The Shinx, Is ALWAYS more powerful than the sword or gun. PMDLEADERSHINX lives here. I'm a Player of Half-Life, DooM, GTA V, Minecraft, The Pokemon games (Obviously), and Many other games. I have a big passion for mods and is always open to try new mods for ANY game, I don't really do any kind of making of mods or addons, rather I'm trying to make an archive of Half-Life and DooM stuff on three USB Flash drives. I will upload obscure files and ones that..Have been forgotten about as I know my way around file sharing.

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Continuing from the last post, Here are the last 10 of the top 20 worst levels in a video game ever, These are the suckiest of the suckiest and the ones that'll give you fits and headaches.

10:(Wario World) "Pecan Sands". As the last of the subworlds before you reach the last of the major boss rooms this map will throw every single thing you've learned at you and require you to get 6 of the 8 red crystals in order to reach the boss, Ironsider.. Boy this bastard for all he's worth is the easiest of the sub-bosses in the game.

9:(Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour) "Tour De Nukem". The 8 level new episode for this remaster of one of my favorite games ever is awesome but this level really will drive you insane, On Come Get Some and Damn I'm Good has so many Pig Cop tanks, Enforcers, and Pig Cops that you'll struggle to keep above 50 health and the jump in the middle, The combination of mini cyborg emperors, mini overlords, and the big Battlelord boss makes this the hardest and worst Duke 3D level (beating out the Queen).

8:(Swat 3:Tactical Game Of The Year Edition) "Rapid Deployment:Parking Garage". This is one of 14 maps included with this special edition of the game, Out of all of them this is the worst aside from "Hostage Rescue:Unniversity", The amount of cheap deaths you'll suffer from being in the open where enemies can hide in areas you can't see is really stupid.

7:(Home Alone 2:Lost In New York on SNES) "The Uncle's House". This third level of this pretty short SNES game will test your sanity, It's a maze based on McCallistar's Uncles house but here it where the movie references end until the final level the christmas tree.. What makes this bad? Each area is coded by keys and getting them requires you to get them from the wet bandits or make a leap of faith, What's worse is how each part of the house looks the same.

6:(DooM II) "Barrels O' Fun". Somewhat of an joke map (similar to later joke wads like The Sky May be) This map is full of explosive barrels and trying to run away from them is impossible and combined with the enemies in this level you'll need a lot of endurance..and a quicksave or two to survive on anything above Hurt me plenty.

5:(Half-Life:Opposing Force) "When Worlds Collide". I HATED this map back then and I still do today, The last map before you make it to the battle with the gene worm is a hellhole for many reasons:With the addition of the black ops battling the Race-X aliens you have very little room for error and you will easily waste your SAW ammo due to the large number of Voltgores and Shock Troopers.. It took me 5 days to complete this level.

4:(Donkey Kong 64) "Frentic Factory". Though this game I played a lot on the Nintendo 64 had so much to do and so much to see this 3rd level after Angry Aztec was extremely annoying back then and still irritating today:The Arcade game to unlock the Nintendo coin was why three controllers broke on me and the maze like level I never could finish without help of a guide.

3:(Super Mario World) "Tubular" Oh..Boy where Do I begin? This special world which can only be found through the Star zone's warp pipes is so hard that many people I've seen have struggled to pass this painful level, The large amount of enemies and the fact you have to use P-Balloons to get through the level if you don't have Yoshi or a Super cape made this level unbearable (despite the fact the special world has 8 levels this one is the worst of this world).

2:(Postal 2) "Tuesday:Library". This is a bad ass game but this errand, The 2nd one on the list in Tuesday is beyond annoying because you may think it's easy dropping off that book (either by waiting in line or by killing everyone and then doing it) but battling your way out with book protestors armed with shotguns and pistols will really push your patience to the limit on hard difficulty. (This isn't a real problem on the AWP mod since you can use bullet time to slow time down).

