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After so long from the blog, I'm back with another thirty of the most notable quotes from games and they can range from cringworthy at worst to flatout funny at best.

Though some may not agree with me, This is what I think are the next top thirty most quotable quotes from video games (ranging from genesis all the way to ps4 and pc, and handheld games) You just might find yourself talking about these quotes.

30:(Wolfenstein 3D) "Spion!" ~~Officer~~

29:(Grand Theft Auto IV) "Cousin!, Want To Go Bowling?" ~~Roman Bellic~~

28:(Super Smash Bros For Wii U) "Haha" ~~Lemmy Koopa~~

27:(Half-Life 2) "Pick Up The Can." ~~Metrocop~~

26:(Blood) "I live...Again!" ~~Caleb~~

25:(Super Smash Bros 64) "Show Me Ya Moves!" ~~Captain Falcon~~

24:(Banjo Tooie) "Aren't You Supposed to be a merry old sole?" ~~Kazooie~~

23:(Postal 2) "You gotta be fucking kidding" ~~The Postal Dude~~

22:(Grand Theft Auto V) "You Scumbag!" ~~Police Officer~~

21:(Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale) "Now, You Will Feel my Wrath!" ~~Kratos~~

20:(Duke Nukem 3D) "Hmm, Don't have time to play with myself" ~~Duke Nukem~~

19:(Blood) "This is better then Kool-aid" ~~Caleb~~

18:(Super Mario Bros) "Sorry Mario, But the princess is in another Castle!" ~~Toad~~

17:(Call Of Duty:Black Ops Zombies) "I dare you to repeat that offer, Marcion!" ~~Fidel Castro~~

16:(Half-Life) "Squad! Neutralize Freeman!!" ~~H.E.C.U. Grunt~~

15:(Grand Theft Auto IV) "I don't have time for this bullshit!" ~~Niko Bellic~~

14:(Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale) "YOU...Are going down!" ~~Daxter~~

13:(Minecraft) "Oh Uh!" ~~Enderman~~

12:(Grand Theft Auto V) "Come on Motherfucker Shoot me back!" ~~Michael De Santa~~

11:(The Adventures of Willy Beamish) "Ugh.. I'm so bored I can't stand it!" ~~Willy Beamish~~

10:(Team Fortress 2) "Scotland Is not a real country. You are an englishman with a dress!" ~~Soldier~~

9:(Parappa The Rapper) "I gotta Redeem, I Gotta Relive, I gotta Receive, I gotta Believe!" ~~Parappa~~

8:(Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale) "I'm gonna rip you apart!" ~~Evil Cole McGrath~~

7:(Half-Life 2) "Comes A man? It is! The Freeman!" ~~Vortigaunt~~

6:(Medal Of Honor:Allied Assault) "Here you go Private!" ~~Medic~~

5:(Blake Stone:Aliens Of Gold) "Ohhh!" ~~Bio-Tech Scientist~~

4:(Mortal Kombat 2011) "You...Will not see the end of this day!" ~~Kratos~~

3:(inFAMOUS:Second Son) "Eye for an eye Asshole!" ~~Delsin Rowe~~

2:(inFAMOUS) "You know Zeke, I really don't give a shit what people think about me." ~~Cole McGrath~~

1:(Mario And Luigi:Bower's Inside Story) "Raawr! I hate the Mario bros!" ~~Bowser~~

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