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So.. for those who dont know, I have been working with Save Scifi - - on facebook for a few years now. Over that time I have made quiet a few friends from different TV shows and movies.

I have been meaning to tell everyone of a project ive been working on called Deadliest Fandom . Its more or less Scifi At War cross with Deadliest Warrior. We are looking to do ship vs ship battles, from all your favorite TV shows, as well as characters and other cool things like that. The ship battles will be fully animated, at the full TV quality, and the character battles will be done with stuntmen and actors, the best we can find. All the action and battles will be based on what we see in the series or movies that those characters are from. We will not be using external sources (with a few minor exceptions for tech guides).

If you have any VS suggestions comment them below, atm we do have a fully planned, 10 episode, season one. And we have been talking to several studios about getting it picked up.

To give you an idea of what we are doing, here is one of the battles from the book i wrote.
Battle Book SSD vs Enterprise-D Preview
Battle Book SSD vs Enterprise-D Preview
If you want to see more you will have to keep an eye on the Deadliest Fandom Facebook Page - - for details about what shows we are going to be at. The book has 17 different battles, that I wont list here, so make sure you like the page, and keep an eye out for where we will be going. Go find E.J. and ask to see the Battle Book.
I am not EJ, but if i can be at the con i will, but its not easy to get from Aus to USA for things like that.
I will be at most Brisbane and Gold Coast cons though, and I will have the book with me most of the time. If you find me, I will show you
Anyway, until next time, have fun, and I will see you later :D

The Season not to be...


I plan on saving the season that never was meant to be. Long story short i plan on writing as many of these ideas into fanfics as possible making a Season 6, That Never Was.

Not only will be budget be big, i wont have one. I will be using the idea posted on Exec-prod Joseph Mallozzi’s blogas a joke by him to us, as a basis for my episodes.


Episode 1 - Navi Tractus -
Brief - On a quite 4th of July long weekend, Atlantis awakens and leaves Earth. Everyone is helpless to stop its flight to an unknown planet. Can the city, and the people left in it, survive what they find there?
The city is remote flown to a planet in the pegasus galaxy. Daedalus, Sun Tsu and Apollo all are in this story, as well as most of the B-team. The only main character not in these episode is Ronan, who was off world with Teal'c at the time of the incident.

Episode 2 - Revenge -
Brief - The team is yet to recover when an unknown ship is detected in orbit. What is itsd purprose, and what role did it play in the wars long forgotten?
This episode reveals a missing link in the war between the lantians and the wraith. It also brings back the Vanir, and itll have a small twist at the end

Episode 3 - Poisoning the Future -
Brief - While visiting Belkan to sign a formal treaty between Atlantis and the Coalition of Planets, the team is poisoned. Whos behind this assault on the team and how will they escape alive?
This episode is more filler than anything. Its desigend to re-start one thread and finish off another at the same time. All i can say is, the last few sentences will set the scenes for later on

Episode 4 - Death of a Star - (COMING SOON)
Brief - While visiting a planet the team discover that there is a station in orbit. Inside they find a group of children. Only once they are brought onboard the Daedalus for the trip back to Atlantis is there true goal revealed
This will introduce the alternate reality aliens in our galaxy. Itll also set the tone for the finale

Ep 5 - Replacement - Mckay takes a new room in a recently explored tower. While sleeping hes taken to an alternate universe where he is in Zelenkas role and Zelenka is in his role, right down to Zelenka going out with Keller. McKay has to convince everyone hes not there McKay and then find a his way back.

Ep 6 - Oberoth took a Asuran Cruiser into hyperspace just before our fleet arrived, he has been hiding on a planet rebuilding his forces, ready for an attack on wraith and humans alike...

Ep 7 - Ronon accompanies Weir on an off-world negotiation to the planet Drazia. Their potential new ally is a society of Genii-level advancement that, like the Genii, have managed to conceal much of their technological advancements from the wraith. Sheppard is in the gate room when they receive a transmission from Weir who informs him that, after careful consideration, she and Ronon have decided to abandon Atlantis for new lives on Drazia.

The team infiltrates the main city. Their investigation leads them to the underbelly of the society, an area peopled by the society’s disenfranchised: the weak, the sick, the infirm. There, they are approached by a decrepit old woman who claims to be Dr. Weir.

It turns out the Drazians have discovered a novel way to avoid being culled. Long ago, they realized that whenever the wraith came, they would feed on the strong and the healty and ignore the weak and sickly: the tainted. Seizing on this fact, the Drazians have been avoiding cullings by “swapping bodies” whenever the wraith draw near, transferring their consciousnesses into “the tainted” and sacrificing their former bodies (and society’s have-nots). With the threat gone and trapped in less-desirable bodies, they prey on any healthy visitors to their world, claming their bodies and banishing their consciousnesses to the city’s underbelly."

Ep 8 - Then, Now and Next - Mckay centerd episode where he jumps forward and backwards in time, and has to solve an issue in all 3 timelines at the same time to save atlantis from destruction

Ep 9 : Carter Rashomon: Carter is on trial after one crew member of The General Hammond is killed under curious circumstances. Carter is portrayed as a slave driver and evil by one telling of events, one puts her as a queen and perfect, the other is a more rational explanation of events...

Ep 10 – The Replacements: Brad pitched out a story in which the team run afoul of an alien race and, while being pursued, end up victims of a temporal effect that catapults them six months into the future. They return to Atlantis to find they’ve been given up for dead and replaced. As they attempt to settle in to their new positions (and work with their replacements) the alien race indirectly responsible for their predicament pays Atlantis a visit…

Ep 11 - Leaf in the wind – The city now under siege by at alternate reality aliens is forced to try and hold its own against a new overwhelming threat.

#12: Hamster Ball: as part of their freshly-formed alliance with the Genii, Atlantis prepares to embark on a joint op deep into wraith-controlled territory. The Genii have pinpointed a facility purported to be of immense importance to the enemy. It’s near-inaccessible positioning and never-before-seen security suggests a target of key importance that targeting it could very well eliminate the wraith as a threat in the Pegasus Galaxy. Curiously, despite the ongoing battles between their various factions, the wraith have put aside their differences in order to safeguard whatever it is that sits within the facility.

The joint op is launched. But, as the mission progresses, the team suspects that the Genii haven’t been completely forthcoming with them regarding what lies inside the facility. They claim not to know, but Sheppard and co. suspect they are lying. Upon gaining access to the facility, while the others are setting charges, the team breaks away to look around. And discover the truth.

The high-value target is, in fact, a nursery holding some twelve wraith children, females destined to be queens.

The team is faced with a huge ethical dilemma. Destroying the target will, without a doubt, deal the wraith a crippling blow. But at what price to the team’s conscience? And if they elect to pull the plug on the op, there’s the Genii to contend with…

#13: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: Rodney accidently jumps back just as michael attacks atlantis with a retro virus gas attack, then rodney jumps forward ot tthe future and find a hybridised atlantis, then jumps back to normal to find a battle taking place in atlantis between the converted and non converted he then jumps back again to just before the attack from michael where he destroys the gate and stops him from dialing in

#14: Hexed: Ah, the infamous Sheppard story that didn’t make the cut, much to the chagrin of the whumpers. While visiting a primitive off-world village, Sheppard is cursed by a resident witch. At first, Shep and co. laugh off the incident - until Sheppard runs into a spate of bad luck. Very bad luck! Suddenly, the team isn’t so sure what is going on and their search for answers turns up some very alarming complications. A fun premise that we shelved because, at the end of the day and despite being played for laughs, it would have painted Sheppard in a comical and potentially unheroic light, something that wouldn’t have sat well with Joe.

#15: Entropy: While off-world, the team rescues a young girl from a frenzied mob of villagers. The villagers believe the child is possessed of a dark evil and no amount of reasoning will convince them otherwise so, kid in tow, the team beats a hasty retreat back to Atlantis.

On Atlantis, Teyla forms a bond with the young girl who, frightened at first, gradually begins to come out of her shell. As Teyla looks into finding a new home for their young guest, she learns of the supposedly dark circumstances befell her community: suspicious deaths, mysterious accidents - all attributed to the youngster. The team dismisses the villagers’ medieval fears - until some decidedly dark circumstances begin to befall Atlantis personnel, in particular those falling on the young girl’s bad side.

Ultimately, the team return to the planet and discover the truth. As it turns out, she grew up a normal little girl. But, one day, while she and her friends were playing in the catacombs located beneath a series of ancient ruinss, something happened - something that changed to her. She became withdrawn, quick to anger - and accidents befell those who displeased her.

The team explore the catacombs where they uncover an Ancient lab - and an open stasis pod holding the body of a long-dead Ancient. They realize that, while playing with her friends, the young girl inadvertently released the Ancient from his deep sleep. Near death, his mind addled, the Ancient transferred his consciousness into the only available vessel: the little girl.

Armed with this knowledge, the team returns to Atlantis to face off against a very pissed off and confused little girl possessed of the abilities of a near-ascended amnesiac Ancient.

#16: Revenge: A certain alien race seeks revenge on Atlantis after we screw up their plans (qv that season 5 episode in which we screw up the plans of that alien race).

UPDATE: The Vineer will be back with a vengence in this episode, also there new base has the clues we need to find the alliance fleet...might bump it to E18-19

#17 -

Episode 18 – Return of Ford (By the end)
Episode 19 - Past, Present and Future - (COMING SOON)
Brief - A friend long lost return to the team to reveal a story of a long lost hero. One of the last Lantians, left our space in seach of allies for the war against the Wraith. Who are they, and where do they come from?
This story takes place half at the end of the Lantian war and half in the current time. The basic premise is a slight twist on the four race alliance. In this its explained that they originally formed to break the seige of Atlantis. But before the fleet could be gathered from across the stars the city was abandoned. But the fleets still out there. With the help of Ford we find it and bring it back to life.

Episode 20 - A New Era - (COMING SOON)
Brief - With the battle plan in place, and the trap set, all thats left to do is wait for the bait to be taken. Who will survive the last great seige of Atlantis?
The big finale for SGA. The sort of finale it deserved... It has Repli-weir, another siege of atlantis by around 100 wraith ships, an alliance of Vanir, Human, Todd, Repli-Weirs Replicators, Travellers, Teyla goes Primary again and even a few more surprises. Needless to say this is one huge battle, and in the end some will live and some wont. After all its the finale, so dont place bets on it being all one sided and happy.

i have news...
and its exactly what people have been hoping for...
The next iteration of Stargate EAW, its called Reality...
It has a lot of improvemnts, including a massive overhaul to skirmish and a new GC...
Im yet to add any of this, but this is my plan for the next little while, im also thinking about other things, but i dont know if theyll happen either
But im after feedback on whatu all think, and il lbe posting updates here as i go...

