Overhaul for Mount&Blade; Warband single player that moves Calradia to a crusade theme. It features some of the most popular submods such as Diplomacy, Custom Commander, Freelancer, Pre-battle Orders & Deployment, Tournament Play Enhancements and many others.

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Knez says

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Great mod but maybe you need to create some new swords.

Amazing, the best mod i have ever played.

First of all great mod, Love all the features, units, armour etc.
Have you thought about maybe adding more weapons of your own in future releases, Maybe small one handed hammers and new unique swords (maybe gems in the grip? :O).
Another suggestion is that you could add Longbowmen to swadian army's as i think this would fit the factions relativity to the crusaders and templars the faction represents? 8-9/10 so far i think.
All in all this is a great mod, just needs that extra push to make it 10/10


haphel says

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Great job m8, but try to make somur own features, the mod is a great mixture of a bunch of littles add-ons, try to make some diferent stufs like dungeons and more places on the map(camps,caves dungeons...), i would love this mod if he would add more to u be an Lone traveler or soldier than an army, add some adventure to it! stiil GreatWork m8 :D


Hopit says

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Awesome music, still contains the vanilla warband feel plus new items. Greatly enjoyable, but still requires some work.


In a nutshell.
New music, armors and some trooptree changes.
Same map, names of lords, kings, towns, etc.

The biggest complaint I have about this is how unorignal the trooptrees feel. Veigers, Swadia, Nords.. They all have pretty much the same trooptrees. They all have knights, archers and footmen. The only real diversity among them is that one side maybe has a bigger chance to spawn with a onehanded axe and the other a onehanded sword and some minor ups and downs on stats.
But it felt like everyone had the same archers, infantary and cavalry allmost equally good.
So no uniqueness when thinking about mighty nord infantary , mighty swadian knights or mighty veiger archer. They all feel like the same!
The only one who felt the most unique but was just the same as in native was khergits with their mass cavalry.

I would only recomend this mod for those that seek a more plain army. Those that think every its the most fun to play with the same army concept and not facing something more diffreant.

Want to keep on facing the same army of cav/inf/arc over and over again?
Well then this is a mod for you.

66 companions in your army = pure WIN!!!!


well, so far this one is good, I don't mind with the use of native map, but yea....I also think you need to make for especially swadian, noreds, and vaegir more different since three of them almost same and kinda has no unique troops


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Great mod but maybe you need to create some new swords.

Jul 5 2013 by Knez