Half Scale 1.20 DC

For Dawn of War: Dark Crusade


Weird Installation note: due to a dependancy in the mod manager (for all mods, the thing in the main menu), make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 installed. Weird but true.

For old out-of-date versions see bottom.

Smaller units, Grander Battles!

This mod scales down everything in Dawn of War by half, including all units, speeds, and weapon/ability ranges; unit caps, however are increased. This lets you fight massive battles, with larger armies, on effectively huge maps!


* nearly everything is scaled down by half
* choice of doubled or tripled caps (for unit hardcaps as well as squad/support/pop)
* compatible with the Dawn of Skirmish AI Mod
* Necron Warrior build time penalties reduced, initial cost is the same

Exceptions to the scaling:

* buildings remain full size
* hero personality hardcaps are not changed (eg. Necron Lord, Command Squad)
* most area effect ability radii are not changed
* mines are regular size, but have twice as many charges and cost twice as much

You can choose between the various options in the Game Manager in the Main Menu, or from the Start Menu. The AI has been tweaked to let it take full advantage of cap increases.

Half Scale can also easily be played with the Dawn of Skirmish AI mod. Simply choose the option from the Game Manager or Start Menu. You'll need to install Dawn of Skirmish separately, available at the Dawn of War Complete Mods forum: Forums.relicnews.com

I also recommend the Camera Zoom mod, which lets you zoom out more for a commander's perspective: Dawnofwar.gamefront.com


Run the installer and choose your Dawn of War: Dark Crusade directory. Once you're done, run Dark Crusade normally and select the Game Manager from the Main Menu. Choose the version of Half Scale you'd like to play: Half Scale with double or triple unit caps, and with or without the Dawn of Skirmish AI Mod. You can also use the Start Menu shortcuts.

You can remove the mod by running the uninstaller from the Start Menu, from the half_scale\uninstall directory, or from the Windows Add/Remove Program utility.

Feature Details

Things that were rescaled (all races):

* unit sizes
* unit shadows
* unit sight/identification ranges
* unit speeds
* weapon range
* projectile speeds / artillery error offsets
* ability ranges
* building and unit effects with a radius value (eg. explosions)
* squad formation spacing (set to 2/3 size to prevent excessive collisions)
* multiple squad formation spacing
* response ranges relating to melee/range combat and stances
* weapon hardpoints
* unit melee_sizes
* selection circles/boxes and volumes

Other changes:

* Individual and general unit caps doubled / tripled
* Squad/Support Cap upgrades/buildings adjusted for cap increase
* AI tweaked to take advantage of larger unit caps

Things that were deliberately not rescaled:

* building sight ranges
* building control ranges
* building size
* Ork pop tech requirements
* Most area-effect abilities (eg. Orbital Bombardment) keep their original radii of effect (but activation ranges are still halved); see the included readme file for details

Known Issues

- Beam weapon effects (such as lasgun beams) will seem to stop half-way towards the target; they are in fact hitting, but the problem is they are scaled both with the base unit model and proportional to the target's distance as a fraction of the max range. So they in effect get scaled twice, with the unit and with the max range fraction.

- Undeployed Heavy Weapons Teams (Imperial Guard) look full size; couldn't seem to change their visual size. The Deployed version scaled properly, though.

Modding info

I used Cucc's handy RGDEdit tool extensively. I included the script files I used for making mass changes to the attribute files. The SGA archives were created with Relic's Mod Packager.


Feel free to post your comments and feedback here or at the Relic forums (the Half Scale thread at Forums.relicnews.com). Thanks for playing Half Scale!



Older Versions

For DoW 1.4 use Half-Scale 1.14
For DoW 1.3 use Half-Scale 0.93
For DoW 1.2 or earlier, use Half-Scale 0.9

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The latest version of Half Scale is now updated for Dawn of War: Dark Crusade! This mod scales down nearly everything in the game by half, and allows you to build two to three times as many units, for that truly epic feel. For more details visit the homepage, or go straight to the download:


Download Half Scale 1.20!

Half-Scale Mod 1.14 released!


This new release fixes bugs in the previous version: - squad leader bugs fixed, all are now buildable - ability bugs fixed - Chaos Horror model bug fixed...

Half Scale Mod 1.04 released!


The Half Scale Mod is now compatible with Dawn of War 1.4. Half-Scale Mod shrinks everything in Dawn of War down to half size (and increases all pop maxes...

Half Scale Mod v0.93 released!

News 2 comments

The Half Scale Mod is now compatible with Dawn of War 1.3. Half-Scale Mod shrinks everything in Dawn of War down to half size (and doubles all pop maxes...

Version 0.9 released!


Mainly fixed the selection circle/box sizes, but also a few tweaks: -- Changes from v0.8 to v0.9 -- Major changes: * scaled down the green selection circles/boxes...

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Half Scale 1.20 for DoW: Dark Crusade

Half Scale 1.20 for DoW: Dark Crusade

Full Version 12 comments

Half Scale 1.20 DC Author... zurn Homepage For Dawn of War: Dark Crusade. Weird Installation note: due to a dependancy in the mod manager (for all mods...

Half-scale Mod 1.04

Half-scale Mod 1.04

Full Version

Half-scale Mod 1.04.

Half Scale Mod 0.93

Half Scale Mod 0.93

Full Version

Half Scale Mod Version 0.93.

Half Scale 1.14

Half Scale 1.14

Full Version

This mod scales down everything in Dawn of War by half, including all units, buildings, speeds, and weapon/ability ranges; unit caps, however are

Comments  (0 - 10 of 64)

There is a good idea but the buildings, vehicles and big units should be bigger than the infantry. Anybody know is there is a mod that make that?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Can someone explain me how to reduce the units selection circle, please?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


was just wondering if it would be possible to get a windows 7 compapitible version - My favorite mod of all time, would really appreciate any information or fixs.

all the best, Tsuichoi

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AsphyxiusPerditoris try extraktin the mod on programs then THQ then on dc if u r and it still don't work and uv read the instructions on the notes it gives u . then i aint got a frickin clue soz. lol :)

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I seem to be hitting some ultra-huge blocks with what seems to be almost every mod I make/download.
I follow instructions if given or needed precisely, yet still.. they don't work.
As with this mod, it doesn't appear in the Game Manager options - there's nothing to activate.(Should also be about 3 other mods there to activate...:S)
Any information on why this isn't showing up would be great, thanks.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

will the other greater deamons of the chaos gods be availiable later as anything other than 3 bloodthirsters?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
zurn. Creator

ShadowCloud, read a couple comments down.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

nice work guy found sthis mod brilliant but the min flaw with this mod is that the bloodthirster is still limiter to 1 was this delibirate?

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Hi there.

A friend sent this mod to me and it was great fun to play (Orks tend to be best with their speed boosts :D). Do you guys need hosting at all? I run Samods.org and we're looking for some DOW mods to host. Drop me an email (ben.brown@talk21.com) if you're interested. :)

- Magic

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