Hyperspace window effects (if the ones from SFAW can be implemented, not sure if its possible untested as of right now)
Skirmish Overhaul (see below)
New Units Added (see Skirmish Overhaul)
New Pegasus GC (Lantians v Wraith)
Scale ships to right size

Skirmish Overhaul
Ive Updated all standard maps to add in two unit orbital units. A Research station and a Heavy Shipyard. The Starbase will

be the level 5 starbase for each faction. Youll be able to build fighters/bombers and light ships. The Heavy Shipyard will

have all the larger ones. With the research station you can unlock all the upgrates needed to unlock all the ships. The

research station also has the orbital defense satellites that can be place anywhere on the map, instead of the buildpad that

ive removed. The AI isn't the best at locating them, but it could be worse lol.
Anyway heres the tech tree

Starbase - Level 5 station
Research Station - Midway Space Station
Heavy Shipyard - Asgard Station

Ship Name - Upgrade - Starbase
Tokra Death Glider - Tokra Alliance - SB
X301 - none - SB
F302 - Expand Area 51 - SB
JAffa Alkesh Bomber - JAffa Alliance - SB
X303 - none - SB
BC304 - Expand Area 51 - SB
Tokra Old Hatak - Tokra Alliance - SB
Jaffa New Hatak - JAffa Alliance - SB
SG1 - none - SB
Selmak - Tokra Alliance - SB
Prometheus - none - SB
Daedalus (no asgard weapons) - Expand Area 51 - SB
Bratek (New Hatak) - Jaffa Allinace - SB
Puddle Jumper - Locate Atlantis - HB
Lantian Cruiser - Explore Pegasus - HB
Lantian Aurora - Explore Pegasus - HB
Beliskner - Protected Planet Treaty - HB
Daniel Jackson - Asgard Protection - HB
Oniell - Asgard Alliance - HB
Beliskner Mk2 - Asgard Core - HB
Daniel Jackson Mk2 - Asgard Core - HB
Oneill Mk2 - Asgard Core - HB
X303 Mk2 - Asgard Core - SB
BC304 Mk2 - Asgard Core - SB
Sheppard (in jumper) - Locate Atlantis - HB
Larin ( in Aurora) - Explore Pegasus 2 - HB
General Hammond (x303 mk2) - Asgard Core - SB
Odyssey - Asgard Core - SB
Thor (in Daniel Jackson) - Asgard Alliance - HB

Satellite - Upgare - Limit - station
Asgard Sat (fires asgard beam) - asgard core - 1 - RS
AG3 - Expand Area 51 - 4 - RS
Missile Sat - none - 6 - RS
Railgun Sat - none - 6 - RS
Lantian Sensor - locate altantis - 1 - RS
Lantian Defense Sat - explore pegasus - 1 - RS

Research Station
Upgare - Details - cost
--- needs above item to be purchased before you can access it
Expand Area 51 - allows access to more Tauri ships - 1000
---Tokra Alliance - unlock tokra ships - 2000
------Jaffa Alliance - unlocks jaffa ships - 3000
---Updated Railguns - 30% more damage on tauri ships - 700
---Hebridans Ion Engines - 30% more speed for Tauri ships - 700
---Lantian Shields - 30% more shields for tauri ships - 700
---Trinium Alloy - 30% more armor for Tauri Ships - 700
Protected Planet Treaty - unlocks Asgard Protection - 1000
---Asgard Protection - unlocks Asgard Alliance - 2000
------Asgard Alliance - unlick Asgard Core - 3000
---------Asgard Core - unlocks all mk2 ships - 4000
---Improved Plasma Bolts - 30% more damage on Asgard ships - 700
---Improved Neutrino-ion Generators - 30% more speed for Asgard ships - 700
---Improved Shield Matrix - 30% more shields for Asgard ships - 700
---Neutronium Alloy - 30% more armor for Asgard Ships - 700
Locate Atlantis - unlocks explore pegasus - 1500
---Explore Pegasus - unlocks lantian ships - 3000
------REsearch Database - increased everything 20% lantian ships - 2000

Starbase - Lvl 5 Station
Research Station - Lvl 1 station
Heavy Shipyard - Hatak Build Platform

Ship Name - Upgrade - Starbase
Needle Glider - none - SB
Death Glider - advanced training - SB
Anubis Glider - ancient knowledge - SB
Teltak - advanced training - SB
Alkesh - expanded fleets - SB
Pyramid Ship - none - SB
Old Hatak - advanced training - SB
New Hatak - expanded fleets - SB
Anubis Hatak - ancient knowledge - SB
Apophis Capital Ship - Secret Reseach - HB
Anubis Mothership - Ascended Knowledge - HB
Eris Bok (teltak) - none - SB
Tanith (alkesh) - expanded fleets - SB
Herur (old hatak) - none - SB
Zipacna (new hatak) - expanded fleets - SB
Apophis (Apophis MS) - secret research - HB
Anubis (Anubis MS) - ascended knowledge - HB
Wraith Dart - first contact - SB
Wraith Cruier - wraith treaty - SB
Wraith Hive - wraith alliance - HB
Wraith ZPM Hive - discover zpm - HB
Michael (wraith cruiser) - wraith treaty - HB
Todd (wraith hive) - wraith alliance - HB
Queen (wraith hive) - wraith alliance - HB
Repli Spider - replicator infestation - HB
Repli Cruiser - replicator invasion - HB
Repli five (replifrigate) - replicator infestation - HB
Repli Sam (replicruiser) - replicator infestation - HB
Ori Fighter - Locate Supergate - SB
Ori Mothersip - Dial Supergate - HB
Adria (Ori MS) - Dial Supergate - HB
Doci (Ori MS) - Dial Supergate - HB

Satellite - Upgare - Limit - station
Staff - none - 6 - RS
Heavy Staff - none - 6 - RS
Ori beam - Locate Supergate - 3 - RS
Replicator Beam Gate - asuran interaction - 1 - RS
raplicator sensor gate - asuran interaction - 1 - RS
replicator defense satellite - asuran interaction - 1 - RS

Research Station
Upgare - Details - cost
advanced training - unlocks more gaould ships - 1000
---ancient knowledge - unlocks more gaould ships - 2000
------expanded fleets - unlocks more gaould ships - 3000
---------Ascended Knowledge - unlocks more gaould ships - 4000
------Secret Reseach - unlocks more gaould ships - 3000
---Dense Plasma Bolts - Increases weapons damage by 50% - 1000
---Varied gravity generators - increased speed by 50% - 1000
---Naquadria Shield Generator - increase shields by 50% - 1000
---Ancient Armor - Increaed armor by 50% - 1000
First Contact - Unlocks the wraith - 2000
---wraith treaty - unlocks more wraith ships - 2500
------wraith alliance - unlocks more wraith ships - 3000
---------Discover zpm - unlocks more wraith ships - 4000
---stolen asuran cannons - wraith ships do 50% more damage - 1000
---wraith hull - increase hull density - armor by 50% - 1000
---improved engine ventilation - increases wraith speed by 50% - 1000
Replicator infestation - unlocks replicator ships - 1000
---replicator invasion - unlocks more repli ships - 1500
---adapted ancient technology - increased everything by 30% - 5000
------Asuran interaction - unlocks asuran satellites - 2000
Locate Supergate - unlocks ori ships - 2000
---Dial Supergate - unlocks more ori ships - 3000
--- Oris Blessing - increases everything by 30% - 3000

So what do we think???

These are all the lists for all the top 10 scifi episodes, everything from music to games...


Ep1 "Music"
10) BSG - Kara's Coordinates
9) SST - Klendathu Drop
8) Halo Reach - Tip of the Spear
7) Star Trek - Main Theme
6) Stargate - Replicator Theme
5) ID4 - Darkest Day
4) Ori Theme - Ori Theme
3) Dr Who - The Dark and Endless Night
2) SW - Emperial March
1) Halo 3 - The Covenant One final effort

Ep2 "Ships"
10) SW - Star Destroyer
9) ID4 - Alien Fighter
8) B5 - White Star
7) Spaceballs - Eagle 5
6) BSG - Galactica
5) Halo - Halcyon Class
4) ST - Constitution Class (2009)
3) Dr Who - The T.A.R.D.I.S
2) SW - Millenium Falcon
1) SG - BC304

Ep3 "WTF? Moments Part 1"
10) B5 - Chick thingy saves the day
9) Blowing up a star with a stargate
8) Death of the Death Star I
7) ID4 Mothership enters atmosphere
6) Golf through the Stargate

Ep4 "WTF? Moments Part 2"
5) Daleks attack earth...
4) Master Chief "gives the covenant back there bomb"
3) Farscape Wormhole weapon
2) Galactica Falling from orbit
1) Death of Spock

Ep5 "Heroes"
10) Captain Jack Harkness
9) Pilot from SST1 ship
8) Carmen Ibanez
7) Master Cheif
6) Pendergast
5) Admaril Adama
4) Picard
3) Yoda
2) The Doctor
1) Oniell

Ep6 "Technology"
10) Holo-band
9) Tesla
8) De-neuraliser
7) Light Saber
6) Resurection
5) Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy
4) tricorder
3) Sonic Screwdriver
2) Universal Translator
1) Towel

Ep7 "Quotes"
10) SG - "I'm an Air Force officer just like you are, Colonel. And just because my reproductive organs are on the inside instead of the outside, doesn't mean I can't handle whatever you can handle."
9) Aliens - "Nuke Them from orbit, its the only way to be sure"
8) SG - "Indeed" Tealc
7) Dr Who - This is not War, This is pest control
6) SG - "Wacho" Oniell
5) SW - "I am your father"
4) Halo - "Send me out with a bang" Johnson...
3) BSG - "military v police" Adama
2) MIB - "A Person is smart, people are dumb skittish animals"
1) All "I got a bad feeling about this" from as many scifis as i can get that line from

Ep8 "Ship Deaths"
10) SSD
9) Defiant
8) Prometheus
7) Churchill - B5
6) UNSC Grafton
5) Pegasus
4) Pheonix
3) Rodger Young
2) Ship at the start of 2009 trek movie
1) Wraith Hive/Ori MS

Ep9 "Fight scenes part 1"
10) ID4 dog fight between will smith and alien in the grand canyon
9) Yoda v Duku
8) Emperor v Yoda
7) Tealc v Imhoptep
6) Ripley V Alien in power armor

