Definitive vanilla version of the Original RTW and BI, built from the ever so popular fantastic BUGFIXER v3.6 from the Total War Center. Features included:

  • more historically accurate characters, city names and family trees for both the base and BI campaigns
  • Included leader pics, campaign descriptions and maps for all playable facions
  • All factions made playable in base RTW, only the unique 12 ones in the BI campaign (a lot of factions are copycats just with different colours)
  • egyptians now begin campaign with cavalry generals instead of overpowered chariot generals
  • hellenized many egyptian names
  • modified AI stances for the main campaign to give a chance also to factions that get wiped out early
  • nerfed OP starts of Egypt, Britannia and East Rome
  • Made Italy majority Christian instead of Pagan in BI, as it was historically during the later half of the 4th century
  • new unused (but included in game files!) beutiful eventpics for BI
  • now makes sense to recruit plmbatarii (comitatenses missile reduced), scholae palatinae (swapped stats with sarmatian auxilia) and auxilia palatina (better melee) in the West Rome campaign, all units previously underpowered and virtually useless
  • pontic phalanx pikemen now as numerous as the other ones
  • and much more....
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Installation Instructions

Installers Tutorial

Step 1: if You have already installed BUGFIXER 3.6, check integrity of files for Rome Total War on Steam to restore the original bugged version (right Click on Game Title/ Local Files/ Verify...)

Step 2: unzip the downloaded bugfixer 4.0 and overwrite its content into Your Rome Total War directory Steamapps/ common / Rome total War

Step 3: install the HOTFIX and overwrite once again into your Rome Total War directory Steamapps/ common / Rome total War

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311 AD Tetrarchy Civil War - Campaign and Battles

311 AD Tetrarchy Civil War - Campaign and Battles

Full Version

(STANDALONE) A provincial campaign with the 311 AD start date, that seeks to recreate the wars and turmoil of the end of the Roman Tetrarchy, after the...

Optional hotfix

Optional hotfix


A quick rebalancing of religion and character traits for the BI campaign.

BUGFIXER v4.0 Unofficial Patch for RTW and BI

BUGFIXER v4.0 Unofficial Patch for RTW and BI

Full Version 4 comments

Download of the unofficial vanilla BUGFIXER patch 4.0, built from the original TW Center Bugfixer.


I downloaded the patch, but only extract the folder destined to the BI, but before that look at what files it would replace and backed up the original files. I didn't see much difference because the bugs that I wanted to be fixed were still there, so I decided to restore the original files back.
Everything went well, apparently back to normal, but there were pictures of the leaders in the campaign description.

I want to restore to normal descriptions, without a photo, how do I do this? What files will I have to edit, and which folders will I have to remove?

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Tot-mod Creator

just go inside Your personal RTW folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rome Total War Gold\data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign and delete the leaderpics you do not desire ;)

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by the way, i unlocked the original BI huns roaster. It was different then in standard version. See this my unofficial bugfixer ;)

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Yeah i agree with Guest`s comment. Its need improvement for RTW1 patch. But BI is really completed and fully done, and its well, i must say. Grazie mille.

Also recommendations in future:
- You can make something like provincial campaigns for RTW1 about Caesar in Gaul and others. It was the idea of CA in 2004, but they stopped their plans and released what they released.
- Also its would be good to "ellinise" Egypt more and add them some greek units.
- About BI, its also would be cool to see Slavs faction as playable, but with some new units maybe (one unique for ex.)

Thats all. Grazie mille again. Good health to you and your country

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Tot-mod Creator

Thank You for Your kind words!

About recommendations:
1. It is an idea that Id like to persue, but in a "late imperial campaign" feel, comprehending the period from the death of Sulla to the death of Octavian: and this obviously would include Caesar's Gallic wars+roman civil war in a split of Julii-caesarians/Scipii-pompeians/ Brutii-crassians
2.Always been conflicted about this: on one hand obviously hellenized egypt is much more historical, however this is meant to be a vanilla-enhancements and I feel that changing completely the faction roster would break vanilla spirit...that I feel also includes campy bronze age egypt in the III century BC :D
3.Also thought about this. In an earlier version of this mod I had all the faction playable, however it always felt like in the late game there was no threat in the late game for the big empires like the slavs in the original. It is mainly a balance decision; it would be a good idea to maybe start the slavs up in Venedia and make the Huns emerge instead...I will return to this mod eventually.

Best Regards,


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Thank you very much for this wonderful compilation of bugfixes. Fantastic work.

About the recommendations, I´d say that, if you want to do it, that´s great, but, please, keep the fixes separate. Many people enjoy vanilla, with all its quirky/goofy things and many mods make the mistake of combining bug-fixing with deep changes to the core of the game, something that many players dont look forward to.

Again, good work and thanks a lot. Hope you have an above-average day.

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Hi friends
Great thanks for your work, but i found unfixed bugs in RTW1 version. Egyptian standard general in the strat map is still have fat figure. And egyptian officers are having black swords and corrupted textures.
Maybe you can fix more texture in future?

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Tot-mod Creator

many thanks for Your feedback! I will check and try to fix the officer problem with a small patch.
On the other hand I do not think I understood the problem with the egyptian strat map general however; what do You mean by "fat figure"? It's the old model from vanilla...

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