This is a new mod for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. This mod takes the players wits, and mind and shapes them into something horrific.

* Boasting several new and unique puzzles promised to warp your brain which have been optimized for the multiplayer experience

* Set in the First-Person perspective adding a unique visual experience

* HUGE story located within one of the scariest places in gaming

* Set strictly within the most infamous hospital the industry has

* Allows for a fully interactive environment for both story and secrets alike

* Only for Countdown game mode but will later be optimized for others

Be prepared for one of the most interactive experiences brought to Red Orchestra 2 multiplayer. Being release on April 31st!

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Back on Track

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Hey everyone sorry for the lack of update or uploads! I recently hit a huge snag when my HP Z800 went down for good, and I just got it back recently! So I will be putting all my effort into getting this back up and running now!

With that said, while I was down, I began to work around some things to keep it true to the theme of Silent Hill. Some new things are being added as we speak:

* Interactive Environment - It will allow you to shoot the wall next to you and enter a different room! If this goes according to plan, then I will do my best to make it most of the rooms providing it can handle it without sacrificing too much performance.

* Puzzles - One thing I really wanted to do from the start to keep with the theme, and that was add puzzles which we all know has no place in this game what so ever. But hey, I want a challenge!

With that said, I am working on a new release date, and it will be very soon! I want to point something out though, while this is Alchemilla Hospital I am doing my best to keep the scale as accurate as possible with the tools I have - meaning I am NOT adding any new materials, meshes or anything else into it. But I must say for what I have it looks damn impressive!

Thank you all for your support! I shall see you in the funny pages!

Only-Dave - - 395 comments

well its May is this a dead mod or your uploading the mod file to moddb?

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TheSorrows Creator
TheSorrows - - 3 comments

My apologies, I hit a slight snag when my workstation went down, I am back to working on this again full time!

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Guest - - 696,008 comments

But sum video on youtube

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TheSorrows Creator
TheSorrows - - 3 comments

I will be once I finish up the entire design. :)

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steffenbk1 - - 64 comments


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mp44mg42 - - 173 comments


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Rebel12Lz - - 161 comments

Sounds interesting!

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