Ep10 "Fight Scenes part 2"
5) Halo Wars hero dude taking down that elite
4) Mitchel v Repli-Marrik
3) Evil Ronan v Tyre
2) Luke v Vader round 2
1) Tealc v Ronan

Ep11 "Space Battles Part 1"
10) SST - Klendathu drop
9) BSG - Galactica + Peg taking down the cylon basestars above new caprica
8) ST - Borg cube pawning trek ships
7) the battle fro mthe end of galaxy quest

Ep12 "Space Battles Part 2"
6) SG - Supergate
5) B5 - Battle of Coriana VI
4) ST - Battle at the end of DS9

Ep13 "Space Battles Part 3"
3) End of serentiy
2) SG - Asuras Orbital Battle
1) SW - Death Star 2

Ep14 "Easter Eggs"
10) SW - New york behind aniken in episode 3 as padme and him talk when mace windu is aresting the emperor
9) space baals - near the end of the movie when Barf and Lone Star are at the diner, as the camera zooms up to the space dock the millenium falcon is parked beside the diner.
8) BSG - Serrenity Lands on Caprica
7) SGA - In Season 5, Episode 16: Brain Storm, at the scene where all the physicists are discussing the theories in the white boards, look at bottom right of the last white board that is showed, it says:
Fork Bomb
in UNIX systems ":(){:|:&};:" is a command that creates a infinite amount of process, crashing the system (called a Fork Bomb).
6) SG1 - Several times during this we see the throne room belonging to Khonsu the Tok'ra. Several knives are hanging on the wall behind the throne including a Bat'leth (a Klingon double-edged sword) and a Man'geth (a Klingon dagger).
5) ST 2009 movie - R2D2 infront of viewscrene around 47:39 in vulcan debry
4) SW Ep1 - Et voting in episode 1 for no comfidence in the senate
3) BSG - Enterpise behind the galactica fleet
2) ST - Milenium Falcon in the borg cube fight
1) SW - Chapter 13 at about 38:46 When Anakin and Obi-Wan are talking in the hallway after Anakin stands before the council to be appointed, if you watch the ships outside the window, you will see the NASA Space Shuttle appear from the left in the window behind them. This is right about the time Anakin says, "I didn't ask to be put on the council". The image remains for a short time. Definitely noticable.

Ep15 "Ground Battles Part 1"
10) Ground battle from SW Ep1, gungans
9) Jedi/Clones ballte SW Ep2, clone wars start

Ep16 "Ground Battles Part 2"
8) ID4 - Battle at the end
7) BSG ground battle... final ep, battle inside the colony

Ep17 "Ground Battles Part 3"
6) SST power armor battle
5) SG1 Episode where fraiser dies
4) Battle of Canary Warf

Ep18 "Ground Battles Part 4"
3) Battle of Hoth
2) Bugs attacking that base in SST

Ep19 "Ground Battles Part 5"
1) Prometheus Over antartica

Ep20 "Scifi Races"
10) SST Bugs
9) Borg
8) Replicator Spiders
7) Alien
6) Cylons
5) Wookies
4) Species - 8472
3) Predator
2) Daleks
1) Sang Helious (Elites)


Ep21 "Top 20 Star Wars Spoofs Part 1"
20 - rug rats spoof
19 - Grocey Store Wars
18 - toy story 3 - zerg is buzz's father
17 - Its a trap (the bit that mentions enterprise)
16 - muppet show spoof

Ep22 "Top 20 Star Wars Spoofs Part 2"
15 - colbert report spoof of the start of episode 3
14 - troops (cops style spoof???)
13 - Austin Powers (moon to death star)
12 - Simpsons (homer saves look)
11 - darth vader being a jerk
HM - Yoda in E.T., Night at the museum Darth Vader, Sorcerers Aprentice "not the droids"

Ep23 "Top 20 Star Wars Spoofs Part 3"
10 - something something something dark side
9 - goerge lucas strikes back
8 - Spaceballs
7 - j and silent bob strokes back
6 - Chad Vader

Ep24 "Top 20 Star Wars Spoofs Part 4"
5 - Hardware Wars
4 - How it should have ended
3 - blue harvest - all the reds checking in
2 - fanboys (around 40min mark)
1 - robot chicken - Admaril ackbar cereal add - vader luke have fun - luke and laya in bed "that was so wrong"

Ep25 "Villans Part 1"
10) Weaping Angel Bob
9) Brain Bug
8) Cylon John
7) Oberoth
6) Gravemind

Ep 26 "Villans Part 2"
5) Davros
4) Michael
3) Dude form new trek movie
2) Anubis
1) Vader

Ep27 "Scary Scifi movies/episodes"
10) SGA Episode Where the crystals give them nightmares.
9) ST - Schisms (TNG - 6.05)
8) Serenity
7) The Library
6) Signs
5) Blink
4) SGA Mist Episode
3) Starship Troopers 2
2) Alien
1) Event Horizon

Ep28 " 'Lightsabre' Battles part 1"
10) Obione v Vader (obi dies)
9) Robot Chicken Bush v Lincon
8) Ryan v Dorkman
7) Colbert v Lucas
6) Yoda v Duku
5) Aniken v Count Duku (round 2)

Ep29 " 'Lightsabre' Battles part 2"

4) Space Balls Battle
3) J and Silent Bob Strike Back
2) Art of the Sabre
1) Luke V Vader round 2

Ep30 "Falacies"
10) Earth Like environments... everywhere...
9) Aliens aparently adapted to use us for something but we've never met before... (ie facehuggers from aliens and the aliens from skyline that need our brains, goauld use humans as hosts...)
8) USB Connects to EVERYTHING
7) Large Fireballs in space
6) Walking through walls but not falling through the ground in the process...
5) Virbal Comunication
4) Humanoid Aliens
3) Visible Energy weapons
2) Banking when turning
1) Sound In Space...

Ep31 "Space Stations"
10) Ragnor Achorage (BSG)
9) Goauld Starbase (SG1)
8) The Sanctuary (SST)
7) Star Trek starbase thingy
6) Midway space station
5) ID4 Mothership
4) Babylon 5
3) Scorpia Shipyards
2) Cairo Station
1) Death Star

Ep32 "Movies Part 1"
10) Fifth Element
9) Spaceballs
8) Dune
7) Star Trek - Wrath of Khan
6) Galaxy Quest

Ep33 "Movies Part 2"
5) Stargate
4) Hitch Hikers guide to the galxy
3) M.I.B.
2) Star Trek 2009
1) Star Wars Ep 5

Ep34 "TV Episodes Part 1"
10) DS9 - The Visitor
9) Farscape - crackers don't matter or unrealized reality
8) SAAB - the episode where mcqueen takes out the red baron
7) Star Trek Enterprise S03 twilight
6) BSG - S1E3 - "33"

Ep35 "TV Episodes Part 2"
5) Firefly - Out of gas
4) Babylon 5 S03E10 - severed dreams
3) SGU S02E19 - Blockade
2) SG1 - Window of opertunity
1) Dr Who - Blink

Ep36 "Visual effects"
10) ST2 - Wraith of khan - genesis event
9) Puddle pass from stargate
8) Space Odyssey - the star gate scene thingy
7) Blade runner - future city thingy
6) Daedalus defeleting a saolr mass ejection
5) BSG - colony orbiting a black shole
4) SG! - Ori ships exiting the supergate from carters POV
3) Caprica - Chick coming out of the oose as she resurects
2) ST:Ent - future dude intro the time war thingy
1) Destiny flying trough a super massive star

Ep37 "Ways to move faster than light"
10) Star Wars FTL
9) Inprobability Drive
8) Star Trek Warp
7) Starburst
6) SG1 Hyperspace
5) starblazers warp
4) babylon 5 window thingy
3) Destinys FTL
2) Battlestar jump
1) Space balls ludicrus speed

Ep38 "Scifi Cities"
10) Vulcan city thing from 2009 ST
9) Galifrey
8) Fifth Element city
7) Firefly floating city from episode trash
6) Caprica
5) Atlantis
4) Blade Runner
3) New New York
2) Asuran City thingy
1) Corauscant

Ep39 "Scif Games Part 1"
10) Space invaders
9) Wing Commander
8) Star Wars - Empire At War - Force of corruption
7) Homeworld
6) Free Lancer

Ep40 "Scif Games Part 2"
5) Starfox
4) Nexus Jupiter Incident
3) Star Craft 2
2) Mass Effect
1) Halo CE

Ep Bonus - Winning Series
10 - Hitchhikers Guide - 21
9 - Spaceballs - 22
8 - babylon 5 - 28
7 - Starship Troopers - 34
6 - Doctor Who - 80
5 - Battlestar galactica - 81
4 - Star Trek - 111
3 - Halo - 140
2 - Star Wars - 150
1 - Stargate - 200

Completed Lists that were never made into episdoes
Ep "Things that became real"
10) Plasma Cutters
9) Microwave over
8) Cloaking devices
7) Virtual Reality
5) Non-cash monitary systems (ie credit based)
4) Suspended Animation
3) Cloning
2) Tablet Laptops
1) Communicators - wireless headsets

Ep "Scifis most hated characters"
10) Dr Who - Mickey
9) SG1 - Junas Quin
8) Farscape - Commandant Grazer
7) Babylon 5 - londo
6) The Fifth Element - Ruby Rhod
5) SG1 - Marrick
4) Star Trek - Wesley Crusher
3) SGA - Kavanaugh
2) Jar JAr Binks
1) Religious bitch from SST3

Ep "Nerds"
10) Charlie Amite and LArry (numb3rs)
9) Maurice Moss (The IT crowd)
8) Grant (Mythbusters)
7) Douglas (eureka)
6) Mckay (sga)
5) Chuck (chuck)
4) Mcgee (ncis)
3) Claudia (warehouse 13)
2) Eli (sgu)
1) Sheldon (big bang)

Incomplete Lists that would of needed to be completed to be made into Episodes
Ep "Chase scenes"
10) SGA - Sheppard first time in a jumper trying to get back to atlantis
8) Ep2 star wars boba chasing obi chasing boba
6) End of ID4 runing out of the ship
5) Ep2 Star Wars chasing the drone lady thing
4) End of Galaxy Quest where the ships being chased through the mine field
3) Ep3 Star Wars obi won chasing droid dude
2) Chasing the falcon through the asteroid field
1) ID4 Fighter Dog fight in the grand canyon

Ep "Fighter battles"
8) Enemy at the Gate - Wraith v 302s - Above USA
4) End of ID4
3) Vipers v Cylons - When theres hundred of cylons v a few vipers, with a wall of cylons
1) SG1 Above antartica

Ep "Worst Scifi Moments"

Ep "Ship Reveals"
8) F302 on the wraith hive
4) Yamato after explosion
2) Falcon on te Star Destroyer
1) Enterpise in titan

Ep "Anti-Hero"
6) Valas husband from the ori galaxy
1) Todd

Ep "Places to visit"
10) Naboo
9) Dakara
8) Vulcan
5) Caprica
4) Wookie Planet
3) Corauscant
2) Galifrey
1) Atlantis

Ep "Places to Avoid"
10) SGU dinosaur planet
9) Reaver Teritory
7) Unimatrix o (or the borg plnaet ship thingy)
6) Halla
5) SG1 Blackhole planet
4) The Library
3) Cylon Colony
2) Geonosis
1) Dalek Cruicble

Ep "Plans to defeat your enemy"
6) Supergate kills Ori ship
1) Blowing up a star

Ep" Ways to 'land' a ship"
10) SG1 - Jacob "landing" the Teltak
9) SGA - Todd 'landing' a wraith hive in the new lantian ocean
8) SG1 - The Beliskner "landing" in the Pacific Ocean
5) SW EP3 Aniken 'landing' the front half of the enemy ship
1)SGA - Sheppard "landing" the wraith ship into the cloaning facility

SFAW - Story...

