A Mod by Perry R, AlfWithCake and anti-victor

We're happy to present you Advanced Classes Mod, a gameplay enhancing mod, that features revamped skill and spell systems, new artifacts and artifacts set, 2 dozens of new and reworked specialties, 6 new subclasses with unique abilities, upgrades for Warmachines and more. The idea of this mod was to create 2 new skill ranks - Master and Grandmaster, which are gained right after Expert rank, as well as a completely new hero class - adventurer. You can only advance in your class if you have enough class points. So if you want to archive the highest ranks as a legendary warrior you should only pick warrior skills.

This mod offers:
- New Master and Grandmaster level for every secondary skill;
- New unique M/GM effects for every combat spell;
- One new main hero class - Adventurer, along with classic Warrior and Mage;
- 3 completely new hybrid subclasses (Battlemage, Hunter and Druid);
- New unique abilities for every class at Master and Grandmaster level;
- Reworked nearly all hero specializations, including creature, spell and skill specialists, new unique specialities, specialities for brand new Adventurer class;
- Reworked Primary and Secondary skill point chance at level up for each class;
- Completely reworked the magic system, now all spells scale with Spell Power and much more;
- Greatly improved usefulness of weaker skills;
- Most artifacts are improved and are part of a set with interesting bonuses;
- Added 3 new secret class sets;
- New settings for the increased difficulty of neutrals and computer players (AI);
- 9 new Commander classes, each with unique abilities;
- Reworked Commander abilities, they are now much more combat active;
- Good compatibility with WoG options, all can be disabled however leaving you with vanilla H3+ACM;
- Documentation with all changes!

What this mod not does:
- It does not add any new creatures, nor towns nor hundreds of new artifacts. We just focus on improving existing stuff.
- This mod does not change creature characteristics, there are other mods that do that.
- It does not work with HotA

Will there be updates:
The mod can be considered complete and currently, I don't plan to add much new content. However, I will maintain the mod and fix all problems that can occur with new ERA3 versions.

The newest version available always be found in my Dropbox under Advanced Classes Mod and here on ModDB. Currently (Sept 2023 it is version 1.087) Dropbox

For troubleshooting and discussion, you can join our H3 Modding Discord Server It has >250 people
Discord Server Support

Link to English forum: Heroescommunity.com
Link to Russian forum: Wforum.heroes35.net
Link to Chinese forum: H3wog.com
Link to Korean forum: Blog.naver.com

Short Installation Tutorial:

This mod requires the latest ERA 3.95 version and ofc a HoMM3 complete installation. The mod must be downloaded, installed in your H3/Mods folder and activated in the ERA Mod Manager. It is not necessary to enable any additional WoG options. You will notice the mod is working when you see a splash screen when starting your map.
I will write a detailed installation instruction as an article on ModDB, where I will give some more hints and tricks.
Step by Step Installation Tutorial for ERA and Advanced Classes Mod

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The new version contains many small improvements and fixes. In this release there is no major new feature, this will be kept for the 1.09 release.

If you like the mod and update please give a positive rating here on ModDB ;-)

How to install: How to Install ERA and ACM

Download on ModDB:
Advanced Classes Mod 1.085 Update

Changelog Version 1.085 (26.November 2022)

Removed all files of Difficulty Mod from ACM. Dif Mod will now be distributed as a standalone mod. As usual, before installing the new ACM version, delete ACM mod folder to prevent old/outdates files in the installation.

- refactored code to set skill descriptions in hero screen (by Daemon).
- refactored code for Mobile Market of Time (by Daemon).
- New appearance of the Warmachine Upgrades window (by Daemon and Sandris).
- Each commander class now has own value for Magic Resistance, Dwarf and Golem type. Check bonus list to see commander attributes.
- Right Clicking on Spell points in hero screen now show SP that gets restored over night in hero screen.
- Right-Clicking on commander now shows commander class and live kill count in battle.
- Cloak of the Undead King full setbonus now working (5% leech)
- Restructured the script that disables incompatible WoG options. Gave a brief description as to why this particular option is disabled, to help players understand.
- Oris now starts with Frenzy spell because she is Fire Specialist.
- Attracted creatures from Diplomacy skill now also cost resources if they require it.
- Diplo now works for AI, they will always accept the offer to buy as long as they have cash (thx to demoix to point that out)
- Nobility now works for AI if hero walks in castle. (thx to demoix to point that out)
- Most scouting events now works for AI (thx to demoix to point that out)
- Spell Trainer: In order to level spells the magic school is no longer required, meaning you can start levelling spells right from the start, in order to compensate the chance for levelling up has been slightly reduced. (Idea and implementation from Sokiee)
- Right-clicking the hero name now shows preferred main class. You can use this the see ig a hero prefers Warrior, Mage or Adventurer.
- Ogre Club now has small chance to stun in melee attack.
- Spyglass and Speculum now unlock unique scouting events.
- Diplomacy numbers overview when right click skill. Shows all sources of Diplo (Artifacts, Skills, Speciality)
- Elemental Unity set bonus redone (the orbs set). Added Magic Pierce when set is full.
- Artillery pre damage skill now works in combat. (Thanks to Daemon)
- Eagle Eye Magic Artillery skill now works in combat, better for multiplayer matches and the replay option.

