De Bello Mundi is a modification of Medieval Total War that carries the game in the classical era from 240 BC to 117 AD

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Full changelog of DBM testing v. 2.0:

-new campaign map of the game

-new factions (some old ones removed)

-many new units and reskins of existing ones

-unit bannermen and officers for all factions

-works of previous R&R Submod now included (a few things discarded from it)

-reworked all textures of campaign map: HD works for map grounds, skies, waters, bridges, city models, port models, tree models, and charaters models

-new animations pack (revisited anims for several types of troops, like slingers, axemen, spearmen, javelinmen, and particular focus on pikemen: their radius of attack is reduced, they clash loser with other troops to avoid them being OP)

-banners for the new factions (both campaign and battle)

-reworked all vegetation and environment of battles, with addition of new HD textures for grounds, skies, ambient models of battlefield, waters, and new tree models

-new cursors in-game

-new videos, new campaign map sounds (some new accents), new battle map sounds (voices, cries, weapons clash and other environment sounds)

-new fonts for letters

-new loading screes

-each culture has its own set of strat map city and port models, as well as character/agents models (later, the idea is to add as well unique strat map models, if we manage to have unique battlemap models for the most ionic cities of this timeframe of history)

-reoweked DBM battle settlements (almost all issues related to empty spaces now fixes... in case a few defects are still in, we'll try to fix them asap)

-reworked textures for siege engines

-new music pack for the game (themes from famous fils and series, suh as Alexander, HBO Rome, Gladiator, Centurion, Mongol, 300 and many other)

-improved and reworked UIs for the game, both on strat map and battle map

-edited and revisied battle configuration systems (kill ratio, formations, units stances, etc.)

-reworked and implemented new CAI and BAI (base system was the RBAI, but editings tailored for DBM settings: bias towards aggressiveness, naval invasions, backstabbing, human player always first threat. In battle, AI tries to exploit higher ground whenever possible, does formations according to units available, cavalry do hit&run tactins and flanking)

-reworked movement points of character to match the new 4TPY system of the game (game goes from 321BC to 14AD, more than 1200 turns to play)

-reworked climates for the game, both on campaign map and battle map

-revisited costs for agents, watchtowers and forts, as well as new 3d models for them (forts are removed when no longer garrisoned)

-reworked diplomatic stances among factions, and outcome of selected options

-added hero abilities to the game... Now most important generals have hero powers. Powers are scalable: there are supreme powers, superior ones and improved ones (3 class system)

-reworked some missions get in the info panels (either conditions or outcomes)

-many new mounts (horses) for factions: there are new models and new textures for them, both armored or unarmored

-reworked all strat map resources (new 3d models) for them: caps reached, no space for further resources

-added new names for factions in-game

-added some new religions in-game to replace old ones which were removed (barbarians and hellenic factions are split in two categories each)

-reworked and new 3d models of all kinds of ships on strat map

-rworked all statistics and attributes on the units of the game (500 cap reached): units are now classified into 8 tiers. 6 regular tiers for the human units, 7th tier for elephants and chariots, 8th for BG units (they change tide of battles when you use them). Statistics, bonuses and attributes are redistributed according to their tier of belonging

-many new character traits (for generals, admirals and agents): some of them for ex. seasonal traits, racial traits, supply systems, governor&field deployed traits, etc.) -- more to follow

-many new ancillaries (for generals, admirals and agents): some of them offices, banners, artifacts, historical items, etc. -- more to follow

-reworked all systems and costs of buildable structures: there are as well plenty of new building trees, such as edicts, demesne options, colony systems, industries, workshops, etc. -- still a few free slots to add for the last possible structures

-reworked bonuses of buildings and guilds of the game

-many new scripts and historical events for the game. Turn time is now faster and mechanics of some existing scripts are now changed --- this aspect will continue development through time. For ex. some new scripts are harvest&husbandry systems, spoils of war, devastation of armies systems, reowrked missions for oracles (other new mission planned), info scripts about the deeds done by rebel factions (they are infos, do nothins), raids and invasions by garamantes. -- Moreover, some historical scripts are planned for all factions (major events happened in Ancient history, as rebellions, change of influence in a given faction, iconic characters, etc.)

-added new pics and other visual aspects for strat map and battle map. Added new custom battle maps, some of them feature buildings and/or places

-revisited some options and conditions in cfg file of the game

NOTE: avoid to play historical battles, due to the new map of the game, they do not load anymore...