Spinobreaker Blog

Int. Gallifrey hallways

The Doctor is escorted down the hall by
five guards. Walking in front of them is Rassilon.

The Doctor
“You cant do this. If you activate
the nightmare child it wont be a victory worth winning”

“I refuse to let a billion years of
our history fall to the Daleks”

The Doctor
“There has to be another way”

“There is no other choice. The time
war will end, and peace will be restored”

The Doctor
“It will consume everything”

The Doctor tries to make a move
forward, but is stopped by the guards. They pin him against the wall.
Rassilon walk over to him

“Don't you get it Doctor, we lost
long ago. But now we must bet it all to save everything else.”

The Doctor says nothing, he just stares
at him.

“You two, take him to the holding
station on level 6”

Int. Gallifrey Different Hall
The guards take The Doctor down the
hall. The Doctor punches one of the guards and takes his weapon. He
then stuns the other guard. The Doctor looks around to make sure that
no one has seen him

The Doctor
“I can't let them get away with this”

He turns and runs down the hall.

Int. Gallifrey TARDIS room
A few corridors later he arrives at a
room with no less than 20 TARDIS's. All sitting with there doors
open. He sonics one on the end and its clam alarm goes off. All the
Time Lords in the room run towards it to try and fix it. The Doctor
then runs into the Blue Box and off he goes.

The Doctor
“I need to stop the nightmare child
but how”

he pauses deep in thought as the TARDIS
roll through the time vortex

Guard 2
“I'm sorry sir, he managed to escape”

“It doesn't matter, The Nightmare
Child is beyond the doctors reach”

Rassilon smiles and sits down on his

Int. Dalek Ship

TARDIS re-materialises and the door
opens. The Doctor exits, hands raised to be confronted by 10 Dalek
soldiers. Unlike there other counterparts the Dalek Soldiers have two
weapons, one for countering people one for countering vehicles.

Dalek A
“It's the Doctor. Exterminate...

The Dalek fires three times but the
shots are absorbed

The Doctor
“Quantum shielding. You can't
Exterminate me. After all I'm here because I need your help”

Dalek A
“Daleks don't help The Doctor”

The Doctor
“Well not help you specifically. I
want to talk to Davros. I know he's here somewhere”

A door opens and Davros moves through
it into the line of sight of The Doctor

“Doctor what a pleasant surprise”

The Doctor
“Ah, there we go. Hello Davros. I'm
here to inform you that the wars over. We all lost. Unless your
Daleks can destroy The Nightmare Child.”

“The Nightmare Child. You take me for
a fool. The Time Lords would never create that. Let alone use it in
the war.”

The Doctor
“Desperate times...”

“Why would we help you destroy it?”

The Doctor
“It creates paradoxes. Get enough of
them close enough and they will destroy all of time and space. I
tried to stop them. I did everything I could. But you are the
universes last hope”

Davros smiles
“Me, the last hope of the universe”

The Doctor
“Yeh sticks in your throat a bit
doesn't it”

Davros look The Doctor up and down. He
turns to Dalek A
“Tell all ships to meet at point
sigma. We will move on Gallifrey and save the universe. Because what
am I going to rule if its destroyed

Dalek A look at Davros and then looks
at The Doctor

Int. Gallifrey Table-room
Rassilon enters and sits at the end.
The old prophet sits at the other end and starts ranting about the
last great push of the time war. The Daleks were coming, and this
time The Doctor is helping them.

“Impossible. The Daleks would never
help The Doctor. Bring The Nightmare Child into orbit and activate
it. We will show them the meaning of the word Nightmare”

In orbit above Gallifrey the Dalek
armada approaches as one of them explodes. The Doctor looks at the
view screen as The Nightmare Child rises up into orbit.

Int. Dalek Bridge
Dalek 1
“Detecting singularities emanating
from The Nightmare Child.”

The Doctor looks even closer at the
screen, squinting he sees it. He presses a button and two faces
appear in front of him. Davros and The Dalek Emperor.

The Doctor
“Its firing black holes at us. Davros
get you draw fire from the left. Dalek Emperor you take your fleet
down the left. I'll take my fleet down the middle and try and board
her and disable its inhibiting fields. Then we should be able to
destroy her with the combined fire power”

Davros and The Emperors images
disappear of the screen, and a new readout comes out showing the
fleets separating, and spreading out. Only problem is, Davros is
headed right down the throat of the Nightmare child. The ships in
front of him are being destroyed one at a time. With other black
holes moving outwards towards the other two fleets. The Doctor runs
off the bridge and heads down the hall and into the TARDIS. He fires
he up and abandons ship just as it takes a direct hit from a black
hole and disappears.
The TARDIS reappears and moves towards
Davros's ship as quickly as it can while dodging black holes. But
he's to late. His command ship is absorbed by the Maw at the front of
the Nightmare Child. The Doctor just watches helplessly. The remains
of the Dalek fleet breaks off the attack and falls back. The Doctor
works the controls in the TARDIS when all of a sudden it jumps and
shakes and throws him around. The Paradox section of The Nightmare
Child has been activated...

Around him appear whole galaxies of
planets. The TARDIS locks onto the closest one and lands.

Int. SGC Gate room
The Stargate is still active behind the
TARDIS as it appears. The Doctor stumbles out to come face to face
with a base of angry soldiers. But before he can explain anything he
passes out.

New Horizon

Spinobreaker Blog

Im currently, with Gilly6666, working on a few models and a story for a POSSIBLE mod for FOC. I may not happen, it might happen, who knows...
But heres the details ive worked out...

New Horizon

Factions –
Daemos (possibly playable later, made by gilly)
Varusians - (playable, made by Spino)
Hyperions - (playable made by gilly)
Scurge - (not playablbe, more or less pirate factions, made by Spino)

Daemos –
Basic History -
The Daemon are an ancient race of beings that have a recorded history almost 30,000 years old. They attained FTL in the year 8476bc. They colonised many planets around there native star and moved out into the galaxy. Over time (say by the year 4000bc) they became a dominant force in there own region of space. But this was about to end. In the year 2500bc a massive star, only 50 light years from there home planet, and a majority of there colonies explodes in a super-nova. This decimated the population of the race, and forced them further afield. They then established new colonies, far from there now destroyed home planet. They then settled and over the next 1000 years grow again. But then they stumble across something unexpected. A populated planet. Earth. They monitor our development on and off over the next 300 years. And realise we have potential as a species to rival them. So they decide on an experiment, a test to see if they can determine our true potential. They find two large groups of people, far from home, and stun them all. They then take them to an almost uninhabitable planet that will test there survivability to the limits. Then another alien race attacks the Daemos, and draws there attention to war. They forget about there experiment and they even forget about Earth.
They fight there war and wipe out the aggressors. They return to there roles as guardians of this sector. Time passes and the race ages again.
But now the Daemos can see the threat Earth will pose to there position at the top. And they go to war. All of Earth's colonies are wiped out and earth is being bombarded. The war was fast and effective. Earth, in one last cry of desperation calls for a ceasefire. Earth sends a delegation up to the mother ship and in secret they release a nano-plague. The plague disables the Daemos fleet and they are forced to retreat. It quickly spreads through the Daemos colonies and planets decimating the population, pushing them almost to extinction.

Technology – The Daemos technology is organic based. This means it can regenerate on its own, making the ships very hard to destroy. But it also makes it vulnerable to diseases.

None yet...

Home Planet -

First colonies

New Colony Names -

Varusians -
9ce - Varus marches his army of fifteen thousand men plus a train of ten thousand women, children, slaves and pack animals into the Teutoberg forest. Stretching over 9 miles the army was surrounded by fog. Then when the fog cleared they were no longer in a forest. They were in the middle of a field. And in the night sky they could not find the stars needed to return to Rome. Varus rallied his troops together to build a camp, search for water and ration the food. Over the coming weeks it was concluded that returning home was impossible after many scouts returned back to camp reporting no signs of other people anywhere within a weeks ride. This was impossible to them. How could they move from one location to another.
They called there camp Navo Roma (New Rome), and slowly they started to realise there was no going back. They built farms and tended the land. They progress technologically at a slow rate to being with, since basic services and houses had to be built from scratch, but over time they spread out, and multiplied.
2328ce – The Varusians, as they call themselves now are testing there now FTL drive. And over the coming few years they establish many off world colonies. But rumours still remain, from all those years past of a home they are destined to return to. So once everything is in order they advance further out
2368ce – The Varusians come face to face with the Hyperions. The Hyperions assume that tey are the Daemos retuning to destroy them, while the Varusians assume the Hyperions are the ones who stole them away from there planet and are now occupying what is rightfully theres.
2371ce – Full scale war erupts between the two factions.

Home Planet -

Colony Names -

Technology - Technology is based on military might before scientific research. Most weapons are projectile based, with missiles doing the most damage. The FTL drive used could be described as a point-to-point FTL system making jumps as opposed to flights. This limits FTL range but decreases the power needed to use the drive as minimal forward momentum is needed to activate it.

