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Report RSS The Top 20 Worst Levels In An Video Game Ever! Part 2

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Continuing from the last post, Here are the last 10 of the top 20 worst levels in a video game ever, These are the suckiest of the suckiest and the ones that'll give you fits and headaches.

10:(Wario World) "Pecan Sands". As the last of the subworlds before you reach the last of the major boss rooms this map will throw every single thing you've learned at you and require you to get 6 of the 8 red crystals in order to reach the boss, Ironsider.. Boy this bastard for all he's worth is the easiest of the sub-bosses in the game.

9:(Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour) "Tour De Nukem". The 8 level new episode for this remaster of one of my favorite games ever is awesome but this level really will drive you insane, On Come Get Some and Damn I'm Good has so many Pig Cop tanks, Enforcers, and Pig Cops that you'll struggle to keep above 50 health and the jump in the middle, The combination of mini cyborg emperors, mini overlords, and the big Battlelord boss makes this the hardest and worst Duke 3D level (beating out the Queen).

8:(Swat 3:Tactical Game Of The Year Edition) "Rapid Deployment:Parking Garage". This is one of 14 maps included with this special edition of the game, Out of all of them this is the worst aside from "Hostage Rescue:Unniversity", The amount of cheap deaths you'll suffer from being in the open where enemies can hide in areas you can't see is really stupid.

7:(Home Alone 2:Lost In New York on SNES) "The Uncle's House". This third level of this pretty short SNES game will test your sanity, It's a maze based on McCallistar's Uncles house but here it where the movie references end until the final level the christmas tree.. What makes this bad? Each area is coded by keys and getting them requires you to get them from the wet bandits or make a leap of faith, What's worse is how each part of the house looks the same.

6:(DooM II) "Barrels O' Fun". Somewhat of an joke map (similar to later joke wads like The Sky May be) This map is full of explosive barrels and trying to run away from them is impossible and combined with the enemies in this level you'll need a lot of endurance..and a quicksave or two to survive on anything above Hurt me plenty.

5:(Half-Life:Opposing Force) "When Worlds Collide". I HATED this map back then and I still do today, The last map before you make it to the battle with the gene worm is a hellhole for many reasons:With the addition of the black ops battling the Race-X aliens you have very little room for error and you will easily waste your SAW ammo due to the large number of Voltgores and Shock Troopers.. It took me 5 days to complete this level.

4:(Donkey Kong 64) "Frentic Factory". Though this game I played a lot on the Nintendo 64 had so much to do and so much to see this 3rd level after Angry Aztec was extremely annoying back then and still irritating today:The Arcade game to unlock the Nintendo coin was why three controllers broke on me and the maze like level I never could finish without help of a guide.

3:(Super Mario World) "Tubular" Oh..Boy where Do I begin? This special world which can only be found through the Star zone's warp pipes is so hard that many people I've seen have struggled to pass this painful level, The large amount of enemies and the fact you have to use P-Balloons to get through the level if you don't have Yoshi or a Super cape made this level unbearable (despite the fact the special world has 8 levels this one is the worst of this world).

2:(Postal 2) "Tuesday:Library". This is a bad ass game but this errand, The 2nd one on the list in Tuesday is beyond annoying because you may think it's easy dropping off that book (either by waiting in line or by killing everyone and then doing it) but battling your way out with book protestors armed with shotguns and pistols will really push your patience to the limit on hard difficulty. (This isn't a real problem on the AWP mod since you can use bullet time to slow time down).

1:(Dragon Ball Z Buu's Fury) "Kid Buu Saga, Final Battle". This sucks, The series is ok along with all the games that have released but his final boss battle with Kid Buu really killed the fun, You have to survive a timer until you get to the speed tap spirit bomb scene and this tap will kill your fingers after a while..Even then the ending was very unsatisfying and made me ever regret believing it would be as good as The Legacy Of Goku II.

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