Hi there everyone! I am MaceMadunusus, I started modding roughly 14 years ago on a game called Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. I joined the Movie Battles II team in order to create many new, unique, and interactive locations as well as to update some existing levels. I am currently working on Movie Battles II's spiritual sequel Eridan Crisis.

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Jabba Mini-Revamp

MaceMadunusus Blog

I have done a partial mini-revamp to Jabba. This includes parts of the map which were originally planned for a JabbaV2. Many areas are also left out, as they are unfinished. So pretty much, I just put the finished changes into the current Jabba, while leaving the others for potential future updates. This is the result.

There are only a few minor visual changes, most of the changes are behind the scenes in the form of brushwork and VIS. (The map is a mess)

So, here are pictures of the visual changes. The first few pictures you will see the big room in main has a lot more cover, and is a lot less open. The second set of pictures shows the area just outside of the door to the rancor pit. Instead of the mini-cantina looking area, it is now more of a cave with flames to light it up.

Jabba Mini-RevampJabba Mini-RevampJabba Mini-RevampJabba Mini-RevampJabba Mini-Revamp

Here is a list of the CURRENT changes. A few more may happen during testing, you never know.

  • Added more spawns to Rebels. There are now 32 initial spawns to prevent telefrags.
  • Added more spawns to Imperials. There are now 64 initial spawns to prevent telefrags and crashes.
  • Added 60 second delay for initial Rebel spawn change to prevent flanking right off the bat.
  • Added new new pillars to the area in main to add cover and variety.
  • Added a new room outside of rancors pit, that looks more authentic.
  • Fixed a few wallbugs
  • Fixed a few areaportals
  • Fixed the cooking area in kitchen
  • Slightly updated lighting
  • Revamped brushwork in the main area, so that it aligns to the grid, and is easier to modify for later.
  • Revamped VIS stage, less detail brushes, more efficient structurals, and hint brushes

Its been a while since I have posted anything here but here we go. Recently JKfiles.com announced they would be having a mapping contest, the theme turned out to be Taris. Jedi Knight Galaxies mod was planning to have a Taris location in the future, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to get a start on it.

However, here it is. :)




Contest Download Link: Jediknight3.gamefront.com
Contest Voting: Forums.gamefront.com

Be sure to check out the other contest submissions!

As part of the new skybox I am working to bring together for the maps featured, here is the final version of the Republic Frigate seen in the Clone Wars series.

This ship is similar to that of the Republic Cruiser seen in Episode 1, but it was modified to be more of a small frigate in the clone wars, and also a bit more effective in defending itself.

Have a look:

Republic Frigate Republic Frigate Republic Frigate Republic Frigate Republic Frigate

Special thanks to DT of Star Wars: The New Era mod.

Here we have a Republic Assault Ship that will be seen in the skybox, and possibly a ship you can fly around with. As well as the three main characters for the scenario: Sev'rance Tann, Echuu Shen-Jon and his Padawan Naat Reath.

First we have the Acclamator or Republic Assault ship. This one is also textured like the Clone Wars variant because well, its a bit more colorful and less gray and boring.

Republic Assault Ship (Acclamator)Republic Assault Ship (Acclamator)Republic Assault Ship (Acclamator)
Republic Assault Ship (Acclamator)Republic Assault Ship (Acclamator)Republic Assault Ship (Acclamator)
Republic Assault Ship (Acclamator)

Second, we have the main characters that you will be able to play as, or fight against in the Siege mode of the mod.

Sev'rance Tann

Sev'rance Tann is the leader of Separatist (CIS) Forces in the Battle of Sarapin.


Sev'rance Tann

Echuu Shen-Jon

Echuu Shen-Jon is a Jedi Master who lost his first Padawan to Sev'rance Tann. He is commanding the Republic Forces in the area.


Echuu Shen-Jon

Naat Reath

Naat Reath is the Padawan of Echuu Shen-Jon and also the sister of Echuus first Padawan, Stam Reath.


Naat Reath

Special Thanks to Spanki, Scerendo, Hapslash, Kel and Antizac for their models/skins.


In an attempt to keep everyone updated, here is another update on Movie Battles II. Similar to that of the Death Star RC2 preview, we now have a preview for Battle Over Coruscant by Darth NormaN.

Hopefully we will see a release for this beauty sometime in the future, just gotta pester Norman a bit more. For now, enjoy this little preview with some screenshots from the video!


Youtube (SD, HD) - Youtube.com
ModDB (SD) - Moddb.com
GameTrailers (SD) - Gametrailers.com
My Site (HD) - Macesmapping.map-craft.com
Vimeo (SD, HD) - Vimeo.com
Xfire (HD) - Xfire.com


As with the other (and future) map preview videos, these are exclusively for streaming. This video will not be available for download.