Varusians Fleet -
Bomber – Gladius Class Mk 8 -
The Mk1 Gladius was a stealth bombing drone capable of strikes anywhere on the surface of a planet. Built to get in quietly and get out quickly before it can be detected the Gladius mk1 dealt heavy damage to enemy bunkers around Varus during the Century War. With the coming of the Space age, and the design being so effective against larger targets, it was decided that instead of developing a new bomber for space the Mk1 would be re-designed and refitted into the Mk2. The Mk2 was deployed on the first of the ships sent out to patrol the outer limits of the Varus system. It was one group of drones that detected and intercepted a large asteroid headed for Varus. By latching onto the outside of the asteroid they successfully re-directed it into the local Star. From there they went into regular service protecting mining operations from smugglers and pirates. With the development of interstellar travel, the Mk 6, by this point, was redesigned again to the Mk7 giving it access to FTL travel, but this compromised some of the hull. It was then redesigned for a final time, with a more compact FTL system allowing for greater jumps while using less energy. This allows the Mk8 to travel distances of 10 light years in about 2 hours, with recharging stops after every 3 light jump. This is impressive for a ship of its size considering the mining vessels of many times the size take weeks to cover the same distance. This has allowed the Gladius to patrol large sectors of space with minimal man power.

Fighter – Hercules Class Mk 5 -
Like the Gladius, The Hercules Mk 1 was originally designed and built as an in-atmosphere fighter it was redesigned with the space age into an interplanetary Mk2 Fighter. After this design several weaknesses and design flaws were identified and modified until the Mk5 was unveiled 10 years after the original Mk 1. The Hercules is a workhorse, capable of interstellar combat as well as targeting specific targets on any planet in its home system. It is armed with 3 orbit-surface missiles, 10 anti-ship missiles and 20 anti-fighter missiles and carries a large amount of 30mm ammo that can be fired forward at any chosen target. While useless against larger ships it can easily shred smaller targets like fighters and bombers.

Corvette – Juno Class -
The Juno class was originally built as a local escort. Designed to protect travelling vessels from asteroids and other threats. Its armour is not very strong but it is still capable of knocking an asteroid out of a collision course when needed. It can also act as a remote command post for the Gladius Bomber. One notable Juno Class the “VSS Sparta” was used to intercept a pirate fleet four times her tonnage, and yet thanks to her commanding officer managed to defeat the force while protecting her convoy of ships. The “VSS Juno” was the ship chosen to test the new FTL system on. It was also the first ship to leave the Varus system. After the testing and development of the system the galaxy opened up to the Varusians who then started to explore out gathering more resources and building bigger ships.

Destroyer – Neptune Class -
The Neptune class was designed to counter the continued build up of pirate forces in the Varus system. It was 10% larger than the Juno class and was the first ship class to have a squadron of fighters permanently on board. The lager ships allowed greater coverage against pirates who had established bases on several asteroids and moons in the outer system. The most notable actions by a Neptune class was the “VSS Britannia” who sacrificed herself to protect a large amount of refugees from the moon Copia, after it was attacked by a force of 20 pirate built corvettes. After taking heavy damage, and hopelessly outnumbered, she detonated her reactor destroying 6 of the enemy ships and disabling 5 others. This gave the refugees just enough time to reach the reinforcements attempting to help the VSS Britannia, but they arrived 30 minutes to late. It wasn't until the Development of FTL travel that the Neptune class reached its limits. It was still small and fast but could not fight across a large enough area to protect all the systems

Cruiser – Vulcan Class -
As man reached out from Varus they found themselves spread a bit thin. They decided to continue the production of Corvettes for local defence, but found with the outdated design of the destroyers they needed something larger. This is when the Vulcan class was designed. It is the first class of ship to be designed around the FTL engine. This allows a more powerful engine to be located in the ship, allowing for longer and more accurate jumps. The VSS Vulcan was the first ship off the newly finished orbital construction platforms. It was originally stationed in orbit around Varus, but with continued uprising in the interplanetary colonies it was decided that it would do a tour around the Aleria system. But this plan was short lived when the people of Lutetia rebelled and ceased control of four destroyers and five corvettes stationed on the surface in the dry docks. It became obvious that there intentions were hostile when the people of Pompey messaged that they were under attack by the forces believed to be on Lutetia. The VSS Vulcan, on her own, defeated the fleet, destroying two destroyers and three corvettes while suffering minimal damage herself. The remaining forces surrendered. With this trial by fire the Vulcan class's production was accelerated and soon a fleet of 30 were finished and divided so that they would be in orbit of many different colonies, allowing for ground support and defences against pirate activity.

Carrier – Jupiter Class -
The Jupiter Class was designed after the success of the Vulcan class. There was only one flaw found in the Vulcan class and that was the minimal amount of fighters and bombers able to be transported around. The Jupiter class was designed to fill that void. With the capacity to hold 10 squadrons of fighter and 9 squadrons of bombers at any one time (with enough excess space for 5 extra squadrons of fighters or bombers) the Jupiter can bring a portable force from one star to the next in less than an hour. The capability to move that many people around is one that civilians loved and the Third of the Jupiter class was built as a civilian transport as opposed to a military war machine. The Jupiter has yet to see any major conflicts.

Command Ship – Mars Class –
With so many massive ships in so many systems keeping track of them all was becoming more and more difficult at Fleet command orbiting Varus. They decided that they needed an even larger command ship. Something that could hold its own in any form of conflict imaginable. The first ship was called the VSS Mars. And was stationed in the massive void between Varus and Neapolis, the closest colony to Varus. The Mars has never seen combat but acts as the pivotal point the Varusian Space Fleet moves on. Officially the VSS Mars does not exist. As all transmissions go back to the Varus Fleet Command station. But they are then forwarded on to the VSS Mars.

Hyperions -
2190ce, Earth reaches out to the stars for the first time in earnest. They have just finished there first FTL drive and then they come face to face with the one protective Daemos.

Home Planet

Scurge -
Timeline - Originally used as a weapon against the Daemos, they absorbed some of the tech and becamse self sufficient. They now rome around destroying anything they find

Scurge Fleet -

Basic Overall Timeline -

200bc - The Daemos make it to earth and take a whole Roman Batalion or 2 (ill look into it i know theres two that were wiped out, but what if the were taken instead), and placed on a brutal planet. To be tested by the Daemos.

2190 - Humans from Earth gain ftl ability and poke there heads out beyond there home system for the first time. In 60 years they explore only the imediate area around Sol, a half dozen stars or so. Then they run into the Demos, who smash them. But Earth fights back, desperate for victory they devolp a nona-plague. Designed to attack the organic nature of the enemy ships

and in last days of the war, as Earth was being bombarded from orbit a ceasefire summit was held. And the nano-plague was smuggled onboard. The plague spread rapidly through the Demos fleet decimating it. The Demos were forced to flee and try and recover, if they could. They scuttled a lot of there ships to try and prevent the spread of the plague. And this gave The Varusians the opertunity they were waiting for. With the Demos fleet in full withdrawal, both Earth and Varus were abandoned. By the year 2370 Earth has re-establish a half dozen off world colonies. And so had the Varusians. But they were activly looking for Earth, while the Hyperions were more looking for resources, to build more powerful ships, just incase there old advisary came back. And thats when they met, for the first time

By the year 2375, both side were fighting over a massive stellar front

Ok i hope that makes sence, and tell me what u think of the concept, and how we could improve it...

PS im looking for people who can code, UV map, Skin, Model, etc, to help with this. The leads will be Spino for coding and Gilly for unit design, but if u think u can hlep PM me

Its been a long time since ive posted a blog, and im bored atm, so i thought why not lol
Basically ive started a mini-project just for me and a few friends that will create, more or less, a mgic the gathering spin off scifi at war series of cards. Starting with stargate.
Now there are a few differences between normal magic and SFAW Magic.
Firstly theres the types of cards and how they work, they're
Ship (basically a monster)

Captain (an equip limited to one type of ship, and add +X/+X depending on the ship)

Fleet (another type of equip card that allow u to give a ship a group of fighters or bombers. Not sure of there role in the future, but atm they add +1/+1 to equiped ship)
Planet (more or less like land, but with one exception. If u tap it u can build a mine. Its mines that you sarcifice to create ships) Different planets have different mine capabilites

Mine (thers currently 3 types, Naquada, Trinium, and neutronium. Naquada is used in Tauri and Goauld ships. Trinium in Lantian, tauri and wraith and Neutronium in asgard and replicator

Instant/Refit (more or less an upgrade card, covers anything from asgard bema weapons to tranporting nukes)

CARD LIST - ( - all cards)

-Ships (21)
X303 (group: Tau'ri price:1xnaq at/def: 1/1 )
BC304 (group: Tau'ri price:1xnaq 1xtrin at/def: 3/4 )
Pyramid Ship (group: Goa'uld price:1xnaq at/def: 1/1 )
Old Hatak (group: Goa'uld price:1xnaq at/def: 2/2 )
New Hatak (group: Goa'uld price:2xnaq at/def: 4/4 )
Apohpis Hatak (group: Goa'uld price:3xnaq at/def: 6/6 )
Anubis Hatak (group: Goa'uld price:3xnaq at/def: 8/8 )
Ori Mothership (group: Ori price:3xnaq at/def: 6/8 )
Beliskner (group: Asgard price:1xneutronium at/def: 2/3 )
Daniel Jackson (group: Asgard price:2xneutronium at/def: 2/4 )
Oniell (group: Asgard price:3xneutronium at/def: 4/5 )
Replicator Spider Ship (group:Replicator price:1xneutronium at/def: 2/2 )
Replifrigate (group:Replicator price:3xneutronium at/def: 4/2 )
Replicator Cruiser (group:Replicator price:4xneutronium at/def: 5/4 )
Lantian Corvette (group:Lantian price:triniumx1 at/def: 1/2 )
Lantian Destoryer (group:Lantian price:triniumx3 at/def: 3/4 )
Aurora (group:Lantian price:triniumx4 at/def: 5/6 )
Atlantis (group:Lantian price:triniumx8 at/def: 2/15 )
Wraith Hive (group:Wraith price:triniumx4 at/def: 6/4 )
Wraith Cruiser (group:Wraith price:triniumx1 at/def: 2/1 )
ZPM Hive (group:Wraith price:triniumx5 at/def: 10/5 )

-Fleet (9)
F301 (price:genx1 Adds +1/+1 to equped ship)
F302 (price:genx2 Adds +2/+2 to equped ship)
Puddle Jumper (price:genx3 Adds +3/+3 to equped ship)
Ori Fighter (price:genx1 Adds +1/+1 to equped ship)
Death Glider (price:genx2 Adds +2/+2 to equped ship)
Needle Glider (price:genx1 Adds +1/+1 to equped ship)
Alkesh Bomber (price:genx3 Adds +3/+3 to equped ship)
Wraith Dart (price:genx1 Adds +1/+1 to equped ship)
Repli-fighter (price:genx1 Adds +1/+1 to equped ship)

