This is a mod for Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete, with the Horn of the Abyss mod.

It is recommended you also use the HD mod, and the 1.5.4 version of Horn of the Abyss to avoid any unforseen issues.
It changes many aspects (primary skills, secondary skills, spells and some descriptions) with the purpose of having more valid ways of playing the game as you progress through it.

It is stable and you can also play it with others in hotseat or LAN/Online, as long as the people you play with also have this mod installed.

Check the raw files for the changelog and check out the "All official campaigns" addon available for download here.

HotA and HD Mod link:

Mod Highlights:


All spells have an equal chance of appearing in, virtually, any Magic Guild, except for those that affect only undead/living and Armageddon.

Most spells have shifted levels (ex: Fly is now level 4 and Town Portal is level 5).

Most spell costs and power have been modified to be either less useless or overpowered (where possible).

Visions - Fire-only spell

Town Portal - double mana cost

Dimension Door - can only teleport up to 2 times at advanced and expert, and 1 time otherwise.


Almost all heroes have had their starting primary skilles rebalanced and the chance to gain specific primary skills on level up has a similar proportion to the starting ones, but only up to level 10.

All heroes have access to all secondary skills (the exceptions being Necromancy and Diplomacy), with might heroes having a higher chance of gaining might skills but lower chance of gaining magic skills (vice-versa for magic heroes). Also, stronger skills have a lower chance of appearing.

Learning - now grants +75%/+150%/+225% experience. This may seem a lot, but it is not - a hero with basic/advanced/expert learning would roughly have 2/4/6 levels above another hero that would gain the same amount of experience (3/6/9 if he also has learning specialty).

First aid - heals up to 50/100/200 hit points.

Mysticism - recover +2/+5/+9 spell points per day.

Intelligence - increases normal maximum spell points by +20%/+35%/+50%.

Sorcery - spell damage eis increased by +15%/+25%/+35%.

Eagle Eye - same effect, but has a 60%/60%/60% to learn enemy spells.


Artifacts part of a set have the set's name in the description and the number of artifacts required to make the set.

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STF's Sensible Changes (for HotA)
STF's Sensible Changes (for HotA)
STF's Sensible Changes (for HotA)
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raw txt files

raw txt files


These are the raw files in the place of a changelog. It includes all the changes made, except for the secondary skill changes (although you can see the...

All official campaigns 1.0

All official campaigns 1.0

Singleplayer Map

BONUS. These are all the official campaigns (Restoration of Erathia, Armageddon's Blade, Shadow of Death, Heroes Chronicles), with unlocked difficulty...

STF's Sensible Changes 1.0

STF's Sensible Changes 1.0

Full Version

Just extract the contents of the archive in the game's folder so that the 2 files inside overwrite those already there (make backups first!). If the files...

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