What's currently on my mind is the Operation Market Garden project by the Benelux Development Team way back in 2006.

While it is a beautiful piece of work, it is sadly unfinished and some parts of that really show (for me at least.) So now here I am fantasizing about how good of a mission pack or standalone mod this project could have been if the production had pulled through in a complete fashion.

Perhaps the maps could have been better polished and rendered to recreate the Netherlands landscape and architecture for building structures, etc (especially the unfinished-looking Arnhem map, or at least the city half of it... the bridge looks splendid though). Maybe some better looking model skins for the different factions of the operation (American 101st, American 82nd, 1st British, Polish Brigade), and new weapons such as the PIAT for example. All this among other things... well, that's where this REVIVAL pops in.

During this time, me and a fellow COD mapmaker djole22lt ---> ( ) have brainstormed for a bit, and thought about possibly giving this mod a revival treatment to be remastered and brought up to the quality of the "United Offensive" expansion. In addition, it can even be included in a massive singleplayer mod for United Offensive titled: "United Fronts" made by our good friend Marcomix ---> ( )

The covering of the operation can have room for quite a vast number of key scenarios throughout Holland. The overall campaign could consist of 22 Missions within these 12 sub-campaigns. (subject to change, of course)

1 - Infiltration (Dutch Resistance)
- Behind Enemy Lines: Open Borders

2 - Grave (American 82nd Airborne)
- Grave Bridge: The Landing and Victory

3 - Son & Bruegel(American 101st Airborne)
- Son and Bruegel Village and Bridge: Heavy Resistance

4 - Garden I (British XXX-Corps)
- Valeknswaard: Behind Schedule
- Eindhoven: Liberation

5 - Nuenen (American 101st Airborne)
- Nuenen 1: A Walk in the Park
- Nuenen 2: When We Ride on our Enemies

6 - Veghel & Best (American 101st Airborne)
- Veghel: The Thorn in the Road
- Best: Taking Chances

7 - Groesbeek (American 82nd Airborne)
- Groesbeek: The Stalemate

8 - Nijmegen (American 82nd Airborne)
- Nijmegen City: Battle Ruins
- Nijmegen Bridge: Preparation

9 - Garden II (British XXX-Corps)
- Mook: Precarious Path

10 - Oosterbeek I (British 1st Airborne + Polish Brigade)
- Oosterbeek Wolfheze Landings: Thunderclap Surprise
- Oosterbeek Johannahoeve: Regrouping
- Oosterbeek: Hotel Hartenstein 1

11 - Arnhem (British 1st Airborne)
- Arnhem 1: The Arrival
- Arnhem 2: Defending
- Arnhem 3: Bridge Assault
- Arnhem 4: A Failed Operation

12 - Oosterbeek II (British 1st Airborne + Polish Brigade)
- Oosterbeek 1: The Withdrawal
- Oosterbeek 2: Hotel Hartenstein 2
- Oosterbeek 3: Aftermath

I know that not all the mission are in chronological order, otherwise it would be confusing if you jump from sector to sector every time. Also you could play many different characters. Once you will be a regular infantry soldier in the British 1st Airborne, a mission later you will be member of the American 101st or the 82nd Airborne, and perhaps even a tank operator among the British XXX-Corps.

The order of the levels could show you how this operation slowly changes into a disaster that had a huge impact on the following months of the war. There could be quite some variation in the missions, but most of all, it could be a front-line-ticket for the hardest struggles in Operation Market Garden.

What we have in mind is to expand, enhance, and hope to fill the blanks that were left when the original B.D.T. team project came to a close. I am no mapper myself, but I greatly feel like giving this mod and its content a breath of fresh air can lead to a good creative undertaking for the classic COD.

Djole22lt is already working on his own Market Garden content for "United Fronts", but anyone else is welcome to chip in and help this revival take form, whether it's for mapping, designing, modeling, scripting, voicing, etc.

And of course, I contacted the main authors of the original OMG mod and they have agreed to let us tinker around with their mod, as long as they are credited as well.

Anyways, that's all for now. Till' next time!



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Spring 2018 Update


CoD OMG Poster 2

Greetings again! It certainly has been a while since we last communicated, hasn't it?

I am happy to announce that progress is still in motion for the mod's development. Our work has gone through bounds and leaps since last time, and while we cannot elaborate an "exact" release date, we have done more than a handful of things to enhance the original OMG mod's missions and integrate them into the compatible framework for United Offensive.

Sound overhauls for the maps and their mission events are one of the most prominent features you'll get to taste from this piece of work! And our good friend djole22lt and his work really speaks for itself, and what you will taste both with this individual campaign, and its inclusion into the "United Fronts" mod project, will enhance your battle experience for one of the greatest conflicts of the Allied offensive during 1944.

All in all, this is a brief update to scream "We're not dead!" into the internet's airwaves. Carry on then, chaps! We look forward to sharing our next update when it comes!

Cod MG - Looking for help

Cod MG - Looking for help

News 4 comments

Looking for helpers for my REVIVAL of the BDT Team's "Market Garden" mod.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 29)

I am very pleased to hear all this!!
Played coduo mod Operation Market Garden (OMG) several years ago.
I liked it very much. Thank you for this good news......

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release date ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is this mod still active?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

when the mod will be completed ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
victor639514 Creator

As soon as djole22lt and I finish enhancing the campaign, as well as he finishes his Market Garden maps for "United Fronts".

Reply Good karma+1 vote

There will be soldiers of xxx. corps some new skins?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
victor639514 Creator

If someone gets around to doing their skins, then hopefully yes. Especially if missions are ever made involving XXX Corps taking action.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I think the creator of the united frontes has some skins on the British infantry

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
victor639514 Creator

That could work.

They might as well have these shoulder badges.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

If needed, I can help with the Dutch voices. (I'm from Belgium, so a Dutch accent is a bit harder. But I can speak Dutch, since it's my mother language).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
victor639514 Creator

That would be wonderful! :)

Send me a message so perhaps we can give it a shot.

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