1:(Dragon Ball Z Buu's Fury) "Kid Buu Saga, Final Battle". This sucks, The series is ok along with all the games that have released but his final boss battle with Kid Buu really killed the fun, You have to survive a timer until you get to the speed tap spirit bomb scene and this tap will kill your fingers after a while..Even then the ending was very unsatisfying and made me ever regret believing it would be as good as The Legacy Of Goku II.

It's another top 20 list time but this one is a lot more up my alley since it goes over the levels that I hated so much in video games that I wish they had never be approved or put into the game, The suckiest of the suckiest levels.

20:(Half Life) "Forget About Freeman!" Half-Life, I do like Half-Life like many others but this level which came after Surface Tension is one I can't stand.. It generally has very poor level design to it and most of it can be beaten in about 15 minutes if you can easily rush through battles all the way to the beginning of Lamba Core and what's worse is it has very little ammo.

19:(Hitman:Blood Money) Curtain Call, Hitman is one hell of a game for many reasons because you play as Agent 47, An Assassin who works for money and money alone while doing some of the most brutal executions ever in the series, most of the levels are hard but Curtain Call where you Assassinate an actor and an government official is beyond hard and is a pain due to the timing of trying to get a real gun to replace the prop gun and set the chandeller trap.

18:(Conker's Bad Fur Day) Bomb Rush, This wacky game on the Nintendo 64 was so damn funny and raunchy for many reason, Rare who was owned by Nintendo at the time put this together after the poor reaction to Conker:Twelve tales, Here they put together a mature title to make you crack a smile and laugh but boy is this level hard, Getting the bomb to it's destination is tough and the timer doesn't make it any easier.

17:(Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six) Operation Mystic Tiger, Does this one really need any introduction? This final level of the incredible RTS/First Person shooter is hell on the N64/PS1/PC in almost every way, The enemies have lots of ambush points and with your A.I. team having poor reaction times it becomes a massacre trying to get into the main dome in the level.

16:(Hamtaro:Ham-Ham Heartbreak on GBA) The Sunny Beach, Crazy as it may seem this portable game has an annoying level after the first one in the wood, Here you have to memorize an complicated sound puzzle all over the 7 screen beach and hit the sounds exactly as they go in order to get a quest from Boss but this without a walkthrough would likely stump even young players.

15:(Final DooM's The Plutonia Experiment) Hunted, Final DooM was the follow up to DooM II with two 32 level wads in them, TNT Evilution wasn't too hard to complete but The Plutonia Experiment really went overboard with the difficulty, Hunted really pisses me off at times as even on the normal and easy mode the "Arch Viles" in that game are merciless and trying to escape the maze is brutal.

14:(Duke Nuke:Zero Hour) Liberty Or Death, Duke's only third person game on the Nintendo 64 was amazingly hard which I had hoped for since Duke Nukem Time To Time, Land Of The Babes, and Total Meltdown were too easy but the 2nd level of Zero Hour is BRUTAL.. Liberty Or Death charges you with getting to the statues of liberty and shutting down the alien HQ.. If you can get past cheap deaths and very hard to survive turrent attacks in the visitor center.

13:(Quake III Arena) The Very End Of You, Quake 3 Arena seemed to be like a multiplayer exclusive quake game and it was bloody amazing but it's final level against Xaero and the overall last battle was a huge letdown and very hard level, Even on I'm Too Young To Die his railgun and bfg skill is too great and the rocket launcher is your own choice.

12:(Dead Island) The Roof Showdown, Jesus did they really blow off what could've been a great boss battle with Ryder, He becomes a brute thug zombie with the speed of a rusher zombie and what makes this fight stupid is how he never flinches, and what's worse is how no matter how much you hit him it take four players to put him down quick.

11:(Ghostbusters on NES) The Stairwell, Many have played this game but most never finished it including me.. What sucks is that this level which is before the fight with Gozer takes forever by tapping the A button up 23 floors, Three lives only? fuck that.

