De Bello Mundi is a modification of Medieval Total War that carries the game in the classical era from 240 BC to 117 AD

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Last preview (DBM setts & hero chars) and about downloading...
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Hi people,

after some time here the last preview before uploading the game and have the public release. It will b DBM 2.0. The first new release after years of inactivity has to be seen for testing purposes, before the official release takes place... Namely we need to be sure all new graphics elements and scripts work well without issues.

In these pics you see the reworked settlements of DBM with polished buildings, new textures and placement of structures... in this ex. there are setts for latin culture, east-hellenic culture, barbaric culture and tribal culture... Almost all issues related to the "empty spaces" of old DBM have been fixed, only in a couple of cases you might find still some leftovers... this aspect will be finally repolished during the testing... of course, I'm alays in search of a true expert battlemap maker as we also want to have unique maps for the most iconic cities of the Ancient world (we'll see if we manage this)
Moreover, you also see the implementation of the hero characters (for all factions): the powers are scalable according to their importance (the texts of the characters describe who has what).

Hence, yes, the uploading starts now and in a couple of day we will release in public...

Very important: for the ones who want to play again DBM in its new shape, please state that you are gonna be a tester and specify what campaign you play (long or short), level of difficulty and faction chosen... we're gonna open a dedicated thread on TWC to know all the testers who play and how the game reacts...

After the testing phase is done and we have addressed potential comments by the testers, we will have the official release...

So, DBM fans, stay tuned both here and TWC abot the upcoming donwload link.


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