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The total conversion modification Battlefield 1918 (or BF1918 for short) takes Battlefield 1942 into a whole new scenario, the first world war. Next to historically correct equipments and vehicles, we recreated the atmosphere of these WW1 battlefields as close as we can, keeping in mind the game we are working with. To achieve this, we have drastically changed the gameplay from the original game like so that you must now rely on teamwork, artillery, trenches and slow vehicles.

Battlefield 1918 combines fun with historical correctness, gaming with history, the memory of one of the most terrifying wars mankind has ever known, with fun had by people over the internet. Next to the battles fought on the Western front between mostly the Germans, the British and the French, wealso cover other scenarios, such as the Turkish battlefields at Gallipoli, the Eastern front where Germany and Austria-Hungaria fought against Russia, the Italian front and lately the battles in Africa. Next to land- and airbattles using historic weapons and vehicles, we also included the naval aspect of WW1 in a broad spectrum, as this was the time in which the great battleships still were the absolute rulers of the seas.This mod focus on Multiplayer, but has also Singleplayersupport.

For a lot more detailed overview we're very proud to gratefully present a work of our former member Fritz_Kempf aka Sniper-Snoop who has put countless hours of efforts into a very detailed and informative wiki entry at forumeerstewereldoorlog.nl which contains a lot of additional informations about this modification and it's content. We recommend it very much to anybody who not only wants to know something about the mod itself but also it's historical background - though it's written in Dutch the linked translator will give you the possibilty to gain all of the knowledge included. Please note that it's currently in a pre 3.1 state as our former member sadly had to retire from developing due to a lack of time.

BF1918 Intro

BF1918 3.1 Server

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Trench Fight Time

Each Sunday 20:00 CET


Bf1918 3.1 Client Files

As windows .exe file:

USA mirror:

German mirrors:

Australia mirror:

NOTE: Use a download manager when downloading the files - it is much faster that way and prevents the download from suddenly stopping.


NOTE: You need a torrent software to use the torrent link

Bf1918 3.1 Server Files

As .rar archive - use software like WinRAR to un-pack it:

Thanks everybody for hosting our files! If you uploaded the client and/or the server files on your server and you are not on the list yet, please feel free to send us a message and let us know!

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The Guns of August

News 8 comments

Greetings and welcome everyone to a news update regarding Battlefield 1918. For a start we are pleased to inform you all that while we have been quiet in the past few months, work has been done in making the new V3.3 update, especially when it comes to the topic of new maps. But before we get to the new battles players will be able to take part in, it may be prudent to show one of the 2 new factions coming to V3.3, the French Zouaves!

French Zouave

Formed from French settlers in colonial North Africa, these troops had a noteworthy reputation long before the war. In fact in the 19th century, soldiers from other nations in both Europe and North America formed their own Zouave formations inspired by these troops.

While a new faction is all well and good, one may also be interested to note that the Zouaves will also be carrying a brand new LMG into combat as well, specifically the Hotchkiss M1909 Benét–Mercié!

Hotchkiss M1909

Utilized by several Entente nations including not just France but also Britain, Italy, Belgium, and the United States among others, this weapon gained a reputation for being accurate if complex to maintain.

With all of this covered now is a good time to move on to new maps and the first map to cover today is the map featuring the Zouaves, specifically the Battle of Saint-Gond Marsh.

Saint Gond 01

Saint Gond 02

saint gond 03

Part of the much larger 1st Battle of the Marne in September of 1914, this engagement saw Entente troops hold off German attacks on the Eastern flank of the lines. A breakthrough here could have enabled the Germans to even potentially surround and cut off French and British forces from Paris. For this reason it was critical for the French and Zouave troops fighting to stop the Germans and when possible even counter-attack.

On the topic of maps featuring french forces we should now move on to the next map to showcase, specifically the Siege of Maubeuge.

