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Im currently, with Gilly6666, working on a few models and a story for a POSSIBLE mod for FOC. I may not happen, it might happen, who knows...
But heres the details ive worked out...

New Horizon

Factions –
Daemos (possibly playable later, made by gilly)
Varusians - (playable, made by Spino)
Hyperions - (playable made by gilly)
Scurge - (not playablbe, more or less pirate factions, made by Spino)

Daemos –
Basic History -
The Daemon are an ancient race of beings that have a recorded history almost 30,000 years old. They attained FTL in the year 8476bc. They colonised many planets around there native star and moved out into the galaxy. Over time (say by the year 4000bc) they became a dominant force in there own region of space. But this was about to end. In the year 2500bc a massive star, only 50 light years from there home planet, and a majority of there colonies explodes in a super-nova. This decimated the population of the race, and forced them further afield. They then established new colonies, far from there now destroyed home planet. They then settled and over the next 1000 years grow again. But then they stumble across something unexpected. A populated planet. Earth. They monitor our development on and off over the next 300 years. And realise we have potential as a species to rival them. So they decide on an experiment, a test to see if they can determine our true potential. They find two large groups of people, far from home, and stun them all. They then take them to an almost uninhabitable planet that will test there survivability to the limits. Then another alien race attacks the Daemos, and draws there attention to war. They forget about there experiment and they even forget about Earth.
They fight there war and wipe out the aggressors. They return to there roles as guardians of this sector. Time passes and the race ages again.
But now the Daemos can see the threat Earth will pose to there position at the top. And they go to war. All of Earth's colonies are wiped out and earth is being bombarded. The war was fast and effective. Earth, in one last cry of desperation calls for a ceasefire. Earth sends a delegation up to the mother ship and in secret they release a nano-plague. The plague disables the Daemos fleet and they are forced to retreat. It quickly spreads through the Daemos colonies and planets decimating the population, pushing them almost to extinction.

Technology – The Daemos technology is organic based. This means it can regenerate on its own, making the ships very hard to destroy. But it also makes it vulnerable to diseases.

None yet...

Home Planet -

First colonies

New Colony Names -

Varusians -
9ce - Varus marches his army of fifteen thousand men plus a train of ten thousand women, children, slaves and pack animals into the Teutoberg forest. Stretching over 9 miles the army was surrounded by fog. Then when the fog cleared they were no longer in a forest. They were in the middle of a field. And in the night sky they could not find the stars needed to return to Rome. Varus rallied his troops together to build a camp, search for water and ration the food. Over the coming weeks it was concluded that returning home was impossible after many scouts returned back to camp reporting no signs of other people anywhere within a weeks ride. This was impossible to them. How could they move from one location to another.
They called there camp Navo Roma (New Rome), and slowly they started to realise there was no going back. They built farms and tended the land. They progress technologically at a slow rate to being with, since basic services and houses had to be built from scratch, but over time they spread out, and multiplied.
2328ce – The Varusians, as they call themselves now are testing there now FTL drive. And over the coming few years they establish many off world colonies. But rumours still remain, from all those years past of a home they are destined to return to. So once everything is in order they advance further out
2368ce – The Varusians come face to face with the Hyperions. The Hyperions assume that tey are the Daemos retuning to destroy them, while the Varusians assume the Hyperions are the ones who stole them away from there planet and are now occupying what is rightfully theres.
2371ce – Full scale war erupts between the two factions.

Home Planet -

Colony Names -

Technology - Technology is based on military might before scientific research. Most weapons are projectile based, with missiles doing the most damage. The FTL drive used could be described as a point-to-point FTL system making jumps as opposed to flights. This limits FTL range but decreases the power needed to use the drive as minimal forward momentum is needed to activate it.

Varusians Fleet -
Bomber – Gladius Class Mk 8 -
The Mk1 Gladius was a stealth bombing drone capable of strikes anywhere on the surface of a planet. Built to get in quietly and get out quickly before it can be detected the Gladius mk1 dealt heavy damage to enemy bunkers around Varus during the Century War. With the coming of the Space age, and the design being so effective against larger targets, it was decided that instead of developing a new bomber for space the Mk1 would be re-designed and refitted into the Mk2. The Mk2 was deployed on the first of the ships sent out to patrol the outer limits of the Varus system. It was one group of drones that detected and intercepted a large asteroid headed for Varus. By latching onto the outside of the asteroid they successfully re-directed it into the local Star. From there they went into regular service protecting mining operations from smugglers and pirates. With the development of interstellar travel, the Mk 6, by this point, was redesigned again to the Mk7 giving it access to FTL travel, but this compromised some of the hull. It was then redesigned for a final time, with a more compact FTL system allowing for greater jumps while using less energy. This allows the Mk8 to travel distances of 10 light years in about 2 hours, with recharging stops after every 3 light jump. This is impressive for a ship of its size considering the mining vessels of many times the size take weeks to cover the same distance. This has allowed the Gladius to patrol large sectors of space with minimal man power.

Fighter – Hercules Class Mk 5 -
Like the Gladius, The Hercules Mk 1 was originally designed and built as an in-atmosphere fighter it was redesigned with the space age into an interplanetary Mk2 Fighter. After this design several weaknesses and design flaws were identified and modified until the Mk5 was unveiled 10 years after the original Mk 1. The Hercules is a workhorse, capable of interstellar combat as well as targeting specific targets on any planet in its home system. It is armed with 3 orbit-surface missiles, 10 anti-ship missiles and 20 anti-fighter missiles and carries a large amount of 30mm ammo that can be fired forward at any chosen target. While useless against larger ships it can easily shred smaller targets like fighters and bombers.