-Captains (18)
Cnl Caldwell (304 only - price:genx1 Adds +2/+2 to equped ship) - Tap for three turns then search your library and draw a "Transport Nuke" card and equip it to the same BC304 as Cnl Caldwell
Cnl Carter (303 or 304 - price:genx1 Adds +2/+2 to equped ship) - sacrifice carter and attached ship to deal 5 damage to play or ship
Cnl Pendergast (303 only - price:genx1 Adds +2/+2 to equped ship) - gives first strike
Gen Oniell (303 or 304 - price:genx1 Adds +2/+2 to equped ship) - decreases cost of all tauri ships by one level
Gen Hammond (303 only - price:genx1 Adds +2/+2 to equped ship) - decreases cost of all tauri ships by one level
Cnl Ellis (304 only - price:genx1 Adds +2/+2 to equped ship) - tap for three turns then seach your library and draw the Horizon Weapon Platform card and equip it to the same BC304 as Cnl Ellis
Cnl Emerson (304 only - price:genx1 Adds +2/+2 to equped ship) - Tap for three turns then search your library and draw an "Asgard Beam Weapons" card and equip it to the same BC304 as Cnl Emerson
Cnl Ronson (303 only - price:genx1 Adds +2/+2 to equped ship) - Gives double strike to attached X303
Cnl Chekov (304 only - price:genx1 Adds +2/+2 to equped ship) - sacrifice Chekov and attached ship to destory an enemy ship
Thor (any asgard - price:genx1 Adds +2/+2 to equped ship) - Gives all Asgard ships double strike
Loki (beliskner only - price:genx1 Adds +2/+2 to equped ship) - Tap to shuffle your hand back into your library and draw the same amount of cards again
Heimdall (Daniel Jackson class - price:genx1 Adds +2/+2 to equped ship) - Tap for three turns then search your library and draw an "Asgard Core" card and equip it to the same ship as Heimdall
Aegir (oniell only - price:genx1 Adds +2/+2 to equped ship) - Tap for three turns then search your library and draw an "Asgard Core" card and equip it to the same ship as Aegir
Freyr (any asgard - price:genx1 Adds +2/+2 to equped ship) - Tap to give all asgard ships +1/+1
Hermiod (oniell only - price:genx1 Adds +2/+2 to equped ship) - Tap to destory an enemy ship
Adria (Ori MS only - price:genx1 Adds +2/+2 to equped ship) - Tap to destory an enemy ship
Doci (Ori MS only - price:genx1 Adds +2/+2 to equped ship) - Search your library and add one Ori Fighter card to your hand for every Ori ship on the battlefield
Queen (wraith only - price:genx1 Adds +2/+2 to equped ship) - Search your library and add one wraith dart card to your hand for every wraith ship on the battlefield

-Planets (15) (each planet can support 3 mines unless otherwise stated)
Earth (cheap Tau'ri ships - naq)
Alpha Site (cheap Tau'ri ships - naq)
Beta Site (cheap Tau'ri ships - naq)
Lantea (cheap Lantian ships - trin)
Asuras (cheap Lantian ships - trin)
Celestis (cheap Ori ships - naq)
Dakara (cheap Goa'uld ships - naq)
Abydos (cheap Goa'uld ships - naq)
Chulak (cheap Goa'uld ships - naq)
Tantarus (cheap Goa'uld ships - naq)
Halla (cheap asgard ships - neut)
Othalla (cheap asgard ships - neut)
Orill (cheap asgard ships - neut)
M1B-129 (cheap wraith ships - trin)
M6H-491 (cheap wraith ships - trin)

-Instant (20)
Infest with Replicators (take control of enemy ship)
Alkesh Transport (Adds 3 generic land)
Anti-replicator sat (destroys replicator contrlled ships)
Hasara Space Station (protects planet)
Midway Space Station (protects planet)
Invade through a Stargate (take control of an enemy planet)
Stargate Sheild (blocks invade through a stargate)
Transport Nuke (Instantly destroys enemy ship)
Horizon Weapon Platfrom (deals 5 damage to ship or player)
Orbital Defese (destroys ships)
Boarding Party (swap control of ship)
Naquada Generator (Adds +2/+2 to equped ship)
Naqaudria Generator (adds +5/+5 to equiped ship)
Ascneded Knowledge (choose three cards from your library and remove them, shuffle your library then place the three cards on the top in any order you choose)
Lantian Database (choose three planets from your library and place them in your hand, shuffle your library)
Ancient Archives (choose three ships from your library and place them in your hand, shuffle your library)
Asgard Core (Give any asgard or tauri ship +2/+2)
Asgard Beam Weapons (give any asgard or tauri ship +4/0)
Z.P.M (Add +10/+10 to equiped ship, remove from play at end of turn)
Cloaking Generator (allows direct strikes on players health)

Some cards have details next to them, others dont
So what do we all think?
i sooo need a life... and a girlfriend... but we wont go there lol

Its the next generation of Earth ship, designed to counter the threat of the Replicators. She was christened Achilles, and given all of our most advanced technology. And now she serves the Empire as its flagship...
"Sir I'm detecting three ships exiting hyperspace on the far side of the third moon" Major Koda reports, "Two are of traveller design the third is... the Pheonix"
"Bring us about, we will show Commander Carter the full force of our weapons" Comander Sheppard says
The Achiles turns and heads towards the three ships. It fires two shots from its main beam weapons, taking out the two traveller ships in one hit each
"Make her suffer for betraying her Emperor" Sheppard order
The Achilies fires one more shot, it easily cuts through the Pheonix's shields, and does heavy damage to the port hanger bay. The Pheonix shudders and slows
"Shes loosing power sir" Koda says
"Finish it" Sheppard orders and one more shot cuts the shields and hits the bridge directly
"Sir, she broadcasting a surrender, the bridge has been destroyed, and all the main systems are offline" Koda reports
"I said FINISH IT!" Sheppard responds, "There is no room for traitors in our ranks"
The Achilies fires one last shot, cutting the Pheonix in half before it explodes.

This is a preview to the next episode of my fanfic, its been a long time coming, and itll be a big one...
McKay gets trapped in an alternate timeline where Earth has not only defeated the Goa'uld and taken all there teritories, but the Asgard and all other races that oppose them have been destroyed, even the Ori. How will McKay survuve this alternate universe, where everyone is out for themselves, and he has no friends and no-allies... after all, in this universe he is viewed as a traitor...

Heres the current episode guide for the fanfic episodes i plan on writing. I was hoping for more than 6, and i have a few filler typw episode ideas for others to write if they want. But this is more or less what i will have. Now episode 2 im still writing, its only about half finished at the moment. Im hoping to have it done soon then ill move onto episode 4. Trust me the finale is HUGE, itll tie a lot of the threads up nicely, i hope u like what ive done, and i hope u can wait a while for the rest :D
Remember all the "Coming Soon" eps details might change over time so ill update it as i write them

Episode 1 - Navi Tractus -
Brief - On a quite 4th of July long weekend, Atlantis awakens and leaves Earth. Everyone is helpless to stop its flight to an unknown planet. Can the city, and the people left in it, survive what they find there?
The city is remote flown to a planet in the pegasus galaxy. Daedalus, Sun Tsu and Apollo all are in this story, as well as most of the B-team. The only main character not in these episode is Ronan, who was off world with Teal'c at the time of the incident.

Episode 2 - Revenge -
Brief - The team is yet to recover when an unknown ship is detected in orbit. What is itsd purprose, and what role did it play in the wars long forgotten?
This episode reveals a missing link in the war between the lantians and the wraith. It also brings back the Vanir, and itll have a small twist at the end

Episode 3 - Poisoning the Future -
Brief - While visiting Belkan to sign a formal treaty between Atlantis and the Coalition of Planets, the team is poisoned. Whos behind this assault on the team and how will they escape alive?
This episode is more filler than anything. Its desigend to re-start one thread and finish off another at the same time. All i can say is, the last few sentences will set the scenes for later on

Episode 4 - Death of a Star - (COMING SOON)
Brief - While visiting a planet the team discover that there is a station in orbit. Inside they find a group of children. Only once they are brought onboard the Daedalus for the trip back to Atlantis is there true goal revealed
This will introduce the alternate reality aliens in our galaxy. Itll also set the tone for the finale

Episode 5 - Past, Present and Future - (COMING SOON)
Brief - A friend long lost return to the team to reveal a story of a long lost hero. One of the last Lantians, left our space in seach of allies for the war against the Wraith. Who are they, and where do they come from?
This story takes place half at the end of the Lantian war and half in the current time. The basic premise is a slight twist on the four race alliance. In this its explained that they originally formed to break the seige of Atlantis. But before the fleet could be gathered from across the stars the city was abandoned. But the fleets still out there. With the help of Ford we find it and bring it back to life.

Episode 6 - A New Era - (COMING SOON)
Brief - With the battle plan in place, and the trap set, all thats left to do is wait for the bait to be taken. Who will survive the last great seige of Atlantis?
The big finale for SGA. The sort of finale it deserved... It has Repli-weir, another siege of atlantis by around 100 wraith ships, an alliance of Vanir, Human, Todd, Repli-Weirs Replicators, Travellers, Teyla goes Primary again and even a few more surprises. Needless to say this is one huge battle, and in the end some will live and some wont. After all its the finale, so dont place bets on it being all one sided and happy.

Then, Now and Next - Mckay centerd episode where he jumps forward and backwards in time, and has to solve an issue in all 3 timelines at the same time to save atlantis from destruction

Replacement - Mckay takes a new room in a recently explored tower. While sleeping hes taken to an alternate universe where he is in Zelenkas role and Zelenka is in his role, right down to Zelenka going out with Keller. McKay has to convince everyone hes not there McKay and then find a his way back.

I hope u all enjoy it once its done

Episode 1 - Navi Tractus -
Episode 2 - Revenge -
Episode 3 - Poisoning the Future -

Part 2 “Revenge”

McKay, Sheppard and Teyla have just left the control room when one of the consoles beeps. It highlights an object in orbit on the other side of the planet. A Wraith Hive ship.

“Sheppard, that rest will have to wait, We got a situation” Woolsey says into his earpiece.
Sheppard in his room, taps his in response “What is it?” He asks
“We've detected a ship on the other side of the planet. I need you to investigate. The Daedalus and Apollo are both on an intercept course. Unfortunately the Sun Tsu sustained to much damage with its close call and is in the process of landing” Woolseys voice crackles into Sheppard ear.
“Ok, tell Rodney and Teyla to meet me in the jumper bay in ten minutes.” Sheppard says,

Woolsey looks at the screen, two small dots are approaching the larger dot on the opposite side of the planet.