Have fun,

Development is a time consuming effort. While we could be spending our time promoting our mod, we feel that it's better to spend it on actually perfecting out our flaws.

There is still a long road to walk ahead.

Weunderstand promotion is important but at this stage it's better to make the mod really good so we can start the promotion all around the exterior of this community.

MaceCrusherMadunusus was kind enough to put up a quick (and awesome) teaser for you fans while also having the purpose of drawing those who do not know of our mod yet, aswell. Hopefully making them curious to check it out.

A site update is also likely to happen. Sooner or later..

Okay folks, here's the good stuff:

Movie Battles II Teaser "Pulsing"

For those of you who want to download it. Get it on either:

FileFront (WMV)

FileFront (Quicktime)


Mace's Site (WMV)

Mace's Site (Quicktime)

Here we go, another video for your eyes to stare in awe at.

Here we have Episode 1 (Of about 6) showing the creation of the Movie Battles II version of Republic Cruiser.

The first episode that we have here shows how I took the Side Hangar of the original Republic Cruiser (Actually took it out of the FFA version of the side hangar) and put it into Movie Battles II with tons of optimizations, fixes and making it MBII compatible.

Some of the things you see in this video is me taking out random entities that are not at all needed in the MBII version, to start off with. Then it heads on to things like Hinting or blocking things that are not in your line of sight (FPS helper) as well as some brushwork optimizations creating less t-junctions and tris. However, in this video you do not see everything I had done on this area, the whole area took about a day to get fully up to specs. The footage you see in the video is only about 1 hour of that work.

The Creation of MBII Republic Cruiser - Episode 1

There were a few issues in the video, like the gunship script in-game shot being choppy for some unknown reason, so I know that is there. And then the random spin around of the camera in the walkthrough in-game shot. The second one was caused by Camera Battles II (pugmod) whilst being in-game. One of the reasons we haven't released it yet is cause it can be buggy :)

This video does not fully show all modifications to the area, it shows a brief amount of each aspect to show everyone what is going on and keep the video time down.

Stay tuned more to come soon!

Still moving forward.

I really need to start finding time to update this site... man.

Anyway, since it has been, again, a pretty good amount of time without any updates here is a few.

I am not going to post any map updates but I am going to post quite a bit of video updates (Incase people have not been checking my video section)

First video we have here came along with the release of Movie Battles II Release Candidate 3. This trailer is directly for promotion of the newer Arc Rifle weapon. I, personally, thought this video turned out a very well. It was even the first Movie Battles II video to be featured on GameTrailers.com in High-Definition (And the first mod that I know of). This video was made more of a Thank You towards Wildebeest for adding Pugmod (or CameraBattles II) to MBII, I promised this to him for doing that for me. Ended up pretty good :P

Movie Battles II Arc Rifle Trailer

Here is the second video, this one is a map preview made specifically for Youtube and ModDB, however since I made them we have a High-Res version of the video on the site. The video itself showcases Frosts new Death Star Escape map which was featured with Movie Battles II Release Candidate 2 release. All in all, it took about 2-3 hours to make in total so its nothing that specially, but again I thought it turned out really nicely.

I hope you enjoy this as well, so have a look!

Movie Battles II RC2 Death Star Escape Preview

The last, and oldest video, is the feature in MBII Wildebeest had added for me. This video does not showcase all of the features added, it focuses on the Spline Cameras. Enjoy!

Movie Battles II Camera Battles II

High Resolution DIVX stream not currently available.

This is not all, however. Some may have noticed, some may have not, but I am now an Advisor to the JKA Galaxies mod. I have contributed some tiny things but not enough to become a full developer. That may come in the future. For the mod I have put together some videos showcasing some of their first features (Videos generally took about 10 minutes each) so they aren't anything truely special so I will not show them.

I should have way more posted soon on a map standpoint. I am waiting till I finish some more things to get some interactivity videos and new map screenshots up on the site. Movie Battles II version of Republic Cruiser has currently been my main focus. There has been an insane ammount of features, interactivity, and much more added just for the MBII version. Some may leak into the base JKA version in the future. Kashyyyk: Order 66 is also second on my priority list. As well as a few more MBII videos with I cannot disclose what they are.

Stay tuned more to come soon!


Leviathan Duel BASE JKA release

I know its been a really long time, but I finally released Leviathan Bridge Duel after leaving it in a finished state to finish the trailer. I figured that now I would just release it as a promo video later on for the map.