With the news of an PS4/Xbox One release of the hotly debated and controversial The Sims 4, I will be playing that in order to see what has changed since the 2014 release of The Sims 4. Like others I wasn't really impressed at first by the game but as they started updating it and started putting out stuff packs and expansion packs the game has changed somewhat for the better.

As mentioned previously, I do have a DeviantArt account with the name being GoldenGTAPlayer5, It's a new account as my old account's email doesn't work anymore.. I take pictures of cars and any vehicles that I can find on my usual days or travels. I have had a passion for taking photos since I was 12.

My goal in getting the largest archive of Half-Life stuff ever made is somewhat taking a long time -_-" but I'm doing it the best I can, I cannot access GameBanana anymore as the page I'm using, Google Chrome claims the website is "Not secure anymore". I don't know what that means but I got everything possible for Half-Life, Blue Shift, Opposing Force, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress Classic, and Decay off of the website.

It seems I wasn't looking in the rights areas but I have found 20 more incredible quotes from games that seems to defy the expectations of those who listen to the speech of characters in game.

Even though some might not agree with this list, Here are 20 more quotable quotes from video games, quite possibly the best list yet.

20:"Police! Now I'll Fuck You Up..!" ~~Markus Reed~~ (True Crime:New York City)

19:"Look at me! I'm the fireman" ~~Homer Simpson~~ (The Simpsons:Tapped Out)

18:"Why Do You Exist!?" ~~Michael De Santa~~ (Grand Theft Auto V)

17:"Police Brutality!" ~~Kurtis Stryker~~ (Mortal Kombat 2011)

16:"Olympus Shall Never Fall!" ~~Zeus~~ (Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale)

15:"Hsnsenjer?" ~~Villager~~ (Minecraft)

14:"Lucky Son Of A Bitch" ~~Duke Nukem~~ (Duke Nukem 3D)

13:"You are dead barn." ~~Adrian Shephard~~ (Azure Sheep)

12:"Where is Alice? I need to see her" ~~Evan Winter~~ (Actual Sunlight)

11:"Hit Me, Witch!" ~~John Marston~~ (Red Dead Redemption)

10:"I Kill You!" ~~Lo Wang~~ (Shadow Warrior)

9:"Afraid I ain't the one to give advise." ~~Trapper~~ (The Oregon Trail:5th Edition)

8:"Assault Eh? That's Usually my doing.." ~~English Bobbie Worm~~ (Worms:Reloaded)

7:"Sire! You are a coward!" ~~Thespian Worm~~ (Worms 2:Armageddon)

6:"You smell like shit..!" ~~Random Civilian~~ (Grand Theft Auto V)

5:"Sorry Kid!" ~~Convoy~~ (Vigilante 8)

4:"Luxoflux! Maggot! And don't you forget it!" ~~Alex~~ (True Crime:New York City)

3:"Alright Sir" ~~Brummie Worm~~ (Worms:Open Warfare 2)

2:"Lousy Civilans.. I wish i could burn'em all!" ~~Moe~~ (The Simpsons Tapped Out)

1:"We're gonna kick your ass!" ~~Army Soldier~~ (Opposing Force)

After so long from the blog, I'm back with another thirty of the most notable quotes from games and they can range from cringworthy at worst to flatout funny at best.

Though some may not agree with me, This is what I think are the next top thirty most quotable quotes from video games (ranging from genesis all the way to ps4 and pc, and handheld games) You just might find yourself talking about these quotes.

