Conjunction of two mods for Conan Exiles used to create the result in Beyond the Ashes, the Conan server is setup with hundreds of customizations as well as over 1000 hours of modding worth of content and systems.

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Beyond the Ashes


Beyond the Ashes - Conan Exiles Server

Immerse yourself in a custom, highly detailed lore unique to our world and visually represented in game.

Play in a living world that will change as players interact with it. Cities may fall to ruins and new ones may rise. New lands might be cleansed of the Delirium or perhaps you choose to embrace the madness and let it invade the world. The choice is in your hands and your stories.

Are you feeling tired of the same old Conan World? Perhaps you find the content too easy? Come try our server, where everything you get, you will earn!
Experience a longer permanence on this world as the dedicated admin team is thoroughly taking care of the server and allowing wipes to only be mandatory after more than 6 months.

Key Features of our mods/server:

→A large variety of playable races customized for the lore of our server.
A reputation system that will alter the outcome of choices made and registered in a custom UI.
→A custom, dev kit built World to fit with our lore and allow players to build within.
Unique professions integrated through our server mods to provide you with the most fun, challenging and immersive experience.
Unique concepts developed for the enjoyment of the players such as:
•A built in the dev kit arena
•Unique skills that will progress and increase in strength as you level up.
•An achievement system for you to collect and amass its rewards and titles.
•A unique, multi-classing system, customized through our server mods to give you new spells and skills to play around with.
•A multitude of custom weapons
•Many quests and story lines, customized for races and factions to immerse yourself with the world that surrounds you.
•Player-based hubs and events assisted by admins as well as many exciting adventures and events made by the admin team.
•**A safe environment for you to enjoy.** Strict rules and guidelines are in place to keep both the world and the players safe.

Join discord!!! : Discord
Trailer: Mod Trailer and showcase
Website: Server Website

Mod Download Links:

Mod pt1

Mod pt2

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