De Bello Mundi is a modification of Medieval Total War that carries the game in the classical era from 240 BC to 117 AD

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Almughavars says

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Excellent game!


The first great Medieval 2: Total War: Kingdoms MOD set in the Antiquity. The first one using better models than those in Rome: Total War. It were released the first time in the summer of 2013 and i played this a lot back then. I did use to play this, Hyrule, or the LotR-mod for Rome.

This is still one of my favorites, and while it had some issues with crashing in the middle of battles (which was really a pain) it still revolutionized MED2 modding with it's custom settlements for all the factions in the mod, with it's huge map including India, with it's beautiful songs.

Be aware that i am reviewing the official version, and the smaller patches for it - including RAF1989's great submods that added more units, and fixed bugs and features.

I am not reviewing the 2.0-version.

The mod was awesome and still is to this day. It is deserving of a ten and the only minus is the unstability during some battles. A great historical mod that i think is the best historical mod i've played in Medieval 2.


--|TheLeha|--69rus-- says

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Goodnest mod of Antiquity age, a lot of new units, good map and etc.

Playing DBM 1.0 with patch 1.1, and so far I haven't had any major bugs or crashes. The installers and game both run smoothly.

Numerous VFX-related areas could be improved, for example, strat map accents, battle map accents, etc. These may have already been fixed in 2.0.

Besides a few other quirks, I'm really liking how this mod came out. I was looking for an alternative to EB II, and I am not disappointed by DBM. Big thanks to DBM's team. Also great is the amount of historically accurate content within the mod.

----Updated Review for 2.0-----
Unfortunately 2.0 is not as up to quality as 1.0, there are some improvements and fixes, but a number of changes reduce the mod's entertainment factor, namely the new terrain textures which are far from realistic, a shrunken map, strange new faction choices (Hyrankians instead of Parthians for example), coupled with poor balance and a campaign that simply isn't as engaging.

DBM 2.0: 7/10


Fenghuan says

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This mod rocks. It takes you into the Classical Era right after the age of Alexander the Great, and it refuses to let you go. Makes me feel like I'm playing Rome: Total War, but in an updated form. Best part is my Hoplites aren't completely OP. 9/10 rating. I do wish it had another download with Rome: Total War music.

Reminded me alot Rome Total War looked good but when i and some friends wanted to play a siege sometimes it automaticly go to a normal battle for some reason anyway its nice

Vey good mod , of course it has a few bugs but, if they get sorted out this would be the best remake of Rome Total War for M2TW.

Nice one. Good mod really awesome , but just modify the sounds and please add more formations for Romans like tesuto.etc . That would bring great deepth to the game itself an it would be more fun to play .

The mod id great, with beautiful units and areas. I like so much Rome Total War and have the feeling that Medieval TW game needed also the antiquity period. Thanks a lot for this, and keep up the good work.

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