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Int. Gallifrey hallways

The Doctor is escorted down the hall by
five guards. Walking in front of them is Rassilon.

The Doctor
“You cant do this. If you activate
the nightmare child it wont be a victory worth winning”

“I refuse to let a billion years of
our history fall to the Daleks”

The Doctor
“There has to be another way”

“There is no other choice. The time
war will end, and peace will be restored”

The Doctor
“It will consume everything”

The Doctor tries to make a move
forward, but is stopped by the guards. They pin him against the wall.
Rassilon walk over to him

“Don't you get it Doctor, we lost
long ago. But now we must bet it all to save everything else.”

The Doctor says nothing, he just stares
at him.

“You two, take him to the holding
station on level 6”

Int. Gallifrey Different Hall
The guards take The Doctor down the
hall. The Doctor punches one of the guards and takes his weapon. He
then stuns the other guard. The Doctor looks around to make sure that
no one has seen him

The Doctor
“I can't let them get away with this”

He turns and runs down the hall.

Int. Gallifrey TARDIS room
A few corridors later he arrives at a
room with no less than 20 TARDIS's. All sitting with there doors
open. He sonics one on the end and its clam alarm goes off. All the
Time Lords in the room run towards it to try and fix it. The Doctor
then runs into the Blue Box and off he goes.

The Doctor
“I need to stop the nightmare child
but how”

he pauses deep in thought as the TARDIS
roll through the time vortex

Guard 2
“I'm sorry sir, he managed to escape”

“It doesn't matter, The Nightmare
Child is beyond the doctors reach”

Rassilon smiles and sits down on his

Int. Dalek Ship

TARDIS re-materialises and the door
opens. The Doctor exits, hands raised to be confronted by 10 Dalek
soldiers. Unlike there other counterparts the Dalek Soldiers have two
weapons, one for countering people one for countering vehicles.

Dalek A
“It's the Doctor. Exterminate...

The Dalek fires three times but the
shots are absorbed

The Doctor
“Quantum shielding. You can't
Exterminate me. After all I'm here because I need your help”

Dalek A
“Daleks don't help The Doctor”

The Doctor
“Well not help you specifically. I
want to talk to Davros. I know he's here somewhere”

A door opens and Davros moves through
it into the line of sight of The Doctor

“Doctor what a pleasant surprise”

The Doctor
“Ah, there we go. Hello Davros. I'm
here to inform you that the wars over. We all lost. Unless your
Daleks can destroy The Nightmare Child.”

“The Nightmare Child. You take me for
a fool. The Time Lords would never create that. Let alone use it in
the war.”

The Doctor
“Desperate times...”

“Why would we help you destroy it?”

The Doctor
“It creates paradoxes. Get enough of
them close enough and they will destroy all of time and space. I
tried to stop them. I did everything I could. But you are the
universes last hope”

Davros smiles
“Me, the last hope of the universe”

The Doctor
“Yeh sticks in your throat a bit
doesn't it”

Davros look The Doctor up and down. He
turns to Dalek A
“Tell all ships to meet at point
sigma. We will move on Gallifrey and save the universe. Because what
am I going to rule if its destroyed

Dalek A look at Davros and then looks
at The Doctor

Int. Gallifrey Table-room
Rassilon enters and sits at the end.
The old prophet sits at the other end and starts ranting about the
last great push of the time war. The Daleks were coming, and this
time The Doctor is helping them.

“Impossible. The Daleks would never
help The Doctor. Bring The Nightmare Child into orbit and activate
it. We will show them the meaning of the word Nightmare”

In orbit above Gallifrey the Dalek
armada approaches as one of them explodes. The Doctor looks at the
view screen as The Nightmare Child rises up into orbit.

Int. Dalek Bridge
Dalek 1
“Detecting singularities emanating
from The Nightmare Child.”

The Doctor looks even closer at the
screen, squinting he sees it. He presses a button and two faces
appear in front of him. Davros and The Dalek Emperor.

The Doctor
“Its firing black holes at us. Davros
get you draw fire from the left. Dalek Emperor you take your fleet
down the left. I'll take my fleet down the middle and try and board
her and disable its inhibiting fields. Then we should be able to
destroy her with the combined fire power”

Davros and The Emperors images
disappear of the screen, and a new readout comes out showing the
fleets separating, and spreading out. Only problem is, Davros is
headed right down the throat of the Nightmare child. The ships in
front of him are being destroyed one at a time. With other black
holes moving outwards towards the other two fleets. The Doctor runs
off the bridge and heads down the hall and into the TARDIS. He fires
he up and abandons ship just as it takes a direct hit from a black
hole and disappears.
The TARDIS reappears and moves towards
Davros's ship as quickly as it can while dodging black holes. But
he's to late. His command ship is absorbed by the Maw at the front of
the Nightmare Child. The Doctor just watches helplessly. The remains
of the Dalek fleet breaks off the attack and falls back. The Doctor
works the controls in the TARDIS when all of a sudden it jumps and
shakes and throws him around. The Paradox section of The Nightmare
Child has been activated...

Around him appear whole galaxies of
planets. The TARDIS locks onto the closest one and lands.

Int. SGC Gate room
The Stargate is still active behind the
TARDIS as it appears. The Doctor stumbles out to come face to face
with a base of angry soldiers. But before he can explain anything he
passes out.

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