“Daedalus this is Atlantis, do you have a visual?” Woolsey asks
“Atlantis, this is Daedalus. It looks like a Wraith ship. But its not like any Wraith ship I've even seen. Its almost like a cross between a hive and a cruiser.” Caldwell replies
“Ok Daedalus, Sheppard is on his way in a jumper” Woolsey says
“Copy that, will hold at a safe distance” Caldwell says as Daedalus and Apollo both stop with the ship in view. Caldwell turns to Marks “Begin scanning the ship”.

“What do you mean a wraith ship?” Sheppard asks Woolsey on his way through the control room.
“It apparently looks like a Wraith ship, but its not a cruiser or a hive. And it appears to be inactive. All life sign scans show no life in board” Woolsey replies.
“Todd...” Sheppard says before doing a 180, “Rodney meet me in the jumper bay, ill be there in a few minutes. I'm going to talk to Todd”

A few moments later Sheppard enters the holding cell for Todd.
“So it was you...” Sheppard assumes
“What do you mean?” Todd asks
“We flew back to Pegasus, and on the very planet we land on there happens to be some random Wraith ship in orbit.” Sheppard says
“We are in Pegasus? Is that why we lost all power?” Todd asks
“Don't play dumb with me. Every time your around strange things happen.” Sheppard continues
“If this was a plan of mine don't you think I would of escaped the moment the power went out and the cell opened?” Todd asks before continuing, “Instead I stayed where I was, waiting for you to come in here and blame me for something I know nothing about.”
Sheppard looks at him. Assessing if he's telling the truth or not.
“Fine, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. But if you do anything...” Sheppard says
“You'll kill me, I know” Todd finishes.
“Sheppard this Woolsey” Woolseys voice comes in through his earpiece. Sheppard stops and walks out of the room, the door closes behind him.
“Woolsey go ahead.” Shepard replies
“We have our first set of information about the ship. I've sent Rodney down to you with some images of it” Woolsey says
“What about checking out the ship?” Sheppard asks
“Right now its not doing anything, and there's no life signs. Maybe Todd can help us with a more detailed analysis of it.” Woolsey says.

Rodney turns the corner. “Sheppard have you seen anything remotely close to this. Zelenka searching the database for anything that looks like this but so far he hasn't found anything”
Sheppard turns and opens the door again. They both enter Todds room. Rodney moves forward with the tablet and tentatively gives it to Todd, always making sure he's far enough away so he wont be fed on. Todd looks at the images and scans for about 30 seconds before Sheppard interrupts.
“So, what is it?” Sheppard asks
“It can't be. That ship was lost over ten thousand years ago. But here it is, still in one piece. Its not possible” Todd says to himself
“Todd, explaining this to us will go a long way towards earning some trust back.” Sheppard says
“Its one of the research ships used to keep tabs on the Lantians. They were all destroyed.” Todd says
“Why not this one?”” Mckay asks.
“I don't know.” Todd says. “You said we lost power when we arrived on this planet?”
“Yes” Rodney answers
“Do you think it could take out a Wraith ship?” Todd asks
“Possibly, we were ok until we lowered our shields...” Rodney stops mid sentence
“And Wraith don't use shields” Todd finishes.
“Oh my god, it could have been dormant for thousands of years.” Rodney says surprised
“But the hibernation chambers would not work if the ship was offline. All the Wraith would be dead” Todd says “You need to take me up there. I need to see what's on that ship”
“No.” Sheppard says bluntly.
Mckay leans over in an obvious attempt to hide what he's about to say from Todd. “He might know his way around, and I get lost in the city, let alone on a wraith ship”
Sheppard pauses and thinks about it. “We'll go up, look around ,if its safe then Lornes team can bring you up then.”
McKay takes the tablet back off Todd and both Sheppard and McKay leave, as Todd sighs and just stands there.

In the control room the gate dials and kwooshes.
“Sir we have contact with Earth.” Chuck says
“Finally, open a channel” Woolsey says, “Stargate Command this is Atlantis”
The small screen to the side flicks up with an image of General O'niell.
“Nice to hear from you Atlantis, we'd written you off.” O'niell Replies
“Really?” Woolsey says smiling, “Well we've had some technical difficulties, but we are back online now. I can send you the report if you want.”
“I look forward to looking it over.” Jack says. In the background, behind Jack someone runs into the room. He gives O'niell a piece of paper. “Looks like your going to have to send those ships back. We just got word the Lucian Alliance is planning on making a run at several of our off world colonies. We need as many 304s here as we can get.”
“But General, we found a wraith ship in orbit. And the Sun Tsu is out of action for now.” Woolsey says
“Is Sun Tsu space capable?” O'niell asks
“I think so, but its not hyperspace capable at the moment” Woolsey says
“Then keep it in orbit and send the Daedalus and Apollo back to the Milky Way. They need to leave ASAP”
“Yes General, I'll get them to leave within the hour. They should be back in the milky way in a week or two”
“Ok, Homeworld Security out”
The gate closes. Woolsey turns back to Chuck “Tell the Colonels they need to leave, we can deal with that Wraith ship.”

In orbit a jumper flies towards the dormant Wraith ship. Inside the jumper Sheppard and McKay as well as Teyla and Team Lorne all sit in the rear area of the jumper. Behind them a 304 can bee seen flying up into orbit, as two others in the distance enter hyperspace disappearing.

“Ok I've complete the scan, so far no life signs, no sign of any activity on the ship. But from what I'm detecting, the ship itself appears to be in good condition. I wouldn't be surprised if it was salvageable.” Rodney reports
“Well one thing at a time. Find me a hanger bay to land in” Sheppard says
“Ok, fly in between the two hull sections, it looks like there is a hanger at the end below the bridge area” Mckay says, bringing up an image on the HUD to show Sheppard.
The jumper towards the hanger but the doors are closed. The jumper stops, waiting for McKay to crack the door code. A few moments later the door opens and they land in the dart bay. Around them is only a small hand full of darts and one Wraith transport ship. There is also the bodies of many Wraith soldiers and a commander on the ground and walls. Some are fed on others are just dead.

“Teyla you sensing anything?” Sheppard asks as the team split up moving forward to the doors and looking down the halls.
“No, I cant sense anything. I think they are all dead” Teyla replies and Lorne passes her crossing over the door.
Mckay stands closer to the back of the group. with a life signs detector in his hands. “Ok main control room should be...” (he starts walking to the left and stops, spins around and head off to a different hall)”...this way”
“Ok, Lorne guard the jumper, we are going to look for the bridge, if you hear or see anything let us know”Sheppard says
“Roger that Sir” Lorne says point to different defensive spots for his team to move off to.

McKay enters the bridge. In front of him the view screen is blank. There are two consoles, one is the interface used to fly it, the other is a touch screen interface used by the Wraith. McKay approaches the touch screen as Teyla moves over and puts her hands on the interface control hand holds. She moves her hands around a bit and tries to link with the ship
“Its not responding” She says discouraged, “It appears to be different to a hive ship. I can't link with it to use it.
All of a sudden the main screen lights up. McKay pops his head up from below the touch screen console.
“Ok I have a very limited patch going with the ships systems. The ships very old. I can't access the majority of the ships logs. All I can get from this is that most of the information is encrypted and I don't even know where start to access it.”
“Well. So much for that plan. We need to destroy it. Encase its revealing our location to the Wraith.” Sheppard says
“Wait, there was no subspace link to this ship. There's no reason to assume its given our position away.” McKay says, “As much as I don't like to say this, I think we need to bring Todd up here. He should be able to link with the ship and access its logs”
“No, its to risky” Sheppard says
“All this screen says is that the ship was tracking a signal to this location,” McKay tries to explain
“What sort of signal?” Sheppard asks
“No idea, but if this ship can track it, then others might be able to as well” McKay adds, “If Todd can give us access to the database and logs, then we might be able to work it out”
Sheppard looks around, “So we got no choice...”

Todd enters the bridge, dressed in the same grey overalls as he was on the Daedalus. He walks over to the console.
“It IS that ship. The one tracking the Lantian you call Janus, I'm sure of it. “ Todd says smiling as he touches the hand holds on the main console.
All of a sudden the main screen changes, it lights up a new address and the ship jumps to hyperspace. Thee Sun Tsu is left helpless in orbit alone. The Wraith ship gone.

On the bridge Sheppard and Teyla both lift there guns. Todd steps back from the console and raises his hands.
“What did you do?” Sheppard says moving forward, binding Todds hands.
“I assure you I did nothing. I tried to connect with the ship, and it identified it was under wraith control again it started on its journey, following Janus's key.” Todd tries to explain.
“Shut it,” John says, leading Todd of the bridge, “McKay, do something”
“Like what?” McKay says looking at him
“Like drop us out of hyperspace, or take us back to Atlantis, anything...” Sheppard says before leaving with Todd escorting him to the brig.
“Sure, because if it sounds impossible, you assume I can fix it...” McKay says under his breath as he fiddles with his tablet and tries to access more information from the database.

Sheppard re-enters the bridge and he finds Teyla desperately trying to operate the hand hold controls and McKay in his own little world trying to access the...
“I got it..” McKay says as wraith text on the main screen changes, “Its the ships log. Apparently Todd wasn't lying. Its an old wraith research vessel. It detected the signal given odd by Janus's key. The same key that was used to activate the Attero device. Which explains why the log shows the ship jumping to M6H-987, and then jumping again to the planet we just left. It never even got a chance to run a proper surface scan before fatal system errors crashed everything. Its funny the only thing that kept this ship alive was a small layer of photosynthetic matter on the outside of the hull. Probably the remnant of some plants or what not, that grew there when they last hibernated.
“Mckay...” Sheppard says getting impatient
“Well, right now all its doing is following the same directive as before. It detected the key and jumped to intercept it. I don't think Todd had anything to do with it”
“Well, he's off the hook, again...” Sheppard seamed disappointed.
“You know what this means right?” McKay asks
“We are headed to a Vanir world?” Teyla says
“Yes, probably, possibly. I think we will need Todd back up here, especially if we are going to need the weapons, since they are still offline, and I have no idea why” McKay says looks puzzled
Sheppard pauses and thinks for a moment before pressing his radio twice.
“Major Lorne, this Sheppard” Sheppard begins “Go to the brig and bring Todd back to the bridge. We will meet you here”
“Copy that sir” Lornes crackling voice replies

Lorne arrives on the bridge with Todd just as the ship drops out of hyperspace. Todd links with the controls and brings up a visual of the ship. Its long and thin.
“There is a ship in orbit around that Gas giant” Todd says as he brings it up on the main screen, “It is of Lantian design. A very old design. I haven't seen one of these ships in almost a hundred thousand years.”
“What do you mean?” Sheppard asks
“Its a gate seeding ship. The Lantians used a fleet of these to drop Stargates all throughout the galaxy.” Todd says
“So is the signal coming from it?” McKay asks
“I'm not sure, the system for short range detection appears to be damaged. Long range scanners show it somewhere in this system.” Todd says
“Is there no where else it could be?” Teyla asks
“Well there are no liveable planets and I'm not detecting any other ships, so this is the most probable source of the signal” Todd says
“Well, we will check it out. Lorne you stay here and make sure he doesn't leave without us” Sheppard says before leaving.