30:(Wolfenstein 3D) "Spion!" ~~Officer~~

29:(Grand Theft Auto IV) "Cousin!, Want To Go Bowling?" ~~Roman Bellic~~

28:(Super Smash Bros For Wii U) "Haha" ~~Lemmy Koopa~~

27:(Half-Life 2) "Pick Up The Can." ~~Metrocop~~

26:(Blood) "I live...Again!" ~~Caleb~~

25:(Super Smash Bros 64) "Show Me Ya Moves!" ~~Captain Falcon~~

24:(Banjo Tooie) "Aren't You Supposed to be a merry old sole?" ~~Kazooie~~

23:(Postal 2) "You gotta be fucking kidding" ~~The Postal Dude~~

22:(Grand Theft Auto V) "You Scumbag!" ~~Police Officer~~

21:(Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale) "Now, You Will Feel my Wrath!" ~~Kratos~~

20:(Duke Nukem 3D) "Hmm, Don't have time to play with myself" ~~Duke Nukem~~

19:(Blood) "This is better then Kool-aid" ~~Caleb~~

18:(Super Mario Bros) "Sorry Mario, But the princess is in another Castle!" ~~Toad~~

17:(Call Of Duty:Black Ops Zombies) "I dare you to repeat that offer, Marcion!" ~~Fidel Castro~~

16:(Half-Life) "Squad! Neutralize Freeman!!" ~~H.E.C.U. Grunt~~

15:(Grand Theft Auto IV) "I don't have time for this bullshit!" ~~Niko Bellic~~

14:(Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale) "YOU...Are going down!" ~~Daxter~~

13:(Minecraft) "Oh Uh!" ~~Enderman~~

12:(Grand Theft Auto V) "Come on Motherfucker Shoot me back!" ~~Michael De Santa~~

11:(The Adventures of Willy Beamish) "Ugh.. I'm so bored I can't stand it!" ~~Willy Beamish~~

10:(Team Fortress 2) "Scotland Is not a real country. You are an englishman with a dress!" ~~Soldier~~

9:(Parappa The Rapper) "I gotta Redeem, I Gotta Relive, I gotta Receive, I gotta Believe!" ~~Parappa~~

8:(Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale) "I'm gonna rip you apart!" ~~Evil Cole McGrath~~

7:(Half-Life 2) "Comes A man? It is! The Freeman!" ~~Vortigaunt~~

6:(Medal Of Honor:Allied Assault) "Here you go Private!" ~~Medic~~

5:(Blake Stone:Aliens Of Gold) "Ohhh!" ~~Bio-Tech Scientist~~

4:(Mortal Kombat 2011) "You...Will not see the end of this day!" ~~Kratos~~

3:(inFAMOUS:Second Son) "Eye for an eye Asshole!" ~~Delsin Rowe~~

2:(inFAMOUS) "You know Zeke, I really don't give a shit what people think about me." ~~Cole McGrath~~

1:(Mario And Luigi:Bower's Inside Story) "Raawr! I hate the Mario bros!" ~~Bowser~~

Characters in games can sometimes say lines that make you cringe when you hear them, Other times, They put out wity One-Liners that you can't stop saying. *haha*

Many times I've found myself saying those quotable quotes so much in public and online, It's like a normal part of everyday speech, (Well to me). This Is what i think are the 30 greatest quotes from a game, Some might disagree with me, But These are the lines that'll stay your tongue.

30:(Bomberman Hero) "Ha! You Think YOU are going to stop ME?" ~~Bomberman~~

29:(Conker's Bad Fur Day) "Look's like I need some more.." ~~Conker~~

28:(Saint's Row IV:Re-Elected) "I'm Just An Actor! How many of you aliens are there!?" ~~Nolan North~

27:(Worms:Open Warfare 2) "Old Yella's Dead" ~~Redneck Speech Worm~~

26:(Duke Nukem 3D) "Look's Like he didn't Escape From L.A." ~~Duke Nukem~

25:(Shadow Warrior 1997) "Oh Look! You're coming apart..!" ~~Lo Wang~~

24:(Dead Rising 2:Off The Record) "I'm not here for work..This is my Vacation!" ~~Frank West~~

23:(Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale) "I WILL BREAK YOU!" ~~Zeus~~