About custom battles section, avoid to choose period "all", but choose either Hellenistic Reform, Marian Reform or Augustan Reform... Due to the extensive choice for factions, too many units cannot load in a single roster and this causes a crash.. So, choose one of the reform-periods, but not "all".

Further new contents and bugs repolishing has been done in the optics of the next OFFICIAL DBM 2.0 release...

A newer changelog about what's added on top of the testing version will be provided when release is ready.


Players have to use the 4gb patch extension software to install into MII game directory... it helps to make the game run smooth, boosting performance. Due to the HD texture packs and increased size of models, now the software is mandatory to avoid fatal graphics errors.


After you download, extract the whole content (DBM folder) into the mods folder of your MII directory...

---Before starting go in: world/maps/base and delete file map.rwm (it regenerates by the engine)


1, Download

2, extract the mod and place the DBM folder in your mods folder of your M2TW installation

3, make sure that the path to the mod files and bat launcher is right:
Medieval2 Installation folder/mods/DBM/Play DBM - Gioca DBM.bat

4, Download the file below in attachment and replace the old batch with it.

5, launch the mod from this new bat file.

---Before starting go in: world/maps/base and delete file map.rwm (it regenerates by the engine)


We are definitively searching (I repeat again) a true battlemap maker to transfomr our ideas into concrete unique maps. We want to have unique maps for the influential cities of Ancient World like Rome, Alexandria, Alesia, Athens, Pella, Babylon, Memphis, Perspeolis, etc...

Yes, I know, it's super hard to find a battlemaps maker available, but we need to find one (at least, until we do not manage to do this by ourselves)...

If you are this kind of profile and wants to recreate the might of the Ancient cities of the world, contact us and we will see what models to recreate.

Thanks from DBM Team


For the ones who already want to test the DBM 2.0 before official release, please sign on TWC thread saying which faction you play, level of difficulty and long/short campaign... Try to provide any possible observations while you play, and see how you find the game, its mechanics and AI responses to the new systems.


You can interact with DBM team either here on ModDB or on TWC, in the section opened for screens and suggestions, look the following link:


Searching an expert battlemap maker

Searching an expert battlemap maker

News 2 comments

Hi modders of ModDB... This artile is about the need we have to HIRE an expert battlemap maker to address some ideas we have for the mod: The profile...

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VC condition

VC condition

Patch 3 comments

I will show you my trial graphics for vc and vcs -victory condition -historical. Example for Maurja Imperial campaign 100 regions and historical campaign...

DBMTesting 2.0 is OUT! - Now available on MODDB!

DBMTesting 2.0 is OUT! - Now available on MODDB!

Full Version 33 comments

I've uploaded the work of RAFMC1989 and his team, namely the DBMtesting 2.0 version that he uploaded on the MEGA-site, to this site - you will now be...

R&R 4.0 (OBSOLETE, merged in new DBM 2.0)

R&R 4.0 (OBSOLETE, merged in new DBM 2.0)

Full Version 14 comments

The ultimate version (4.0) of my R&R Submod to offer a great, funny and overhauled experience while playing De Bello Mundi v1.2 Enjoy the last features...

De Bello Mundi Patch 1.2

De Bello Mundi Patch 1.2

Patch 1 comment

De Bello Mundi Patch 1.2. De Bello Mundi v1.0 + Patch 1.1 needed.

De Bello Mundi Patch 1.1

De Bello Mundi Patch 1.1

Patch 1 comment

De Bello Mundi Patch 1.1. De Bello Mundi v1.0 needed.

De Bello Mundi 1.0 Part_2

De Bello Mundi 1.0 Part_2

Full Version 3 comments

Installation: 1- Start the "De Bello Mundi 1.0 - Part 1" installer and follow the process to the end of the installation 2- Start the "De Bello Mundi...

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How long until release?

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Hello There! I got a enquiry about this mod. What if i have the old 1.2 version installed and after that install this new 2.0 v?. Do i have to delete the old one or just simply overwrite the previous file?
Thanks heaps, cheers!.

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They are both standalone mods so you don't need to delete 1 and keep the other, you can have both.

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is this mod dead?

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In custom battles in 2.0 AI troops are doing nothing - just stand. I tried to make them attack, provoked with velites - some attacked me, but most remained on their places. is it bug, or I didn't understand something?

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How do I install the 4gb patch? All I get it this backup stuff.

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