Raised Fist mod is an infantry only mod I started back in 2014 because I think we do not have enough of these in Battlefield 1942. I had a break of about a year and a half caused by school and other things, and have only recently started working on the mod again. I have had the immense luck and pleasure of finding some very talented mappers and modders to help me release v0.6 of the mod.

It is pretty sad that most big mods start as small infantry only conversion and branch out into full fledged total conversion mods, such was the case for Eve of Destruction. A few BF1942 mods such as FragField really know how to stay true to the infantry only aspect of the game.

Our vision of Raised Fist is to always keep it infantry only. Vehicles will never be added to the mod. If you would like to use some of the maps of Raised Fist to make your own mod conversion, please send me a PM on ModDB and I will get back to you when I can.

Here is the list of things which have been fixed and added since the last version of the mod, v0.5:

- Updated all Raised Fist loading screens. The new loading screens and load bars were made by Texafornian

- Four new maps have been added to the four previous ones: rf_pitch_black (made by Jim2102), rf_oasis (made by Texafornian), rf_hellhouse (made by Black Mamba) and rf_frostbite (made by Black Mamba and Jim2102)

- New minimap CTF and team flag icons

- Reworked object textures, most notably the rf_canyon walls (textures now are more crisp and less pixelated) and the rf_castle labyrinth cover platform. The reworked object texture were made by Texafornian

- lexiconAll.dat overhaul. New custom spawn announcements for Elimination game mode, new game mode names, and much more for you to discover

- The parachute bug from v0.5 which would cause a CTD was fixed. Parachutes now disabled by default for all weapon kits

- Number of grenades per kit switched from 1 to 2

- Shotgun from XPack2 ported to all weapon kits

- Fixed rf_canyon spawns in TDM + CTF and added health packs to rf_labyrinth

- New game modes: Elimination (kill the enemy team to win) and Demolition (modified ObjectiveMode)

- New game modes based on ObjectiveMode: Prisoner Rescue (available in rf_extended) and Infiltration (available in rf_infiltration)

- New custom mod icon, made by Texafornian

- New red colored fist replaces the default soldier health image

- The map "labyrinth_pro" was renamed to rf_labyrinth

- Four new building meshes (used in the map RF_Hellhouse) for you to discover

- New colored server mod icons

- New patches for the extra game modes that were made for the mod (rf_extended, rf_deathmatch, rf_infiltration). These game modes all have their custom mod icons and loading screens, all made by Texafornian

- New loading bar display and background image

- New colored "fist" in game health icon

Version 0.6 of the mod is now live, and you can download it from the "files" tab either via an EXE installer or by ZIP file.

Players will have the option to download and install only the raised_fist mod, or customize it with two different game mode patches (rf_extended and rf_infiltration) which run on the core raised_fist mod and can be downloaded via the main raised_fist page. Install options are the same as the main raised_fist mod for the patches. All these patches have their own colored mod icons, making it easier to distinguish them.

The Raised Fist Development team is a Discord group which consists of the following modders and mappers:

- Texafornian, mapper and responsible in game UI + Menu changes (loading screens, loading bar, health icon, server mod icons, etc)

- Jim2102, mapper, creator of the "RF_Pitch_Black" map

- Reegad, 3D modeler and texture artist, responsible for the underground bunker mesh

- TomPL, 3D modeler, helped with the correct export of one of the building meshes in the RF_Hellhouse map

- LuccaWulf, map tester

- Smig, original maker of the map "rf_labyrinth", which was fixed and renamed by Black Mamba. Original map name was "The Man In The Wall". AfricaBuildings meshes and the medic bag were made by Smig also (Smig.name)

- Black Mamba, mod creator, mapper and modder, creator of rf_canyon, the labyrinth_pro map conversion, rf_castle, rf_hellhouse and rf_arabian_nights

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Saturday, April 4th, 2020, starting at 18:00 CET


Raised Fist v0.62 [Infiltration] server

Server can be turned on for practice by request (send me a PM) until the date of the event. Otherwise the server is offline to preserve energy.


This event will be to test a new game mode called Infiltration, in a map called rf_frostbite. The Allied side has infiltrate the Axis bunker, find the briefcase and return it to their extraction point before time runs out. They have 15 minutes to do so. The Axis side has to protect the briefcase at all costs from the Allies and make sure they don't bring it to their extraction point. Pretty easy to follow so far?

To install the mod, simply extract the Raised Fist v0.62 Beta Final ZIP file from ModDB (see Files section) to anywhere on your computer. Then, copy and paste the raised_fist and rf_infiltration folders to your Mods folder, located by default at C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods.


This is a fun event, so no need to register anywhere or to make teams. Simply show up at the announced time on the server and we will form teams there.

Raised Fist v0.62 Alpha Released!

Raised Fist v0.62 Alpha Released!


This is the Alpha release of Raised Fist mod. It features one new map called rf_frostbite, which supports the Infiltration game mode. The map is not finished...

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Raised Fist v0.62 Beta Final

Raised Fist v0.62 Beta Final

Full Version

I fixed a bunch of issues with the previous version of the mod. This version should be downloaded instead of the Alpha. A brief list of changes is included...

Raised Fist v0.62 Alpha

Raised Fist v0.62 Alpha

Full Version

This mod version is actually two mods, raised_fist and rf_infiltration. You will need both installed on your computer to make the new rf_frostbite map...

Raised Fist Tournament Edition v0.61 Installer

Raised Fist Tournament Edition v0.61 Installer

Full Version 1 comment

This is the Tournament Edition of my Raised Fist mod. It was made for the special event I will host on June 30th, 2019 @ 16:00 CET, which is a TDM event...

Raised Fist v0.6 Full ZIP File

Raised Fist v0.6 Full ZIP File

Full Version 4 comments

This mod has been built to offer a variety of interesting infantry environments to the Battlefield 1942 community. With Raised Fist you can take your...

Raised Fist v0.6 Full Installer

Raised Fist v0.6 Full Installer

Full Version 7 comments

This mod has been built to offer a variety of interesting infantry environments to the Battlefield 1942 community. With Raised Fist you can take your...

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Ah Crashes Crashes Crashes so many time when i mod this mod into my game

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Hi adolf, this mod contains no singleplayer and no COOP support. It’s a Mod what you play with some friends, Lan parties or events for example. It’s a human vs human mod. They play at the event 3vs3 for example. Makes lot of fun to play.;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

"stay true to the infantry only aspect of the game"

so a call of duty rip-off?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
blackmamba62 Creator

Download the mod and see for yourself.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
blackmamba62 Creator

Hi all. There will be an event on June 30th, 2019 @ 16:00 CET to promote the mod. There is room for up to 20 players. Joining the event is done on a first come, first served basis.

Register here: Team-simple.org

Or add me on Discord: Mamba#8611.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Coop supported?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
blackmamba62 Creator

There is no COOP support for the mod currently and it is not something that is planned in the future. Instead, different events are hosted throughout the year.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Install the Mod -- nothing. Does utterly nothing. Useless.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
blackmamba62 Creator

What do you mean it does nothing?

After you install the mod, you need to activate it. Start BF1942 and go to the "Custom Games" menu. There you will see the mod listed. Select "raised_fist" and then click on Activate.

Now you are in the mod menu. To try a map, just select the "Create Game" menu, select the map and game modes. That's it.

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