The Shinx, Is ALWAYS more powerful than the sword or gun. PMDLEADERSHINX lives here. I'm a Player of Half-Life, DooM, GTA V, Minecraft, The Pokemon games (Obviously), and Many other games. I have a big passion for mods and is always open to try new mods for ANY game, I don't really do any kind of making of mods or addons, rather I'm trying to make an archive of Half-Life and DooM stuff on three USB Flash drives. I will upload obscure files and ones that..Have been forgotten about as I know my way around file sharing.

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World War III Missions 1, 2 & 3

Mod review - 1 disagree

For 3 short mods, The WW3 Trilogy are no masterpieces by far but they are addictive to play on hard for an real challenge, The mapping is decent but the enemy placement is very poor.

If I had to say how each mission is, WW 3 Mission 1 is very poor for it's lack of an ending, Mission 2 is better but it has an low ammo rate, and Mission 3 is an great improvement but these 3 mods will only satisfy hardcore players and mod collectors.


Red Mesa 2

Mod review - 1 disagree

First time modders have an hard time making an mod to be remembered by but seriously, Even they need to remember that they have to at least try.

Red Mesa was bad but the fact it got an sequel is hard for me to understand, This person that did it really shows no improvement from the first Red Mesa and this one has very unfair parts that will make you ragequit badly.


Half-Life: Anti-Climax

Mod review may contain spoilers - 9 disagree

I'm crying right now, This mod has impressed me in so many ways,Like Echoes last year that blew me away, Anti-Climax has startled me greatly because in all my years of Mod playing, I've never seen such attention to detail in terms of trying to tell the ending storyline in an new light..until now.

The mod has an high difficulty curve at the beginning yes, But after that what follows is both an delicate balance between hard and easy that gives Anti-Climax a huge boost of credibility, The mod gives players many new areas to explore post-ending and it has some "secret" pods to locate that will reveal a huge surprise.

A must play for any hardcore Half-Life mod player and collector.


Fallout 76

Game review may contain spoilers - 1 agree - 1 disagree

Omg Bethesda, What have you done to such a respected series like Fallout? People said that Fallout 4 was not fun and was boring but this is an trainwreck that people could see for miles.

The game lacks NPC's, It has some of the most outragingly bad Bugs ever seen in an game and the quests are hopelessly bad and worst of all? Bethesda doesn't seem to give a F***.. Fallout is pretty much dead because of 76.


Spider Mastermind Challenge

Mod review - 1 disagree

I'm all for challenge in DooM wads but this wad is not possible to complete at all and it's just a box.

I found strangling myself with a mouse cord more fun than this wad in question.


Doom Slayer Chronicles

Mod review may contain spoilers - 2 disagree

For all the hype this mod brought, It's a decent effort but Slaughterfests wads aren't very exciting unless you use something like Brutal DooM or DemonSteele.


Half-Life : Echoes

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 agree

Absolutely stunning, This mod which came out about 5 days ago by James Cockburn (MrGnang) truly embodies what a TRUE Half-Life mod should be like.

This mod which takes place during the Resonance Cascade from another perspective screams of quality and true effort put into's maps, gameplay, and it's atmosphere.

A must-not miss for any Half-Life player.


Phobos IV

Mod review

For 2002, This somewhat space horror adventure mod was scary but mainly nowadays it holds up as a somewhat scary mod but not like other mods.

The mod is quite short but it was one of my first mods after going to "steam" half-life, It's hard but a good mod.


Ispitatel 4: Classic

Mod review


Mod review
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