I also released the Movie Battles II version for base JKA as well... Revans Flagship is included in the download as a BONUS map.

Here is the review on JK3files by Nozyspy. Thanks for the good review!

NozySpy wrote: Are you a fan of Knights of the Old Republic? I know I am! Personally I
think it one of the greatest Star Wars games ever made, so I am always
happy when a mapper has decided to use his talents to bring a location
from KotOR into our very own Jedi Academy. And what Mace brings us
here, is not one, but two maps!

Both are very similar, however, there is a big difference in what they
portray. One is the bridge of the Leviathan where you face Saul Karath,
and the other is the bridge of Darth Revan’s flagship, where Bastila
and her gang face Revan. The main difference here is the skybox, which
in both cases looks fantastic. The skybox from Revan’s flagship is my
personal favourite, Mace has done a fantastic job recreating exactly
the same kind of look that you actually see in the cut-scenes in KotOR,
including Darth Malak’s ship floating menacingly nearby.

Now lets move onto the main body of the map. These maps are available
ingame for FFA, Duel and Power Duel. The maps are an excellent size for
a good duel, since there is plenty of space for running and jumping,
and also a couple of bottomless pits. wink

They are also comfortably sized for a small to medium sized FFA.

As for the architecture…well all I can say is they are as close as I
think it is possible to get to a KotOR level here in JKA. They have all
the features you remember, the distinctive lights on and around the
floor (the big blue Star Forge symbol being my favourite) and
everything is to the correct scale. A nice little touch here is
breakable windows. If you choose to break them, you then get sucked out
into space! After a few moments a force field then pops up to prevent
anyone else taking an unscheduled space walk! A very interesting
feature I am sure people will use to good effect in their duels and FFA
matches… wink

One feature I also especially liked was the bump mapping-esqe effect on the pipes along the ceiling, a very nice touch there!

The only thing I really think could be changed with these maps… is to
add in the rest of the ship! I think that would be fantastic to explore
the whole thing. These maps are great for a duel or a small to medium
FFA, but we need more, more secrets, more places to explore! big grin

All in all then an excellent couple of maps here. A must have for fans of Knights of the Old Republic.

So if you guys like the look of these maps, then give em’ a download, you wont be disappointed!

Bot Support: Yes
New Textures: Yes
New Sounds: Yes
New Music: Yes
Game Types: FFA, Duel, Power Duel




Thanks, I hope you all enjoy this new addition.

Hello everyone,

With the production of a new Kashyyyk for MBII, this time as an Official Map, I thought it would be a nice idea to hold a tiny contest to get the community involved in the maps production.

This contest is simply a texture contest, everything MUST be serious and will otherwise be discarded.

Textures made and accepted in this contest WILL be featured in the map.

As the maker of Kashyyyk, I will be sorting through EVERY texture submitted to this contest. But first, heres an example of what I want and the requirements you need to meet in order to participate and have a chance of your texture being in the map.

Here is an example (Not made by myself, and is being used as a Temporary texture in the map)


  • You MUST provide the .psd file with your submision with a transparent .png on your submission post please.
  • You must have a transparent background behind your banner.
  • The texture must have a Height of 512 pixels and a width of 256 pixels
  • Must be similar (In some respects) to the texture above, so that it can be 'hung' from places
  • You MUST not include any harsh language, racism or anything of the like.
  • You also must NOT rasterize text layers. If you need to, you MUST include a duplicate layer of the original text.

You must also be serious about this contest, banners that are made for joking around, will NOT be accepted. So please, do not waste my time or yours.

To help everyone, Here is some screenshots of the map itself (WIP and Temporary textures) To help everyone get a feel.

Good luck to everyone

P.S. Here is the page where I am keeping everything.
the page itself is WIP but you get the idea :P

Hello everyone,

I don't have much to say other than here is what I have been working on since I joined the Movie Battles II team a bit ago. And some stuff that won't be in the next update but is in the works for the future :P

First off, I am going to do some stuff that you guys have seen before, starting with Revans Flagship Duel. (AKA Leviathan Bridge duel for the BaseJKA version)

Here is the MBII mapping wiki on the map.


(In case you have not seen it yet)

It is a 3v3 duel map, Bastila and 2 jedi accomplices, vs Revan and 2 Dark Jedi


User Posted Image





(Screenshot looking out at the skybox)

For those who are wondering: Yes, on the pipe and on the outside of the ship there IS fake bumpmapping... its not perfect because well.. its JKA :P Some parts of the map are also destructable (Not as much as a map I am going to show later on)

There is also a little surprise near round end, but I will leave that for you guys to figure it out. It is not huge, but I can be life threatening :P.