- Hunter Magic block reduced from +100%MR to +50%MR (Dwarv Type) in the first Battle Round.
- Commanders now have less magic resistance due to Magic skill. (from 95% to 40%).
- Commander Attack skill gives less Attack (from 40 to 30 on GM).
- Commander Defense skill gives less Defense (from 55 to 35 on GM). 55 was just to much, especially compared to attack value, which was lower for some reason.
- Wizard Well now regenerates 200+20% of max SP, instead of always full.
- Com Scout class chance to generate res down to 33% (from 50%).
- commander artifacts buffed if equipped on hero, to make them better alternative. They now give more primary stats.
- Basilisks Venom set bonus buffed with more primary stat points when full.
- Changes to mechanic of Fire Shield spell. Now for the FS to return more magic damage, it has to be casted on that creature. FS also now trainable with Spell Trainer.
- Reduced the power of the Fire Mage commander class by lowering the damage.
- Reduced default "Damage_Spells_Increment" for spell trainer from 2 to 1% per level up (you can still change it back if you want). Now it should be more consistent with the Sorcery skill.
- Ciele Magic Arrow now free cast for every 7 levels (from 6).
- Improved Magic Arrow damage increase down to 2% (from 5%) per level but increased the level cap to 4 times hero level. This should give slower progression.
- Scouting specialists increased chance for scouting events per level to 4 (from 3).
- Reduced spell damage from all orbs from +50% to +25%. Added Magic Strength so now the also good for buff spells.

- fix Brute Gold gain per combat limited to 1 million to prevent overflow (thanks to Stonem).
- fix Uland multicast before level 20.
- fix Brute Commander gold gain was double reduced by passive (thanks to Blood).
- fix secret mage set gave 3 crit chance/damage per fight instead of 2, as pointed out in description.
- fix Diplomacy overflow, now the max amount of creatures that can be obtained is limited to 1000 creatures (thanks to Stonem).
- fix for Adventurer and Mage class set when equipping two rings, could lead to stat overflow (Thanks to Tupaz).
- Fix Elemental Unity Set extra cast (Thanks to Stonem).
- Fix special heroes extra cast not increasing the cast counter (which would spells cost more SP).
- Fix Summon Element from Conflux Commander bad interaction with Orbs (thanks to Stonem).
- Fix disabled WoG option 9th/10th skills, now hero experience can always be viewed. Use 10th Skill mod instead.
- Fix many optimizations to prevent desync in multiplayer matches. For examples new windows will now only show to the player who is active and not both. Still the mod is not really recommended for TCP/IP MP, but you can try.
- Fix Soul Eater passive will no longer increase skeleton Henchmen. (Thanks to Suftfree)

Sup Class

Roland Warrior

Art Table

Advanced Classes Mod 1.08 Update

Advanced Classes Mod 1.08 Update


Advanced Classes Mod 1.08 version is released. New secondary skill icons for Master and Grandmaster skills. Restored proper skill names and some balance...

Advanced Classes Mod 1.07 Update

Advanced Classes Mod 1.07 Update

News 1 comment

Advanced Classes Mod 1.072 version is ready. New game modes, improved commander artifacts, 9 new commander classes, balancing, and corrections.

Advanced Classes Mod 1.06 Update

Advanced Classes Mod 1.06 Update


Advanced Classes Mod 1.06 version is ready. New pictures, new artifact sets, improved skills and balancing. See the changelog for all changes.

What is Advanced Classes Mod

What is Advanced Classes Mod


Advanced Classes Mod is a huge gameplay improving modification based on the Wake of Gods. The core of the mod is a new class and skill system for Heroes...

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Advanced Classes Mod 1.087 Update

Advanced Classes Mod 1.087 Update

Full Version 4 comments

Version 1.087 Requires an ERA 3.9 installation. Mod must be placed in the Mod folder and activated with the Mod-Manager. Delete the old version before...

Advanced Classes Mod 1.07 Update

Advanced Classes Mod 1.07 Update

Full Version 2 comments

Version 1.0702 Requires an ERA 3.81 installation. Mod must be placed in the Mod folder and activated with the Mod-Manager. Delete old version before installing...

