Hello,my name is Aryan and I am just a classic call of duty fanboi from India

I am also a mod creator for call of duty united offensive and 1 I am learning modding and other stuff...

I love Video games,movies and books about ww2!

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Hello people! As I think you guys are already aware that there was a very big mod for call of duty United Offensive called GFM mod or German Fronts mod made by some German developers way back around 2005...

That mod was very ambitious and extensive....After 2 years after the mod development had started they uploaded the mod's multiplayer part and was widely played and enjoyed by a large group gamers from around the world

The multiplayer part included 7 new weapons, 4 new maps, 9 new vehicles and many other things like a class system combined with a never-seen before uniform system..

The good news is that the multiplayer part is still on the Internet and is working... Though There are no servers to play but you get all the things mentioned above and is used by modders for skins,models and maps etc. You can download it here from Fileplanet.com

Now about the singleplayer......This is were things get sad.........

After the release of the multiplayer part the mod was quite successfull and the devs decided to make a singleplayer campaign which would give the player a different perspective on ww2 which was never seen before....PLAYING AS A GERMAN SOLDIER IN GERMAN ARMY.....

The campaign would have consisted of 7 new maps including the Omaha Beach invasion map with all new skins and vehicles....The campaign would have consisted of custom dialogues too........But the project was cancelled and the reason given by the devs was that programming of the AI was too long and time consuming plus having busy lives and this was the only preview we got Youtu.be

But I have been able to recover and and post the some of the maps gameplay here check it out......

Luckily they did released a Demo version of the Omaha Beach map before canceling the project in 2007.. Around 2007, the GFM team released a SP demo on their website. But they didn't allow any other sites to mirror the download - that's why all the links are dead. The demo was also included in an issue of a UK PC gaming magazine, back when gaming magazines came with free demo discs.

Furthermore the devs moved on to cod2

So I hope someone who is reading this is having the map and please share it with the community!!


Other Known links......



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