Outside the jumper approaches what looks like a hanger. The ship automatically opens the doors as it detects the approach of the jumper. Sheppard parks the jumper and opens the rear hatch. McKay pulls out a life signs detector.
“I'm not detecting any life signs” McKay says
“Well who else would be here Rodney?” Sheppard asks
“I'm not sure, but it never hurts to check now does it. Ok the bridge is over in this direction,” McKay walks off down a hallway and of into the distance turns left at the end as Sheppard and Teyla follow in an attempt to catch up.

When they catch him is already on the bridge. He is looking at a terminal as Lantian text scrolls up.
Sheppard walks over and site in the chair.
“Huh...' McKay grunts
“What?” Teyla asks looking at the text
“It appears this ship was in the process of dropping new Stargates on planets where the gates has exploded.” McKay says, “there appears to be about 30 gate on board”
“That's a lot of gates” Sheppard says just before the computer makes a noise
“I'm detecting one of the gates opening, forward section...” McKay says
“Teyla your with me, McKay shut it all down, and wait here” Sheppard says before grabbing McKay's life signs detector off him and heading down the hall, Teyla right behind him, both with guns drawn

In the gate room a Vanir steps through the gate in full armour. It walk over to a docking box and stands in it face to the wall. The back of the suit opens and it steps out. Sheppard and Teyla arrive at the hall and open the door. To there surprise and to the Vanirs as well, they find each other face to face. Sheppard quickly lines his gun to the head of the Asgard.
“Who are you and why are you here” Sheppard says
“Please do not shoot. My name is Huginn. I am not here to hurt you. In fact I am glad you found me, after all I went through a lot of effort to make sure you got this far,” Huginn says
“Wait what?” Sheppard says, pausing for a minute and then looking over to Teyla.
“I cannot explain it here. Please follow me. And tell Dr McKay to join us” Huginn says before leaving the gate room and entering the hallway.

McKay enters the room. Huginn still has Sheppards gun aimed at his head, but he ignores it as if its not a threat at all.
“Let me start from the beginning. Last year, when we activated the Attero device. It was meant to stop the wraith from entering hyperspace and allow us to move freely though the galaxy.” Huginn starts...
“Don't you mean I activated the Attero device and you stopped me turning it off” McKay cuts in.
Huginn ignored this and continues “You then destroyed the station stopping our ability to keep the wraith trapped. But all was not lost. When we had the systems activated we learnt of another way of stopping the wraith. An abandoned Lantian ship, somewhere in this region of the galaxy. It took us some time but we managed to find it.”
“This ship...” McKay cuts in again
“Yes...” Huginn continues “This ship was, a long time age, re-fit to be used as a transport by the Ancients. It was originally used by them to seed gates across the galaxy. So when the Attero device destroyed some of these gates it was decided that this ship would be used to replace them. In the end some new gates were made and loaded onto the ship. But before the ship could begin dropping off the gates the city was abandoned.”
“So what's the plan, to plant Stargate on random planets, or to set-up your own mini-network that would exist outside the normal gate network?” Sheppard asks
Huginns stares at him “No. The plan was to use the stargates to blow up the stars of wraith strong holds”
“What, but how” Sheppard asks
“Sam has already done that, dial a black hole and drop the gate into the star. Its not very hard, but its effective.” McKay says
“Precisely” Huginn says
“And where we come into this?” Sheppard asks
“Back before he made the Attero device Janus made a device capable of remote flying a city ship. He planned to use it to fly a dummy Atlantis into orbit to distract the wraith allowing for the Lantians to escape. The problem was most of the city ships were destroyed. And since he never got to use the plan he decided to modify it. He wanted to evacuate the city, then fly it remotely into orbit and detonate it in the faces of the wraith. The council was against this. But he still implemented the remote interface into Atlantis's hyperdrive.”
“So it was you...” McKay begins
“Yes, I used his work to fly your city to the planet with the wraith research ship in orbit above it.” Huginn says “ I meant you no harm, but I had no other way of making contact with you. My fellow Vanir have become corrupted with the dream of the cloning technology. A technology I know is limited. The other we captured, he said that you were friends with the Asgard. He said that you had a database left over from the remnant of there society. I need access to that database. I need to use it to see if it can help our cloning issues.”
“I don't think we can do that” Sheppard says
“But I am surrendering to you unconditionally. I need to do this to help bring my race back from extinction.” Huginn says “But I have one question, how did you find this place? You were meant to find me on another planet, where the control device is”
“But the wraith ship brought us here” McKay says confused
“Oh no, we must leave, my deception has been discovered” Huginn says.

Outside three Vanir ships appear from behind the gas giant and start to shoot at the wraith ship. On the bridge the weapons console explodes, throwing Todd backwards.
“Where did they come from?” He growls, he then turns to Lorne “The weapons systems have been disabled. We need to get out of here. It wont be long until they disable the hyperdrive.”
Another console explodes next to Lorne throwing one of his men off to the side.
“Colonel Sheppard, this is Major Lorne” He says into his radio, “We are under attack from three Vanir ships”
“We need to get out of here...” Todd growls

On the ship a sudden shock of an explosion makes the room shudder.
“...are under attack from Vanir ships” Lornes voice comes in over the radio.
“Ok, we need to get back to the Jumper. We can use the jumper to blow up this ship, that should stop them exploding stars” Sheppard says
“We must hurry” Huginns says as he quickly moves out of the room towards the hanger.

Outside, in the wraith ship, taking heavy damage.
“We cannot afford to wait any longer. We need tp jump to hyperspace” Todd says grabbing at the controls
“No we wait for Colonel Sheppard” Lorne says, leaning over the injured soldier.
Todd growls and then presses a button that releases an energy pulse, stunning team Lorne. He then grabs at the controls and jumps to hyperspace.

McKay stops in the halls. “I just detected a hyperspace window. The wraith ships gone”
“What?” Sheppard says turning to look at him.
“I don't know, maybe they too to much damage. All I know is they're gone” McKay says
“We can still use the Stargate to escape. But we also need to destroy this ship. But how?” Sheppard says
“The Jumpers engines. I can overload them. Should be enough to destroy the ship, or at least make it crash into the gas giant its orbiting. Either way it'll be destroyed” McKay says “Just give me a few minutes to wire it up”
“Teyla, take Huginn to the gate room, dial back to Atlantis” Sheppard says “We're going to the jumper, then we'll meet you there”
“Ok” Teyla says before leaving with Huginn.
Sheppard and McKay exit in the other direction, into the hanger.

After lowering the control box from the room. McKay extract some of the crystals. He uses the stylus attached to the side to text the connections.
“Ok I've got it. I don't know how long it'll take to over load though. It could be 20 second or 3 minutes. It'll depend on how much power is being drawn into the engines. And I wont know that until you turn it on” McKay says, as he inserts the crystal and turns it on, “Ok, Light it up”
Sheppard sitting at the main controls activates the engines. They begin to hum.
“So how long will it take” Sheppard says turning to McKay. Only to see him grabbing his stuff and exiting the back.
“We got 20 seconds” McKay says as he runs
“Teyla dial the gate, this'll be close” Sheppard says into his radio.

In the gate room Teyla rapidly presses the buttons on the DHD. The gate activates and Teyla enters the IDC.

“Incoming wormhole” Chuck says as he raises the shield, just before the gate Kwooshes
“IDC?” Woolsey asks
“Teylas IDC” Chuck says
“Lower the shield” Woolsey says, as he heads off towards the stairs
Teyla steps through with Huginns close behind. The defence teams raise there runs and aim them at him.
“Don't worry, he's a friend” Teyla says stepping forward to defend him.
A few seconds later Sheppard and McKay jump through the gate
“Raise the shield” Sheppard yells.
Chuck is quick, he presses the button, and less than a second later a blast wave comes though the gate before the gate switches off.
“Colonel, where the ship and Major...” Woolsey starts as the gate powers up again
“Incoming wormhole” Chuck says as the gate activates again, behind the shield “Receiving Major Lornes IDC”
“Lower the shield” Woolsey says as the group moves forward away from the gate.
Major Lorne steps through the gate helping the injured soldier. Todds wraith had patched him up a bit after Todd got back to the alliance. He then had them taken down to the gate in a transport ship. Major Lorne looks over at the Vanir Asgard.
“Well it looks like we'll be in for an interesting debrief” Lorne says

A week later. With the Sun Tsu fixed it had headed back to Earth. On the way it stopped off at midway. Sheppard lowers a jumper into the control room.
“Dialling Midway” Sheppard says dialling the gate “Uploading new macro”
“Lets hope this works” Zelenka says to Mckay
“Ok course it'll work, all the gates have been checked and replaced if needed. And Sun Tsu should of made it there by now. If this works, once every couple of weeks we will get a temporary direct link to Earth.” McKay says
The gate opens
“Good luck Colonel” Woolsey says as Sheppard enters the gate
On Sun Tsu a Pegasus gate sits active in the left hanger bay. Clamped in place. People watch as a jumper exits the gate.
“Well it works” he says smiling.
“Colonel” Shen says over the radio “The milky way gate needs to be recovered before we can dial Earth. Once we do that the Sun Tsu will act as a temporary way station between the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies.”
“Any idea where the Milky Way gate is?” Sheppard asks
“Sending you the info you need now Colonel” Shen says
On the screen a dot appears. The jumper moves out of the bay and over to it. Sheppard locks the jumper in by extending the flight pods a little. He flies it into the right hanger bay before aligning it up with the clamps. Once locked in its dialled and a link to Earth is formed. All of the Atlantis team, including Ronan are soon on board Sun Tsu waiting for the next dial out.

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