BrewLAN is a mod for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance that has been in on and off development by a team of one for almost a decade. It adds a wide variety of new units for all factions, as well as offering several new game modes and features. The core design goals for the mod are simple; to add new, interesting, and visually aesthetic units which complement those already in existence and to maximise technical compatibility with other mods.

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Reaper: Cybran Tech 2 Tactical Bomber
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Aaah, the T2 dedicated bomber(as addition/replacement to fighter/bomber Corsair)
And later to be added with dedicated T2 Combat Fighter I suppose.
Reaper is Cybran Black Ops:Unleashed T3 Escort Battlecruiser.
(not to confuse with Soul Ripper)
This time Thesaurus doesnt help. Reaper,Reaver..oh here go again.
Translation sounds stupid or cant be translated at all.
At least for my language xD
Anyway, name is not all that important after all.
(maybe if T1 bomber is Zeus, it can be Hades and **** it xD if thats not something from TM that is; Revenant is T3 bomber)
Yeah, little bit more details, like the very nicely rendered wings textures of Zeus would be awesome.
Damn good job, master Balth, I am hyped for the next.And the next.
And the next after that :-)

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So these two new Cybran Airunits are based on the original Concepts.
And I must say they looks really good. ;)
It is nice to see more Mods (yours and my own) brings the old original Concepts back to live and available to the Game. ;)
I'm looking forward to see more new Toys ;)
Keep it up the extreme good work. ;)
Best regards

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Balthassar Author

They are based on what I thought was the logical in-between of the tech 1 & 3 of each. My original concept doodle for them is here:

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Okay thanks for the information.
Really good Concepts and nice Idea in general. ;)

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TWO new units with wholly original models in one day? Yes! And both Cybran tech 2 aircraft at that. This one actually has a weapon, being a bomber, unlike the last one; the unarmed intel-counterintel hybrid.

I'm not 100% sold on the name, but any name that replaces it will have to be good enough to be worth me updating all 9 language documents.

I might add more details to the wings and face. But it is more or less complete. A time-lapse will be coming for this tomorrow exclusive to my Patreon supporters. In other news, I can say supporters plural now. I have more than 1.

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