22:(Redneck Rampage) "I'm gonna BBQ you're ass with Molasses!" ~~Bubba~~

21:(Bomberman Jetters) "Not Too Bad!" ~~Flame Bomber~~

20:(Super Smash Bros For Wii U/Nintendo 3DS) "Stretch Those Shoulders" ~~Wii Fit Trainer~~

19:(Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3) "Police Brutality Coming Up!" ~~Stryker~~

18:(Call Of Duty:Black Ops Zombies) "I..Have had enough.. Of. YOU" ~~Robert MacNamara~~

17:(Call Of Duty:Black Ops Zombies) "Get Off Me You Hippie!" ~~Richard Milhouse Nixon~~

16:(Counter-Strike 1.6) "Counter-Terrorists Win!" ~~Announcer~~

15:(Super Mario 64 DS) "Yoshi! Wake Up!" ~~Lakitu~~

14:(Swat 3) "I was a hunter, Give me one of your guns boys" ~~Mayor Marlin Fitzpatrick~~

13:(Sonic Heroes) "Hey? where's my team!?" ~~Big The Cat~~

12:(Perfect Dark) "Why....Me..." ~~Guard~~

11:(Grand Theft Auto:Vice City) "I'm a Psychopath, Asshole" ~~Tommy Vercetti Bodyguard~~

10:(The Simpsons Tapped Out) "Time To declare a Feudin' with them dice" ~~Cletus Spuckler~~

9:(Half Life 2) "Man of few words aren't you?" ~~Alyx Vance~~

8:(Family Guy The Quest For Stuff) "HaHa!" ~~Chris Griffin~~

7:(Postal 2) "Guns don't kill people...I DO" ~~The Postal Dude~~

6:(Mickey Speedway USA) "Daisy Cut It Out!" ~~Donald Duck~~

5:(Age Of Empire II:The Age Of Kings) "Battal!" ~~Britions~~

4:(Half-Life) "Are You Crazy? Leave'Em Alone!" ~~Barney Guard~~

3:(Half-Life) "Stop Attacking! He's A Friend!" ~~Scientist~~

2:(Grand Theft Auto V) "Mother Fucker" ~~Franklin Clinton~~

1:(Grand Theft Auto V) "I'm Temped to Murder you.. Run Away!" ~~Trevor Philips~~

Good Games, Bad Games, Insufferably Tedious Games, Boring games...You name it, I've played them and in my time of Playing, it's been very hard to not impress me.

Though, It has given me a sense of what games are good and what ones are bad.. This top 30 list consists of the most dispointing games I've seen. (Ranging from old to new), Though some may not agree with this list, This is what I think..Are game that failed to deliver.

30:Pac-Man (Atari 2600)

29:Wreckless:The Yakuza Missions (Nintendo Gamecube)

28:Superman 64 (Nintendo 64)

27:Midtown Madness 3 (Xbox)

26:Space Channel 5 (Sega Dreamcast)

25:Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis (Nintendo Gameboy Advance)

24:Interstate '76 (PC)

23:Onigirl (PS4)

22:Contra Force (Nintendo Entertainment System)

21:Beast Wrestler (Sega Genesis)

20:Call Of Duty:Black Ops III (PS4/Xbox One)

19:Fighting Force 64 (Nintendo 64)

18:Busby 3D (Playstation One)

17:Steel Battilion:Heavy Armor (Xbox 360)

16:The Simpsons Game (PS3/Xbox 360)

15:Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six:Siege (PS4)

14:Bloodrayne (PS2)

13:Fighter Within (Xbox One)

12:Lula 3D (PC)

11:Shaq-Fu (Super Nintendo)

10:Minecraft:Pocket Edition (Smartphone)

9:Ridge Racer (Playstation Vita)

8:The Sims 4 (PC)

7:Xenoblade Chronicles X (Nintendo 3DS)

6:Alien:Isolation (PS4)

5:Bomberman Jetters (Nintendo Gamecube)

4:Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 (PS4/Xbox One)

3:Batman Forever (Sega Genesis)

2:Home Improvement (Super Nintendo)

1:World Of Tanks (PC/PS4/Xbox 360)

Heh. I thought I've seen it all, But it seems I haven't because after many months I've found even more brutally violent and graphic moments in Video Games/Mods.