Siege of Maubeuge 01

Siege of Maubeuge 02

Siege of Maubeuge 03

Fought over from late August to early September of 1914, the forts of Maubeuge denied German troops access to vital railroads that they needed to help supply and transport troops on the Western Front. For this reason, German forces resolved to shell the forts into submission with their heavy artillery, including Krupp 420mm Big Berthas. Although the Germans would eventually take Maubeuge on the 7th of September, the 1st Battle of the Marne had by then already begun and the defenders of Maubeuge were at least successful in tying down valuable German troops at this key point in the war.

With the history of Maubeuge out of the way it is now time to see a 3rd new map, this time based on the Battle of Kitchners' Wood.

Kitcheners Wood 01

kitcheners wood 02

Kitcheners Wood 03

Part of the much larger 2nd Battle of Ypres in the Spring of 1915, Kitcheners' Wood itself was a counter-attack at night by Canadian troops in order to fill the gap left by fleeing Entente forces in the face of the first poison gas attacks made by the Germans on the Western Front. Despite extremely heavy losses in the woods, Canadian forces ultimately prevailed in their efforts.

With all these new features and maps fans may be unsurprised to hear that a new trailer has become available as well, which you can watch in the link below. Some attentive viewers may even spot the 2nd new faction making it's way to Battlefield 1918 as well.

With all of this news we at the Battlefield 1918 Development Team hope that you are as excited as we are and that you will continue to look forward to the day V3.3 gets released. Until then we thank you for your time and hope you have a good day.

V3.3 Reveal!

V3.3 Reveal!

News 12 comments

Today the Battlefield 1918 development is happy to reveal the first images and trailer for Battlefield 1918 V3.3! With this new update are improved early...

Introducing Learning Battlefield 1918, A New Video Series For New Players

Introducing Learning Battlefield 1918, A New Video Series For New Players

News 1 comment

Today ACE presents news of a brand new video series meant to help ease new players into Battlefield 1918.

Battlefield 1918 3.2b patch

Battlefield 1918 3.2b patch

News 22 comments

Today the Battlefield 1918 development team is happy to announce a small patch which will fix issues with some of the maps and provide a few small tweaks...

Battlefield 1918 3.2 Released!

Battlefield 1918 3.2 Released!

News 8 comments

Today the Battlefield 1918 development team is proud to finally release the full version of 3.2 to you all. In addition, we will be looking at a few additional...

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Battlefield 1918 3.2b patch

Battlefield 1918 3.2b patch

Patch 1 comment

This is a patch for version 3.2 of Battlefield 1918.

Battlefield 1918 3.2 full version

Battlefield 1918 3.2 full version

Full Version 12 comments

NOTE: Make sure to delete any existing version of Battlefield 1918 you may have before installing V3.2. This is the full release of Battlefield 1918 V3.2...

Battlefield 1918 3.2 Open Beta

Battlefield 1918 3.2 Open Beta

Patch 31 comments

This is the Battlefield 1918 3.2 Open Beta. To utilize this you will need a copy of V3.1.

XMas1918 Version 2008

XMas1918 Version 2008

Full Version 2 comments

2008 version of the popular Xmas1918 mini-mod for BF1918 (full version required!) It includes severeal modified and all new winter maps Mont(CQ/CTF) Snowland...

BF1918-FHT 2.1 Standalone  Tournament-Version

BF1918-FHT 2.1 Standalone Tournament-Version

Full Version 5 comments

This is a new BF1918 Standalone Version with new Maps, specially made for the new BF1918 Tournament "NEW BLOOD"

BF1918 3.1 Part 3 of 3

BF1918 3.1 Part 3 of 3

Full Version 8 comments

Part 3 of 3 BF1918 3.1 Installer Attention: Make sure you remove all previous Bf1918 installations in your bf42/mods folder.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 1,089)

To whom it may concern in the BF1918 dev team.

Do you have the DICE/EA tools to convert bf1942 .sm (standard mesh) files to 3dsmax format?

I'm asking as we want to recover models from our BF40K:BF1942 builds and convert them back to 3dsmax format so we can port them to BF2/2142.

We have Space Marine, Imperial Guard and Chaos Space Marine stuff we want to convert.

