Hello mates,

this is a smal mod that is developed by me, it currently has no custom content like ships, but they will come in the near future. One big problem is, that im totally new to modelling, this can take a while to learn.

Already done:

- new Empires = "Clans" and "Inners Sphere"
- a portrait that isnt working currently
- Clan namelist with all planets from the Kerensky Cluster, all ship types from the Clans and all leaders
- IS namelist with 20 planets from each house, every ship name and every ship class and many leaders
- placeholder architecture and ship design

Working on currently:

Ship models and Weapons

Thank you for your patience ~


- House Empire and Namelist -!DONE!-
- Clan and House ships (Currently are 10 ships planned)
- Many Leaders to choose from
- Animated Leaders (MAYBE, I try my best)
- even more ships
- new weapons and effects
- new armor and engines

--- Lostech... maybe? ---

Known problems and compatibility issues

-- NONE --


Developer#1 - Deadalus3010
Developer#2 - Leomusprime


Q: What is this?!
A: A currently very small mod that adds two new Empires called "Clans" and "IS" to the game

Q: When its in such an early state, why did you uploaded it?
A: Mainly to play with friends and to keep track of my progress

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Current State of the Mod


Hello whoever reads this:

This is the first article and status update of this mod!

It contains:

  1. Current State
  2. 2 new Battleships are modelled
  3. Alpha Weapons

1 Current State

This mod is still in its first steps and I really try to work on this as much as possible, but I need to do other things aswell, like my real life, fixing other mods or playing games. This is why the progress is a little slower than you might think it is and I work on this all alone, only in researching stuff I have help from a friend.

So please have more patience, I still learn alot about modelling, dont forget that these are my first modells EVER.

2 New Battleships

You heared right! I managed to get 2 more ships done! So we have 3 ship models in total. (Aegis, Essex, Sovetskii Sayuz)

You may have already noticed that those are all the clan ships, this is because I want to simulate a bit Lore, the ship fight escalated even more during the clan invasion, the IS ships are comming later.






3 Battletech Weapons

6 NACs (Naval Auto Cannons


  1. NAC/10
  2. NAC/20
  3. NAC/25
  4. NAC/30
  5. NAC/35
  6. NAC/40

3 N-Gauss Rifles (Naval-Gauss Rifles)


  1. Light-N-Gauss
  2. Medium-N-Gauss
  3. Heavy-N-Gauss

3 NL (Naval Laser)


  1. NL35
  2. NL45
  3. NL55

3 Naval PPC (Naval Particle Projector Cannon)


  1. Light Naval PPC
  2. Medium Naval PPC
  3. Heavy Naval PPC

Thanks for reading


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BattleTech - Early early access

BattleTech - Early early access


Clan and IS Empires + Namelists are done Placeholder Shipdesign and Architecture

Guest - - 688,627 comments

Damn...It seems to be dead. This was exaxctly what I was looking for and yet nobody has seen the value of making this mod. Weird. Oh well, I imagine that this might see more work after the next MechWarrior Game comes out. If it is popular. I think it will be.

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SeregirDraike - - 41 comments

No update or news since July
I assume this mod is dead, pity. We could use more battletech mods for games

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
XkrXDragoon - - 54 comments

Stoked for this, hope its going well

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
UNSC_SCOUT - - 384 comments

Hope to see Mechs (even though it may just be names) too. Really intresting.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Deadalus3010 Creator
Deadalus3010 - - 30 comments

The problem is that BattleTech got wayyy to many mechs, so maybe I will add 2 lights, 2 mediums, 2 heavys and 2 assaults. One Clan and one IS Mech.

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