The Shinx, Is ALWAYS more powerful than the sword or gun. PMDLEADERSHINX lives here. I'm a Player of Half-Life, DooM, GTA V, Minecraft, The Pokemon games (Obviously), and Many other games. I have a big passion for mods and is always open to try new mods for ANY game, I don't really do any kind of making of mods or addons, rather I'm trying to make an archive of Half-Life and DooM stuff on three USB Flash drives. I will upload obscure files and ones that..Have been forgotten about as I know my way around file sharing.

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With the news of an PS4/Xbox One release of the hotly debated and controversial The Sims 4, I will be playing that in order to see what has changed since the 2014 release of The Sims 4. Like others I wasn't really impressed at first by the game but as they started updating it and started putting out stuff packs and expansion packs the game has changed somewhat for the better.

As mentioned previously, I do have a DeviantArt account with the name being GoldenGTAPlayer5, It's a new account as my old account's email doesn't work anymore.. I take pictures of cars and any vehicles that I can find on my usual days or travels. I have had a passion for taking photos since I was 12.

My goal in getting the largest archive of Half-Life stuff ever made is somewhat taking a long time -_-" but I'm doing it the best I can, I cannot access GameBanana anymore as the page I'm using, Google Chrome claims the website is "Not secure anymore". I don't know what that means but I got everything possible for Half-Life, Blue Shift, Opposing Force, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress Classic, and Decay off of the website.

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