1) boilers added on all maps
2) capacity of antipersonnel min. mines at the marine till 6 min. is improved
3) Hudson's rifle (the automatic mode of fire + is returned the damage of bullets compensating lack of modification of rate of fire is a little increased) is improved
4) the grenade launcher (carries everyone and everything without problems) is improved
5) the mines of a fighting rifle on capacity till 9 min. is improved
6) on all maps new mercenaries of WY are added
7) on all maps all xenos regenerate health
8) on the Tribute map xeno-soldiers are replaced on kseno-lurkers (the strongest lurker)
9) welding and cutting is added for all doors
10) spliters distances it is flown into a rage (carefully they violent)

at start of game and revival I reserved ammunitions without changes. To Receive 6 antipersonnel mines and 9 mines of a fighting rifle it is necessary to buy alternative ammunition

instruction on installation:

to insert the files HADH10_Base.upk, DERH10_Base.upk, SULH10_Base.upk into
Aliens Colonial Marines\DLC\Sunflower\Lic\Content directory with replacement of originals
to insert the PecanGame.upk file into
Aliens Colonial Marines\PecanGame\CoockedPcConsole directory with replacement of the original and it is necessary to remove the PecanGame.upk.uncompressed size file being near PecanGame.upk

in order that the weapon remained without change, don't replace PecanGame.upk and don't delete the PecanGame.upk.uncompressed size file

main bugs:

1)On the Tribute and Broadside maps probably inclusion of a mode of god spontaneously (occurs if to weld or cut a door and to interrupt without having cooked longer).
2)hindrances on the monitor it are possible is normal. (It is connected with boilers.Any bug.)


1)It is necessary to weld or cut any door completely and immortality will disappear
2)cant be found

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Just Welding And Cutting Mod

Just Welding And Cutting Mod

Full Version 2 comments

Mod adds just welding and cutting for all doors (all bug hunt maps).



Full Version 7 comments

Tribute updated ( returned mercs and some xeno-soldiers) 1) boilers added on all maps 2) capacity of antipersonnel min. mines at the marine till 6 min...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 12)
DoNotPlayMultiplayer - - 62 comments

Hello, I wanted to ask you on whether if it would be possible or if there is any chance of modifying Bug Hunt so that it is possible for players to 'use Aliens' against NPC AI-controlled Marines and/or Weyland Yutani PMCs somehow?

You did a great job with your current mod, but if it can be further expanded where NOT only can we play cooperatively as Marines 'against' Aliens and Weyland Yutani PMCs in Bug Hunt, but being able to play as Aliens alternatively 'against' human enemies, then I think Co-Op is fully complete and we get to experience a different perspective of Co-Op in Bug Hunt mode. I ask of this only because it seems that Bug Hunt is more of a Survivor/Skirmish kind of co-op instead of a Campaign and the Campaign even if played in Co-Op mode is entirely built around the Marine characters.

I just think that it's such a real damn shame and disappointment that Co-OP is Strictly limited to using just Marines. The worst part is the developers and publisher ditched all support for this game.

I just never really understood why how come the Aliens always get the short end of the stick?

Because Aliens never ever seem to get a "Co-Op" mode where players can 'use them and work together' against Computer Controlled Human enemies?

What's up with that? How come the developers never bothered for once to consider this?

I mean haven't we already have plenty of Aliens and AvP games where Humans and even Predators can 'work together to kill and fight computer controlled' Aliens?

But the same concept for co-op in reverse?

It's virtually and completely non-existant.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
doom13buggy - - 1 comments

Is there a mod that just replaces everything in Bug Hunt with the normal Xeno's? I know theres one that replaces all the marines with the annoying lurkers and replaces the dino heads but the dino heads part isn't working.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
JIMMY_REBEL - - 17 comments

Tribute only . I ve replaced Mercs to Xeno-Boilers and Xeno-Soldiers to Xeno-Lurkers . Braoadside and Mercenary have different changes /. Every map have new unique units in different variations .. Xeno-Soldiers replaced from Tribute only . But there are much many changes .. read description

Reply Good karma+1 vote
JIMMY_REBEL - - 17 comments

Everyone who knows agatsuma let him know about my mod / maybe together we can add Powerloaders and bosses with facrguggers

Все кто знает agatsuma передайте ему пусть заглянет сюда . Я хочу обьединить усилия и добавить в охоту Автопогрузчик и боссов

Reply Good karma+2 votes
jewishmafia - - 31 comments

That's awesome.
If you can add things from other packages, could you add friendly marines?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
General_Bradly - - 836 comments

Can you really add powerloaders & bosses?! That would be awesome! You're MOD is great, although very, very difficult! It is a good challenge!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
JIMMY_REBEL - - 17 comments

yes I can, I dealt with the loading mechanism of objects from other packages, but not up to the end. all this is realized through the table of import. enough it is only correct to add a way to the necessary object. so for example all weapon and characters as Player, Hudson , Drake and Others load from PecanGame.upk package. A problem in that that names of archives have to be strictly certain. there is special config. is called from DefaultValidator.ini. in it there are settings of the filter of packages. here it should be adjusted correctly that game could load objects from other maps. But so far up to the end I can't understand that to what there.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Ace781 - - 53 comments

you should check out Reckingball and the work he's been doing a lot of work as part of Project J.A.B. (Just Another Bughunt)


he added a boss that made the Raven experience seem like a walk in the park... compared to the one he did...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
JIMMY_REBEL - - 17 comments

Bosses with shape of a lyurker or the soldier aren't interesting to me. and all these counters with experience also we designate all this is in PecanGameHorde.upk archive. I too changed health of characters to fashion. for example to a boiler I added lives with 500 to 1000 .all characters I strengthened. I speak about Xeno-Raven and Xeno-Crusher

Reply Good karma+2 votes
JIMMY_REBEL - - 17 comments

i saw this . But petition absent . Melissa's petition closed at 505 signatures . I think they will not do bug hunt maps more . And mod link don't work for me .

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