"Like Lightning from a Cloudless Sky" Generals:Corporation is a mod That Enhances generals while staying true to the original game. It expands all of the generals arsenals and alters gameplay slightly while staying Asymmetrically *balanced*. Overall the game should be more strategic than tactical. Resource gathering is slower but there are (4x*) more supplies in each depot forcing you to get supplies to keep up while still allowing for longer games. Tanks and infantry are slower but Hit Hard. AI is working and in fact Has been greatly Improved By Combining two AI Mods and making some adjustments myself. This Mod has been a long time coming and admittedly it's a bit rough around the edges but I'm pretty proud of it. It would not be possible if it weren't for the great community's help with both tutorials and Public Assets. I will try to give credit those who's work is featured though some may have been lost in the shuffle. <Thank you. Hope you enjoy :)

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well, hello


Gosh it's been a while hasn't it. I wanted to post because this project has and still means alot to me. Unfortunately it also was very stressful and I hit many roadblocks in development. I feel I've hit most of my objectives but I still feel as if there are too many bugs and broken features to personally find acceptable and so I plan to take another crack at it. I don't want anyone to expect anything till much later. My goal is a release definitely by the anniversary March 16 2024 however my development environment at the moment is completely buggard and I'm doing this as a Hobby in my spare time. I'll stop by from time to time to check in on Ideas and suggestions in the forums but probably wont post many updates until a full release. In the mean time I've found a few videos by The Sarcastic Raptor to showcase what Version A.1 looks like. he does a bunch of other command and conquer generals mods too so feel free to check those out.


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Audio VisualEnhancements

Audio VisualEnhancements


Some audio and visual Enhancements courtesy of Generals: Enhanced and Nprojectmod *Links in Description



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Version A.1 Features- Boss Generals; Demo, Infantry and Ironside generals challenges Improved AI. Air and Power for Gla*.


For installation is it simply a case of copy/paste for all of the files straight into the Zero Hour install folder, or do some of the mod's files need to be put into the Zero Hour data folder?

I'm trying to run the mod, and it appears to be loading up but then after a wee bit it just crashes without actually running, or reaching the main menu ingame. And all of this is happening without any error message popping up on screen, although I can hear the Windows error sound chime in the background after a wee bit.

I'm running the First Decade version on Windows 10, and have both GenPatcher & GenTool installed, which allows me to actually run the First Decade version on Windows 10 as it won't run without the GenPatcher patch for Windows 10 installed in the first place...

Very keen to play this mod, from looking at a short Youtube video of it it looks every bit as good as ZH Continue, the End of Days and Project Raptor in terms of what it improves and adds to the game.

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Please disregard the question I asked previously, my game's install somehow had become corrupted although I have no idea how or why. I just did a full clean re-install of the game and everything seems to be working now as it should.

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I Like The HUD of this mod

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Downloading it now. I hope it works and is nice to play!

Update: works well once unpacked in zero hour folder. Game boots up with the mod and seems to work fine so far!

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coolieoperson Creator

The Hunter
The Creator
Axel of Sweden
Tim AKA Taxikiller
enlima studios
NLS - No life studios
of course EA games *tm
and doubtless a handfull or two more if i left out your name and think you deserve credit please let me know
all models were labeled as "Public Models"
with the exception of Nproject Civilian buildings which I give the honour of 'Public Domain'
(I share your work because I want it enjoyed, sorry and thank you)
so, much scavenging, but other than that this is a one man project

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