Overhaul for Mount&Blade; Warband single player that moves Calradia to a crusade theme. It features some of the most popular submods such as Diplomacy, Custom Commander, Freelancer, Pre-battle Orders & Deployment, Tournament Play Enhancements and many others.
Become a king and chose the looks of your army or serve in a lord's army and become a holy knight. Fight in tournaments and become famous, fight the vikings in land and sea or become a pirate yourself! Build forts with small villages and send patrols, duel against the most famous knights and prove your skill! Or just be a merchant, countless choices in Calradian Crusaders! Troop trees redone, new castles, new equipment, new banners, new faction troop icons and many other stuff. Performance friendly, check list below for features.


-Diplomacy 4.3 (by Waihti)
-Custom Commander 1.349 (by rubik)
-Freelancer 1.51 (by taragoth)
-Pre-battle Orders & Deployment 0.92 (by Caba'drin)
-Tournament Play Enhancements 1.5 (by Windyplains)
-Seafaring (by Duh, Caba'drin)(for Fishing, when on your ship go to camp menu and you'll have the option "Try to catch some fish.", this is related to your foraging skill)
-Arena Overhaul (by Adorno)
-Battlefield Tactics Kit (by motomataru)
-Bodyguards/Escorts (by Caba'drin)
-Customizable Sparring Matches (by Jinnai)
-Bridge Battle (by Arch3r)
-Duel Kit (by MartinF)
-Trade Ledger (by Caba'drin)
-Crusader Banners (by Anardion)
-More Horses (by wanderer949)
-More Metal Sound (by Checkmaty)
-Training Fields (by lucky lancer)
-Warband Entrenched (by Tempered)
-Always Choose Side When Joining Battles (by einhar)
-Calradia In Darkness (by CHUR)
-Blood Mod (by Thick1988)
-Blood Enhancement Tweak (by neil_v)
-New Equipment/Items (by Almansur, dejawolf, CounterPoint, Niunja, Yoman, Rathos)
-UI Pack (by Delzaros)
-Outposts (by Lumos)
-Player Faction Troops (fully customizable)
-Troop Tree Preview
-Polished Skyboxes (by Charan)
-Trade Goods Mod (by Lav)
-Foraging Skill (by jrider)
-Dynamic Arrays (by sphere)
-Expanded Dialog System (by jrider, lazeras)
-Towers, walls and ladders (by leandrojas_)
-Historic Castles Project (by Adorno)
-Utrehd's Castle Pack (by Uthred)
-Custom Player Kingdom Vassal Titles (by Caba'drin)
-Landowners/Moneylenders (by Duh)
-Faction Arms Coloured (by Duh)
-New Map Icons (by painbringer, Akosmo, Daedalus)
-Custom Player Party Name (by Caba'drin)
-Sea Battles Scenes (by Ruthven)
-Barracks (by lazeras)
-Combat Animations Enhancement (by Papa Lazarou)
-Companions Overseer 2.1 (by Lav)
-Improved Male Faces (by Iboltax)
-16 new castles
-Faction troop icons
-Troop Tree Overhaul
-Cattle always follow player and many other minor tweaks

-The World Map (by rubik)
-Custom Lord Notes (by Lav)
-Random Events


-Extract to your Mount&Blade; Warband/Modules folder
-Chose Calradian Crusaders v2.3 on the launcher mods list
-Play and have fun

-(OPTIONAL) Expanded Horizons (by Openshaw); to enable it:

open module.ini in your Calradian Crusaders v2.3 folder
add # before load_resource = terrain_borders
add # before load_resource = terrain_borders_b
remove # before load_mod_resource = op_terrain_borders_textures
remove # before load_mod_resource = op_terrain_borders_materials
remove # before load_mod_resource = op_terrain_borders
remove # before load_mod_resource = op_terrain_borders_b

Note: the folder PLAYER MAP ICONS in Calradian Crusaders folder has several player icons, if you want a different one from the default, chose one of them and copy the map_icons.txt file to Calradian Crusaders folder and replace.

Note: the txt file TOWNS AND CASTLES LIST in Calradian Crusaders folder has a complete list of towns and castles, if you have trouble in sieges because soldiers get stuck or don't go to ladders, check that file and follow the instructions.

Note: Polished Landscapes shall be fully compatible with this mod, so you can download it and follow the instructions from the creator to install, in case you want to use that feature.

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Calradian Crusaders v2.3

Calradian Crusaders v2.3 is released, all bugs and annoyances are fixed, nice new features, new equipment and troops overhaul. This mod is not in development for the time being since it's already how I idealized it when started making it so I feel is finished and I'm currently only working on my new mod Sands of Faith (try it if you liked this one, it has even more features although a very different concept and gameplay).

For anyone interested you can find the SOURCE CODE in nexusmods.

Calradian Crusaders - Mod DB

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Calradian Crusaders v2.3

Calradian Crusaders v2.3

Full Version 20 comments

New version of my mod Calradian Crusaders, all known bugs and annoyances fixed, new equipment added, overhaul to troops, dynamic world map, random events...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 294)

Hi, the chance that anyone will reply this late is minimal but I can't actually figure out where to customize my troops, name armor or anything. can someone please help because its the last piece of this mod I need to feel complete with my kingdom. Thanks Guys

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nice mod (as far as i have seen content in it), just one point thats bugging me... AI in tournaments kills me onehit.. with like 100 to 200 damage, partly standing still and reaching those amounts of damage...
besides that, new tournament system is really cool, troop trees are nice too, though i miss the nord huscarls or a equivalent of them (though, did an equivalent exist in that time? i don't know)

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thewanderingknight Creator

Tournaments are hard at the beginning unlike in vanilla, you need to improve your stats like Ironflesh.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This was the first mod for warband I ever played and its well done. I loved it very much!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

do you still working on this mod?

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thewanderingknight Creator

Hey guys this was my first mod for Warband where I learned how to mod it so it's kinda amateurish and a bit buggy xd The source code from v2.3 version was used as base for Sands of Faith although many bugs that were fixed are still present in this mod (however the worse bugs had been fixed in this mod version 2.3 already)

Reply Good karma+8 votes

It was not that bad dude. I enjoyed the music very much while playing this mod. I especially like the tavern music you added. (The one that sounded like a feast type of music that would be played by musicians and minstrels along with singing in old medieval Latin etc)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Amateurish?! Amateurish?!!?!??!

*Flips Table*

Reply Good karma Bad karma+9 votes

i dont know if someones already mentioned this but there is no way to exit from the reports menu

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