Corvette – Juno Class -
The Juno class was originally built as a local escort. Designed to protect travelling vessels from asteroids and other threats. Its armour is not very strong but it is still capable of knocking an asteroid out of a collision course when needed. It can also act as a remote command post for the Gladius Bomber. One notable Juno Class the “VSS Sparta” was used to intercept a pirate fleet four times her tonnage, and yet thanks to her commanding officer managed to defeat the force while protecting her convoy of ships. The “VSS Juno” was the ship chosen to test the new FTL system on. It was also the first ship to leave the Varus system. After the testing and development of the system the galaxy opened up to the Varusians who then started to explore out gathering more resources and building bigger ships.

Destroyer – Neptune Class -
The Neptune class was designed to counter the continued build up of pirate forces in the Varus system. It was 10% larger than the Juno class and was the first ship class to have a squadron of fighters permanently on board. The lager ships allowed greater coverage against pirates who had established bases on several asteroids and moons in the outer system. The most notable actions by a Neptune class was the “VSS Britannia” who sacrificed herself to protect a large amount of refugees from the moon Copia, after it was attacked by a force of 20 pirate built corvettes. After taking heavy damage, and hopelessly outnumbered, she detonated her reactor destroying 6 of the enemy ships and disabling 5 others. This gave the refugees just enough time to reach the reinforcements attempting to help the VSS Britannia, but they arrived 30 minutes to late. It wasn't until the Development of FTL travel that the Neptune class reached its limits. It was still small and fast but could not fight across a large enough area to protect all the systems

Cruiser – Vulcan Class -
As man reached out from Varus they found themselves spread a bit thin. They decided to continue the production of Corvettes for local defence, but found with the outdated design of the destroyers they needed something larger. This is when the Vulcan class was designed. It is the first class of ship to be designed around the FTL engine. This allows a more powerful engine to be located in the ship, allowing for longer and more accurate jumps. The VSS Vulcan was the first ship off the newly finished orbital construction platforms. It was originally stationed in orbit around Varus, but with continued uprising in the interplanetary colonies it was decided that it would do a tour around the Aleria system. But this plan was short lived when the people of Lutetia rebelled and ceased control of four destroyers and five corvettes stationed on the surface in the dry docks. It became obvious that there intentions were hostile when the people of Pompey messaged that they were under attack by the forces believed to be on Lutetia. The VSS Vulcan, on her own, defeated the fleet, destroying two destroyers and three corvettes while suffering minimal damage herself. The remaining forces surrendered. With this trial by fire the Vulcan class's production was accelerated and soon a fleet of 30 were finished and divided so that they would be in orbit of many different colonies, allowing for ground support and defences against pirate activity.

Carrier – Jupiter Class -
The Jupiter Class was designed after the success of the Vulcan class. There was only one flaw found in the Vulcan class and that was the minimal amount of fighters and bombers able to be transported around. The Jupiter class was designed to fill that void. With the capacity to hold 10 squadrons of fighter and 9 squadrons of bombers at any one time (with enough excess space for 5 extra squadrons of fighters or bombers) the Jupiter can bring a portable force from one star to the next in less than an hour. The capability to move that many people around is one that civilians loved and the Third of the Jupiter class was built as a civilian transport as opposed to a military war machine. The Jupiter has yet to see any major conflicts.

Command Ship – Mars Class –
With so many massive ships in so many systems keeping track of them all was becoming more and more difficult at Fleet command orbiting Varus. They decided that they needed an even larger command ship. Something that could hold its own in any form of conflict imaginable. The first ship was called the VSS Mars. And was stationed in the massive void between Varus and Neapolis, the closest colony to Varus. The Mars has never seen combat but acts as the pivotal point the Varusian Space Fleet moves on. Officially the VSS Mars does not exist. As all transmissions go back to the Varus Fleet Command station. But they are then forwarded on to the VSS Mars.

Hyperions -
2190ce, Earth reaches out to the stars for the first time in earnest. They have just finished there first FTL drive and then they come face to face with the one protective Daemos.

Home Planet

Scurge -
Timeline - Originally used as a weapon against the Daemos, they absorbed some of the tech and becamse self sufficient. They now rome around destroying anything they find

Scurge Fleet -

Basic Overall Timeline -

200bc - The Daemos make it to earth and take a whole Roman Batalion or 2 (ill look into it i know theres two that were wiped out, but what if the were taken instead), and placed on a brutal planet. To be tested by the Daemos.

2190 - Humans from Earth gain ftl ability and poke there heads out beyond there home system for the first time. In 60 years they explore only the imediate area around Sol, a half dozen stars or so. Then they run into the Demos, who smash them. But Earth fights back, desperate for victory they devolp a nona-plague. Designed to attack the organic nature of the enemy ships

and in last days of the war, as Earth was being bombarded from orbit a ceasefire summit was held. And the nano-plague was smuggled onboard. The plague spread rapidly through the Demos fleet decimating it. The Demos were forced to flee and try and recover, if they could. They scuttled a lot of there ships to try and prevent the spread of the plague. And this gave The Varusians the opertunity they were waiting for. With the Demos fleet in full withdrawal, both Earth and Varus were abandoned. By the year 2370 Earth has re-establish a half dozen off world colonies. And so had the Varusians. But they were activly looking for Earth, while the Hyperions were more looking for resources, to build more powerful ships, just incase there old advisary came back. And thats when they met, for the first time

By the year 2375, both side were fighting over a massive stellar front

Ok i hope that makes sence, and tell me what u think of the concept, and how we could improve it...

PS im looking for people who can code, UV map, Skin, Model, etc, to help with this. The leads will be Spino for coding and Gilly for unit design, but if u think u can hlep PM me

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