The Battles of Gondor aim is to try to bring back the fun that bfme1 made. This mod is for Rise of the Witch King.

Rohan - Plenty of cavalry units, with some infantry support and strong heros to lead them.
Minas Tirith - A well balenced side, with heavily armoured infantry.
Souther Fiefdoms - A huge seletion of infantry with limited but strong cavalry.
Elves - Plenty of archer units with some skilled swordsmen.
Mordor - Plenty of orc and troll units, numbers is their strength.
Isengard - Orcs and wild men are now isengards early game units, with plenty of uruks for late gameplay.
Evil Men - Plenty of stealth and assasins make up part of their army. the rest is taken up by their huge infantry devisions.

As this is a war in the south mod, Dwarves, Goblins and Angmar have been replaced. So you could call this a total conversion.
Every faction has plenty of new units and heros and reskins. i have given everything a "makeover".

New Maps
East Emnet
Osgiliath (new)
Dol Amroth
Cirith Ungol
Lothlorien (new)
Minas Tirith (new)
and more!

Other changes
New navel units
Fully working War of the Ring Mode
Create a Hero for all the new factions
Full ai for all the factions
New War in the South Campaign
new spellbooks
and more!

I could probely go on for a while about the features of this mod, but most of them are listed at my site for the mod. Screen shots can be found on the site, under the faction pages. There are also hundreads of released screen shots, which can be found in the mods forums under updates.

I may add more info later and ill kepp this updated.

If you have questions, comments or whatever, your best to post them at the forums.

There is an early beta out for bfme2, it only includes Evil men and Isengard, but they both have ai, so it gives a taster of what to expect.

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Battles of Gondor Public Beta Version 3.2 is now released. It is the first long anticipated public beta for rotwk.

There should not be too many bugs as this has been tested, there were a few bugs which could not be fixed at this time and will be fixed sometime in the future.

It includes,
3 factions (minas tirith, Mordor, Evil Men),
2 new maps, (Cirith Ungol, Haradwaith),
ai for all the factions,
plenty of new units and heros to play with.

download the latest Battles of Gondor here.

While your downloading, take alook at the readme.

|Battles of Gondor Version 3.2 |
Installation Instructions
Run the installation program. Then run the shortcut provided.

If you installed Rise of the Witch King in any other place other then the default directory, then your have to edit the target box under propetys of the shortcut to the correct path.

These are the changes that have been made since th last public version, although there are plenty more, but i can't remember everything.

Mordor Changes
New Hero Mollock
New Hero Shagrat
New Hero Gorbag
New Unit Orc Spearmen of the Red Eye
New Unit Minas Morgul pikemen
New Unit Black Uruks
Orc with Shield model added to Orc Fighter horde
Orc Fighters Health and attack nerthed
Orcs fighters are now free
Orc Fighters renamed to Orc Fighters of the Red Eye
Orc Archers now have heavy armour upgrade
Black Orcs renamed to Minas Morgul orcs
Haradrim palace replaced by Morgul Chambers
Haradrim, easterlings, corsairs and mumakil removed.

Minas Tirith Changes
New Hero Denethor
New Hero Berethor
New Hero Anborn
New Hero Pippin
New Unit Gondor Spearmen added
New Unit Citadel Guard Added
New Upgrade knight Shields
Gondor swordsmen and archer horde sizes changed down to 10.
Gondor Swordsmen and archers stats increased
Gondor Tower Guard changed into one unit
Gondor Tower Guard stats changed
Gondor Well Replaced with house of Healing
Knights of Dol Amroth Removed
Faramir reskinned
Faramir has new power, heavy armour
Boromir reskinned
Boromir has new power, heavy amour
All gondor infantry and cavalry has been reskinned

Evil Men Changed (since version 2.2)
Easterling Axemen added
Easterling Pikemen model changed to old bfme1 model
Easterling Warrior Removed
Red Serpent guard Barbed Arrows damage reduced
Harad Swordsmen Tweaked
Market now produces 20 instead of 35
All Building voices fixed (hopefully)
Mumakil cost increased
haradrim Raiders Strings Fixed
Muhad Chieftin Mount at level 1 bug fixed
Windwill commandset fixed
Haradrim Porter and worker voices fixed

Other Changes
New Map Haradwaith
New Map Cirith Ungol

Known Bugs
Evil Men use corrupted wilds original spell book again. When i was trying to fix the spell book bugs, it opened up a huge amount of bugs, which will take time to fix.
Some of the new art scheme has not been finnished
Faction good and evil ranks are the wrong way around

If you find any more bugs please post them at the mods forums.

Stealthsnake aka Tom8778 - Mod Leader
Zimoo - alot of model donations
Valandi - citidel guard model
Argolas - gondor spearmen model
Cobra - black uruk model
Alensis - loading art

sorry if ive forgotten anyone.


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Battles of Gondor RotWK v4.0

Battles of Gondor RotWK v4.0

Full Version 6 comments

Battles of Gondor, a mod for Rise of the Witch-King, adding new and reworking old factions.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 42)

this mod is death now ????

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download desura and its dose C:\Users\"your name\AppData\Roaming\My The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-kingfor you

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this mod is death ? or new updates ( for long time already ) ????

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To play copy the files named "bog.big" from C:\Users\"your name\AppData\Roaming\My The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king Files to your games directory default is C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Rise of watch king and past the shortcut in the rar to the desk and open properis of this et paste "target" to your games ("C:\Program Files \Electronic Arts\Rise of watch king\lotrbfme2ep1.exe" -mod bog.big)
and "booted at in" to your deskop (C:\Users\"your name"\Desktop)
it's complicated...
(Sorry for my bad english I'm French)

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i downloaded the mod, and installed, but when i startup the normal version of ROTWK appears. Help>?

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Does anyone know where I can find info about the launching process?. The game is downloaded and installed in the normal Desura window, and is described as ''ready'' below the BFME 2 Witch King, which is listed as installed. This is all I have done, then I right-click on Battles of Gondor and press launch. What happens then is that the normal version of BFME 2 Witch King is launched, without the mod... How to get the mod to work? I will thankful for any help.

Thanks to Tom for creating the mod, I've visited the website, it looks fabulous!

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I cant start up the game when i launch the mod i keep on getting error messages

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Can i play this online with my friend??
I downloaded this with Desura

Anyway... Nice mod..


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