Thanks (BF40K)Lionheart

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Finally, thanks! (Greetings from Slovakia)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Dukla Pass :3.3

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

nice work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Nice to hear that from you!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I would love to see the new version coming up as well as hoping everyone well and inspirational. You guys have come along way and try your best to keep the MOD growing with contents and stuff - must respect. This is the only WW1 game that I play most because its fun, bots support, nice history battle, large scale and also not demand high quality PC (BF1, Verdun, Tannenbergs and the new one : Beyond the Wire are too much for me...). Must respect.

Also AI problems already posted by others so I might have some small things to contribute to the teams:

+ Have you ever consider to increase more bots (128 - 256 max at least) because some battlefields are really huge and also the more bots the more immersive for a larger scale attack.

+ Also we can bring a lot of Conquest map to Co op so when internet down we got a lot of things to discover in WW1 battles. :)

+ Sometime bots wont attack just stand there inside a Flag Place and waiting. At first i thought the AI put some men there to guard the place which is a good thing but later this happen a lot and it bring a whole team to stop there.
-- Sometime when a lot of Flag point were captured, my team lost moltivation or else they all gang up in place and... wait - sent out some men just to die trying capture a point - very hilarious :)) Me have to fight alone and find some tricks to flank enemy location (very hard though).

+ I notice Bots won't listen to your command since I believed duo to the Mod only focus on Multiplayer or just simply create a bots as their natural instinct of coding mechanic. Its fine for me (but if you can, would love to see their react again Player command).

+ As others said before I notice some bugs that keep Bots stuck on places like ladders, higher ground or even houses, things. A lot have improved since the patch but sometime still happen - I hope the new version will improve it better.

+ Bots really know how to use Passive and Active stuff affectively like Machine guns, Cannon, tank, Cars, planes... but still sometime they ignore and even got stuck again hehe. I dont mind that much but like before i hope the new version can fix it for more realistic.

+ Some maps have bug like the enemy are in full size but our size is only you and some members, hope it will be fixed.

>> Thats just all, hope it will help contribute to the way of improve AI and gameplay more better. Hope to see you all well. peace !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes


Thanks for your wishes, we are trying!

We plan to increase the number of bots in the future, but so far we are facing problems like lags. So I can't promise anything yet.

Adding co-op to older maps is not easy, but we are working on it and in every new patch there will be several older maps with bot support.

The problem with AI is that it is outdated and it is simply not able to perform some functions, namely, it cannot distinguish between floors, so you can see them running under bridges, etc. We try to make the bot routes as well thought out as possible, but no one is immune from stupidity, so please forgive us.

We are also trying to improve the morale of the bots. It is most desirable to play on "impossible" difficulty and maximum amount, then the bots will be more active and the gameplay will be richer.

As for voice commands, bots are not programmed for most of them. As far as I know, bots listen only to commands marked with a saturated color. What these commands I can’t name for sure, but I remember that among them there are commands to “hold position” and “cover me”. However, their bots do not always execute, but we are powerless in this.

Do not hope that all this will be fixed in the new version of the patch, because we have few people and little time to fix all this and we have to draw our attention to other, more obvious problems. But one way or another, we will gradually fix them, and there will be fewer and fewer old bugs in the new patches.

Some maps have a big difference in the number of axis and allies. This is, of course, imbalanced, but it may have some kind of historical conditions, or the intention of the creator of the map, which we have no right to dispute.

The new version will indeed have improved ai, but as I said, not all at once, so I hope you will continue to support us until we get rid of bugs completely!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

One detail that I would like you to add is to change the models of the pumps for real historical models, but even so it is still a great mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

What do you mean by the word "pumps"?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

bombs* sorry jaja

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

we'll see what can be done

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Thank you, I appreciate your attention, and I forgot that I was referring to the plane bombs, the grenade model is perfect.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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Very nice community nice mod,developers are patient and make a interesting and detailed inovations in this mod.I don t know what more should I say.Its great :)

Dec 24 2010 by supremw

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