase new abilities semi-regularly. If you've only increased the cost of highly overpowered augs like Cloak, I can understand, but I tend to feel that high initial buy-in makes early game character building rather boring and restricted. Will have to see how it plays out in your mod.
-Is it at all possible to make takedowns play in real time (so you can be spotted in the duration), thus allowing for the removal of their energy cost without breaking the game? That was the case in this E3 demo:
I understand you're hex editing so this may be out of reach, but I thought I'd ask. Note that this would make double takedown a useful upgrade other than for reward maximization, and it would make that one upgrade to Cloak not totally pointless.
-If camera hacking is disabled by default in security terminals, what purpose do they serve prior to obtaining that ability? Is it just laser grids? Not sure I agree with this choice.
-If possible, I'd recommend making it impossible to sell weapons to vendors at all. Or at the very least, making them sell for almost nothing. Otherwise, the player is encouraged to drag individual copies of weapons to vendors to break the economy, which is very silly.

The rest sounds very good. I especially like that health/energy regen and radar/stealth avatar aren't enabled by default. That was so stupid.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Oh, one more thought -- nonlethal takedowns could also have their noise equalized with lethal takedowns, so they're not (nearly) always the better choice and so there's some strategy to using them.

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I can't believe that this the first ever "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" mod ever to come to Moddb. XD

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