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North America, 1002, the Vikings colonized the American lands of Vinland and Markland, under the command of Leif Eriksson, son of Eric the Red, who ruled over Greenland. Skrelingi (Indians) learn about the new inhabitants of the earth and begin to conduct an active trade, but this did not last long, a conflict broke out between the Indians and the Vikings, and a war would soon begin, in which it would be decided who would rule the Golden Lands ...

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New Version 0.4


A new version

A new version of the mod Golden Earth 0.4 has been released.

Mod changes:
1) Removed location Shipwreck
2) Removed all settlements from Greenland and Iceland
3) Removed almost all horses
4) Removed mercenaries
5) Increased stakes in tournaments
6) Changed lords and kings as well as satellites
7) Changed faction troops
8) Changed tournament participants
9) New factions:
  1) Kree Tribes
  2) Tribes of the Inuit Thule
  3) Montagnier Tribes
  4) Viking colonies
  5) Tribes of the Dorset Inuit
  6) Beothuk tribes
  7) Sauki Tribes
  8) Ojibwe Tribes
  9) Chipewayi Tribes
 10) Caribou Inuit Tribes
 11) Innu Tribes
 12) Wabanak Tribes
 13) Haudionasani Tribes
 14) Steppe Cree Tribes
10) New towns, castles and villages
11) New bandits:
   1) Bear Warriors
   2) Steppe screlings
   3)Haudiosled Rebels
   4) Scalp hunters
   5) Forest Skrelings
   6) Northern Inuit
   7) Sea Raiders
12) A huge amount of new equipment
13) New music
14) New sounds
15) New faces
16) New scenes
17) New banners
18) New Ladies
19) New natural landscape
20) New peasants
21) Added the ability to help the belligerents in the battle
22) Added victory cry to women
23) Added the ability to hire warriors in cities and castles (the player's faction has its own troops)
24) Added secret chests
25) Added quick combat
26) Added citizens to taverns
27) Changed the equipment of participants in the tournament
28) Added two new locations
29) Added the ability to build two forts
    1. You can hire warriors in the fort
    2. You can create a patrol and improve it
    3. You can find a chest in the fort scene and store your things there
    4. You can garrison it
    5 You can rest in your fort

If you see any error or bug, write to our discord -

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Golden Earth v0.4

Golden Earth v0.4

Full Version 31 comments

The largest and most redesigned version of the Golden Earth mod. I hope you appreciate my work. If you find any error or bug write to us in the discord...

Golden Earth v0.3 (old version)

Golden Earth v0.3 (old version)

Full Version 12 comments

If you find any mistake, write to me in Discord. There is still a lot of work ahead!

Banner error

Banner error


Until the release of the new version of the mod, it is still a very long time to wait. I noticed a mistake with the banners of 5 chiefs. And here is a...

Golden Earth v0.2 (old version)

Golden Earth v0.2 (old version)

Full Version 8 comments

Well that's all, if you find any mistake, write to me in Discord. There is still a lot of work ahead!

Golden Earth demo (old version)

Golden Earth demo (old version)

Demo 20 comments

I warn you, this is a demo version, there are bugs and shortcomings in the mod, this will be fixed soon, if you find any error, write to me on Discord...

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Do u still develop it ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hi! I just played your mod and found it to be a wonderful experience. Since you asked for feedback and reports for upcoming patches, I'd just like to suggest that there be some special attention to female characters, especially clothing. There's only a thing or two I'd like to see some improvement, I think just some dialog texts and tournaments could be a little more difficult. overall the mod is excellent and I'll definitely keep playing it. Thank you so much for presenting us with this wonderful work.

edit: found a bug! the quest to defeat a lord given by the guildmaster is bugged. every time you take the quest, it immediately fails and says the party has already been defeated.

edit2: could you change the cattle to follow you instead of native annoying way to move them? thanks!

edit 3: found another bug. down south, there's a trade route on a river near a mountain near Cree House. caravans are getting stuck on that river.

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Well done on the mod. I love the setting; very fascinating to depict native americans centuries before colonialism.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

good job

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Can you put have sons and play with the sons when we die or make your son a lord?

Reply Good karma Bad karma-4 votes

oh? good!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
_Devi_ Creator

Very good mod : )

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Does This mod has overhead spear thrust for better spears?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
_Devi_ Creator

I Think yes

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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