Advanced Classes Mod 1.06 Update

Advanced Classes Mod 1.06 Update

Full Version

Version 1.06 Requires a ERA 3 installation. Mod must be placed in the Mod folder and activated with the Mod-Manager

Comments  (0 - 10 of 33)

After testing again this campaign :
1) you are right, even in vanilla you don't get the magic skills, at least not during the 1st mission
2) but the consequence is that with "advanced classes" enabled, it becomes almost impossible to get those spells which moved to level 3 (haste, slow, blind). It's probably playable without them, but harder.
3) there were a few updates for wog (or era) in the meantime, lately you lost all commanders if loading a savegame, but the bug where the defense of you heroes increases between the missions of this campaign is still here (I even got a stat boost for Tarnum between the 1st and 2nd mission, I don't think it happened before, it was +1 attack and +2 defense if I remember correctly).

So conclusion : it's still a bad idea to try to play this campaign with wog or "advanced classes", it's probably better to stay in vanilla for now.

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PerryR Creator

Hi zelurker,
i myself dont play campaing, so i never tested what happens there. Perhaps you are right and campaigns should be played as close to vanilla as possible.
Access to level 3 spells should not be impossible, because there is also a spell research mechanic that helps.

Thanks for testing anyway ;-)

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PerryR Creator

I updated the Mod to version 1.087
you can update if you want. Delete old mod version before installing new.
Also, check out the H3 Launcher that also updates WoG/ERA, it gets updates constantly

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While I am at it, but it's probably related to era itself and not the advanced classes mod, but since I don't know the exact cause I'll tell it here : I get a weird problem with Shiva, one of the heroes I recruited in a tavern during this same campaign. It was during mission 2. And she got +2 to defense for no apparent reason between the end of mission 2 and the beginning of mission 3. And again between the end of mission 3 and the start of m4 ! Now without artifacts she even has a greater defense than my main hero ! It's cool, she's strong, but it looks very much like a bug, she has no specialty in defense, I don't see any reason why she would get this.
I also had a crazy fight involving her because the AI can't cope correctly with the risk it takes with the balistas and their improved double shot when having expert balistics + the commander. So he massed his units around his lizard men (100+), and decided to shoot me from afar, totally forgetting the balistas which hurt it a lot. My commander was able to slay his other units one by one during this time, because he kept on believing that the lizard men would save the day. Except I used some diamond golems I had found along the way, they were in defense outside the normal range of the lizard men, but they kept shooting them during every turn, despite by healing tent healing them all the time, they couldn't even take 1 out. My commander waited because he had 150 maurauders protecting the lizard men, if they did the 4 maximum damage they could take out my commander. And so I started to take out the marauders with the balista too...
In the end he finally moved the lizard men and the marauders to attack at close range the golems, it's not that it changed its mind, it's that it didn't have any ammo left ! But it was too late, my commander arrived behind them and finished the fight.
I should have lost this fight by far normally, I won only because the AI couldn't make the right decisions with the additions we got because of era, too bad... !

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Big protest against the magic changes for classes which are not specialized in magic !

With your changes if you play a barbarian for example (we can play the hero chronicles quests now in Era with the extracted campaigns), he won't get blind, slow, haste, which are among the 3 most useful low level spells ! Especially for slow and haste at level 1, now they are level 3, except that if you play advanced classes with the normal settings, you'll never have a chance to learn the basic wisdom skill, because your character only gets warrior skills (well I finally got "basic intelligence" at level 17... !).
Even if you don't play a mage specialist there are some utility spells that you can't use in this case, you can't think about town portal (although it's already very rare in the normal game).

Well I admit it's manageable to play without these, but it's quite frustrating. It's a very big incentive to take the "berserker mode" option, to unlock all skills.

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PerryR Creator

Hello zelurker,

the selection of secondary skills on level up is only changed for adventurer heroes, that means for mages and warrior class heroes it works same as in vanilla. I am not sure how the chance for barbarians is to get offered wisdom, I must look it up. The algorithm that offers SS on level up is actually quite complex in H3. It plays an important part in competitive multiplayer.
Switching the game mode to "Berserker" does not help in that case, it just unlocks M/GM level without having a class.
Changing the level of Slow and Haste to third seems reasonable as these spells are within the most powerful.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thanks for the tip on berserker mode, I didn't try it yet so I didn't know. But I am almost sure that a barbarian gets offered some magical skills faster than that in vanilla, less often than a mage, but still 17 levels without seeing any magical skill I am sure it's almost impossible in vanilla. But I'll try a game without the advanced classes mod to be sure.

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Hey, Great Mod!
But I kinda miss the old Sucubu passive where she accumulates army. Is it possible to make an .ini file for quick "reverting" back and forth?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
PerryR Creator

Hi Tedka,
actually, I plan to bring his old passive back, maybe in a bit changed way but it should be done.
For now you can go in the advanced classes skills.erm file and delete all entries that say "[Disable Succubus Commander Charming]" should be two lines. After that it should work again.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Thanks for your reply it worked! Just as a note because I did it first wrong and if anyone want's to reproduce:
2 lines (66,334) in file: advanced classes skills.erm
and 1 line (8) in file: 80 wog - disable options.erm

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