As mentioned before, I think violence has a home in Video Games..But ONLY if the violence is explained or agreeable with the action/story... Often times I've seen unappealing violence where it didn't belong...This is my countdown the next Top 20 More Violent moments in Video Games/Mods.

20:(The Last Of Us Remastered) Smashing an Enemy's players head till they die from the impact.

19:(Fallout 4) The ability to mutilate dead humans/monsters

18:(Sleeping Dogs) Sticking an Enemy's head inside an Air Conditioner's Fan blade

17:(Brutal Half-Life) Blasting Scientist's to pieces with the standard weapons

16:(inFAMOUS:Second Son) Strangling Hank in the 5th Bad Karma choice

15:(Saint's Row II) The Finale scene, Or Murder of Julius

14:(Far Cry 3) The "Would You Kindly Please?" Scene

13:(Brutal DooM) Ripping The Spine out of a Baron Of Hell

12:(Battle Chess) The King Vs Bishop Battle Cut-scene

11:(Mortal Kombat X) Leatherface's Hammer Brutality move

10:(Twisted Metal Black) Sweet Tooth's Ending Movie

9:(Manhunt 2) The Red level Flare Gun execution

8:(Grand Theft Auto V) The Death of Brad Snider in the Intro mission

7:(Blood) The extreme violence of the Full Motion Video Cut-Scenes

6:(Quake 1996) Being Crushed by a crushing Ceiling

5:(Resident Evil 4) Leon losing his head to an Zombie's chainsaw

4:(Soldier Of Fortune:Payback) Blasting enemies into many bloody body parts with a Grenade Launcher

3:(The Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion) The ability to murder innocent people

2:(DooM 3) The instant death scene at the hands of an CyberDemon

1:(DooM 2) The Death of the "Demon Spitter"

Half-Life has always amazed me over how many mods have been made for this groundbreaking game, Many of the mods have been single player but some are also multiplayer as well.

I'm not a stranger to Multiplayer in Half-Life or it's sequels, In my time I was playing at lease 5 days a week on severs all around the world.. Now? I rarely have the time to do so but I play only if friends are using "New" WON because I find Steam to be a very problematic utility (not to mention, A data hog)

In this countdown, I have went through about 100 Multiplayer mods to decide which 10 are the best of the best and can withstand the test of time, (even though some may not agree about it), This is what I think are the top 10 greatest Half-Life Multiplayer/Co-Op mods.

10:Contra Force

9:Cold Ice

8:Canned Tuna

7:The Battlegrounds

6:Opposing Force:Capture The Flag

5:Sven Co-Op

4:Counter Strike 1.6


2:Science And Industry

1:Team Fortress Classic

Playing Half-Life and it's three expansion packs prepared me for the craze of Half-Life mods, Over ten years I've seen many mods:Good, Bad, Ugly, Funny, Crazy, Crappy, you name it. The sheer amount of mods has amazed even me.

These are what I think are the top twenty greatest mods of all time for Half-Life..Though I know some may not agree with the choices.. I went through 390 mods and decided that 20 would stand the test of time even after Half-Life's haydays end.

20:Scientist Slaughter House Mod Messup #1:WTF


18:Goldeneye 007

17:Half-Life:Ground Zero

16:The Alpha Unit

15:Half-Life:The Real Series

14:The Challenger Deep

13:Edge Of Darkness

12:Santa's Revenge

11:G-Man Invasion

10:Team Fortress Classic

9:Brutal Half-Life

8:The Challenger Deep 2

7:Life's End


5:Azure Sheep

4:Point Of View

3:Desert Crisis


1:They Hunger