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Kawaii Physics Plug-in Integration

rit2040 Blog

Physics in《Drifting》

Kawaii Physics Plug-in Integration

Physic simulation plays a critical part in fast-paced games, the outcome of the physics engine needs to be stable and efficient and more importantly, provide comparable results under different framerates.

In the past, I've been struggling with UE4's physic engine, mainly because the protagonist traverse in such a high speed (up to 4500uu per second), the UE4 physics engine simply could not provide reliable result under this circumstance (mesh stretching and/or twitching occasionally appears); to make matter worse, there are noticeable discrepancies between PIE and shipping build simulation result, which makes it harder for me to adjust physic parameters accordingly.

The only choice for me was to turn on physic-substepping and remedy the stretching issue as best as I can (Max Substep Delta Time = 0.003, Max Substeps = 3 ) and pay the price of CPU overhead. However, even then, the outcome is still not stable enough. Additionally, enable substepping causes the CPU to become the bottleneck on lower-end machines and since APEX destruction is not fully supported with substepping (random crashes occur correlated with smaller substep delta time) I have to pre-destruct all of the destructible meshes in third-party software and abandon APEX destruction altogether.

A few months ago, I accidentally found out this Kawaii Physics plug-in and the video demonstration looks solid enough for me to consider using it for my project. Although the plug-in was built for UE4.20, I was able to integrate it into UE4.16 without too much effort.

The plug-in is just as powerful as the author demonstrated, in terms of ease of use, iteration time, performance gain, the plug-in simply solves all of the issues I struggled with previously, additionally, I found no noticeable discrepancies between PIE and packaged build, which is a big relief for me.

kawaii cheer

Here is a big THANK YOU to the kawaii physics plug-in author @pafuhana1213, and I hope you enjoy this week's update! :3

Bad News

rit2040 Blog

Last updated: 2019/10/22

Bad News

Hi everyone,

My laptop broke down yesterday (it will randomly shut down after using it for a few minutes) and I sent it to repair.

According to the repair center, it will take around 5~8 working days to fix it.

I just backup my project 2 days ago before the malfunction happens, so no harm was done to the project.

I'm planning to buy a tabletop this week as my new development machine but even then, I still need 1~2 days to set up the working environment, which means it is unlikely for me to meet the weekly update schedule.

This is a reminder that the weekly update from 10/26~10/27 will be canceled; the new combat video will also be postponed for a week.

I apologize for the delay.

《Drifting》 - Settings and Performance

rit2040 Blog

Hi everyone!

Since the article is about game settings and performance tests which are not directly related to game development, I figured I should post this in my blog section instead of the article section.

(NOTE: the following figures are tested with the current development build, not representing the final build of this game.)

The development environment of 《Drifting》 is running on a laptop with the following specs:

CPU: Intel Core i7-6700HQ
GPU: GTX 1060 with 6GB GDDR5

Under default settings (v-sync On, 1280x720, epic shadow), the game can maintain a constant 60 fps; under max settings (v-sync on, 1920x1080, epic shadow), the frame rate will drop to around 40~45 fps.

For a lower end 6 years old tabletop PC with the following specs:

CPU: Intel Core i7-3770
GPU: GTX 680 with 2GB GDDR5

Under default settings, the game will fluctuate between 35~45 fps. However, with the lowest settings turned on (v-sync on, 800x450, no shadow), the game can maintain a constant 60 fps.

In order for Nvidia Hairworks to work properly, DX11 SUPPORT IS A MUST REQUIREMENT ON ALL PC SPECIFICATIONS.

Keep in mind this is just a rough test on the current development build, things are subject to change in the future. That being said, I think this information could give people a rough idea regarding the performance of the game and whether their PC can run the game smoothly with their desired settings.

Here is a short demo of how the settings work in-game, the resolution change may be difficult to notice on a 720p video.

(Notice the screen turn dimmed after turning off shadow, that is caused by LPV automatically disabled if the shadow is turned off. LPV is a dynamic GI solution, which gives the game a softer light appearance.)

Have a great weekend! :)

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