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Its the next generation of Earth ship, designed to counter the threat of the Replicators. She was christened Achilles, and given all of our most advanced technology. And now she serves the Empire as its flagship...
"Sir I'm detecting three ships exiting hyperspace on the far side of the third moon" Major Koda reports, "Two are of traveller design the third is... the Pheonix"
"Bring us about, we will show Commander Carter the full force of our weapons" Comander Sheppard says
The Achiles turns and heads towards the three ships. It fires two shots from its main beam weapons, taking out the two traveller ships in one hit each
"Make her suffer for betraying her Emperor" Sheppard order
The Achilies fires one more shot, it easily cuts through the Pheonix's shields, and does heavy damage to the port hanger bay. The Pheonix shudders and slows
"Shes loosing power sir" Koda says
"Finish it" Sheppard orders and one more shot cuts the shields and hits the bridge directly
"Sir, she broadcasting a surrender, the bridge has been destroyed, and all the main systems are offline" Koda reports
"I said FINISH IT!" Sheppard responds, "There is no room for traitors in our ranks"
The Achilies fires one last shot, cutting the Pheonix in half before it explodes.

This is a preview to the next episode of my fanfic, its been a long time coming, and itll be a big one...
McKay gets trapped in an alternate timeline where Earth has not only defeated the Goa'uld and taken all there teritories, but the Asgard and all other races that oppose them have been destroyed, even the Ori. How will McKay survuve this alternate universe, where everyone is out for themselves, and he has no friends and no-allies... after all, in this universe he is viewed as a traitor...


Very inventive mate! Sounds awesome!

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Spinobreaker Author

yeh, its from near the middle of this episode, itll be episode 4 or 5 in my season episode

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Damn you evil Sheppard (he is evil right?), you'll pay for killing Sam. Someone deploy my armada of Anicent, Asgard and Ori ships.

Spino, I was wondering have you created any other ships besides the Achilles?

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Spinobreaker Author

wel lthe achilies isn't mine, its a fannon ship, look it upo its sweet lol. And yes, there are a few new ships from fanon and semi-canon (designed but not put i nthe show) in this series...

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