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Report RSS The Top 20 Worst levels in an Video Game Ever! Part 1

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It's another top 20 list time but this one is a lot more up my alley since it goes over the levels that I hated so much in video games that I wish they had never be approved or put into the game, The suckiest of the suckiest levels.

20:(Half Life) "Forget About Freeman!" Half-Life, I do like Half-Life like many others but this level which came after Surface Tension is one I can't stand.. It generally has very poor level design to it and most of it can be beaten in about 15 minutes if you can easily rush through battles all the way to the beginning of Lamba Core and what's worse is it has very little ammo.

19:(Hitman:Blood Money) Curtain Call, Hitman is one hell of a game for many reasons because you play as Agent 47, An Assassin who works for money and money alone while doing some of the most brutal executions ever in the series, most of the levels are hard but Curtain Call where you Assassinate an actor and an government official is beyond hard and is a pain due to the timing of trying to get a real gun to replace the prop gun and set the chandeller trap.

18:(Conker's Bad Fur Day) Bomb Rush, This wacky game on the Nintendo 64 was so damn funny and raunchy for many reason, Rare who was owned by Nintendo at the time put this together after the poor reaction to Conker:Twelve tales, Here they put together a mature title to make you crack a smile and laugh but boy is this level hard, Getting the bomb to it's destination is tough and the timer doesn't make it any easier.

17:(Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six) Operation Mystic Tiger, Does this one really need any introduction? This final level of the incredible RTS/First Person shooter is hell on the N64/PS1/PC in almost every way, The enemies have lots of ambush points and with your A.I. team having poor reaction times it becomes a massacre trying to get into the main dome in the level.

16:(Hamtaro:Ham-Ham Heartbreak on GBA) The Sunny Beach, Crazy as it may seem this portable game has an annoying level after the first one in the wood, Here you have to memorize an complicated sound puzzle all over the 7 screen beach and hit the sounds exactly as they go in order to get a quest from Boss but this without a walkthrough would likely stump even young players.

15:(Final DooM's The Plutonia Experiment) Hunted, Final DooM was the follow up to DooM II with two 32 level wads in them, TNT Evilution wasn't too hard to complete but The Plutonia Experiment really went overboard with the difficulty, Hunted really pisses me off at times as even on the normal and easy mode the "Arch Viles" in that game are merciless and trying to escape the maze is brutal.

14:(Duke Nuke:Zero Hour) Liberty Or Death, Duke's only third person game on the Nintendo 64 was amazingly hard which I had hoped for since Duke Nukem Time To Time, Land Of The Babes, and Total Meltdown were too easy but the 2nd level of Zero Hour is BRUTAL.. Liberty Or Death charges you with getting to the statues of liberty and shutting down the alien HQ.. If you can get past cheap deaths and very hard to survive turrent attacks in the visitor center.

13:(Quake III Arena) The Very End Of You, Quake 3 Arena seemed to be like a multiplayer exclusive quake game and it was bloody amazing but it's final level against Xaero and the overall last battle was a huge letdown and very hard level, Even on I'm Too Young To Die his railgun and bfg skill is too great and the rocket launcher is your own choice.

12:(Dead Island) The Roof Showdown, Jesus did they really blow off what could've been a great boss battle with Ryder, He becomes a brute thug zombie with the speed of a rusher zombie and what makes this fight stupid is how he never flinches, and what's worse is how no matter how much you hit him it take four players to put him down quick.

11:(Ghostbusters on NES) The Stairwell, Many have played this game but most never finished it including me.. What sucks is that this level which is before the fight with Gozer takes forever by tapping the A button up 23 floors, Three lives only? fuck that.

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