The second map I implemented into Movie Battles II was Ravager Duel.

Here is the wiki:


User Posted Image




Next one Isn't technically my map, but I did the awesome skybox and sith fighters outside :P. Rest goes to Shadriss and Inyri (for harvester models)



Im proud of it, sorry XD

3rd map I added into Movie Battles II is RC Bridge duel (RC referring to my Republic Cruiser map - Not Republic Commando)



Since the map is very similar to the Republic Commando RAS counterpart, we decided to do a FA based on that section from Republic Commando (See wiki) Although the map is not exactly the same.

Thanks to Plasma for adding the crates in the map, and the FA.



Destrucability FTW?


Now, done with the Duel maps XD

The first assault map is Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. We had gotten permission from SMoKE to convert his map to Movie Battles II. I am not the only one that worked on it (although I did most of it) Plasma started off by adding a few simple things to the map and doing the Full Authentic... I did just about everything else after he put in the spawns/objectives/new things in the Courtyard. (And the FA mind you) Thanks again Plasma for those :P

Once again, here is the Wiki page:



User Posted Image


(I know theres fighting, but I thought it was a good pic :P)


Rebel Spawn


Imperial Spawn








Radiant Layout pic:


(Some gamplay pics are on the gallery, btw. - as is these screenshots here [Map Showcase Section])

The next thing is.. uh... Duel of the Fates... BEFORE you go like OMG WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY DOTF OMGZ :P, I didn't do anything to the layout... just visuals, with the help of Frost who did the textures :P (look much better imo)

On my machine I also increased the FPS by somewhere between 15 and 25 FPS by adding Hint portals and fixing some VIS work and Areaportals that were missing in spots. Lighting is also smoother in the main hanger (Added Phong shaders to the ceiling, and changed the barrel things in the middle of the hanger to patches) Along with new glow shaders throughout the map.

Sadly, for you glitchers, you have lost some of your advantage points also, such as getting inside the map by the forcefield things in the gen room from patches... and standing on top of the glass in the generator room also :P. Your fault, not mine, don't whine :P.

Hey, if you are gonna glitch, and you get caught... its gonna most likely get fixed :P

These screenshots are once again, on the Map Showcase section of the gallery.

User Posted Image






Thanks again to Frost for the textures, which are both more realistic and look pretty good (especially the hanger floor)

These updates DO also include Duel DOTF.

Some of you also know about the Christmas DOTF which was a combination of work from Plasma and myself. Plasma did the textures and I did the actual map work... see the thread (incase you haven't seen it) for more info.


That map should be compatible with the next release, since its has its own BSP and does not have the textures with the map. (uses released DOTF textures)

Now, since I am done with all that (wow)

I am on to my WORK IN PROGRESS section

First one, a lot of you know... Republic Cruiser, which will be converted to a Movie Battles II playable format, as long as a few other mods (Different layouts for each though)

For that map, I suggest you follow this link, it is the most updated.


(pictures included, 3 page thread - except for additional links to older screenshots)

User Posted Image

RC ftw? :P

Enjoy that one, I know you guys have been waiting for it for almost 2.5 years (one month left to go till then XD)

Here is another MBII map called Leviathan Escape.

Again, the wiki:


This map is very WIP, and hasn't even begun any testing phase. (besides my own personal tests)

So, I'll start with the layout that is subject to change (although its very accurate compared to 2 specific areas of the Leviathan ship in kotor - I combined the 2)


User Posted Image



First pictures are of the Rebel Spawn.








These next are of the Imp spawn (Which will be a movable one... this is the first position)



Here is a WIP in-radiant shot of a maintenance area... I'll tell you how you get to it in a bit, kinda cool :P


Now, this map probably has the most interactivity that I have done thus far... although it is giving me a lot of issues too :P

First, is this massive entity spam :P


This is basically, where you shoot the pipes on the wall (wherever you hit it) steam will come out based on that. It works in-game :P

Then this little surprise :P


Corners in the map are FULLY destructible, so watch out... some go away in chucks... others just go straight away, depends on how much damage they take.

I will be working a lot more later to get collapsing pipes and that kind of thing, but there is something thats kinda neat with the ceiling lights... you shoot them, they go out :P so be careful with that :P

Ok, so how you get into that maintenance area is kinda neat... there will be a special section on the floor where ... if it takes enough dmg from heavy stuff (such as TD and rockets) the floor will collapse into that maintenance area... with fuel surrounding you :P some of that fuel will spill on to the floor via efx file.. and the collapsing of the floor will be completely scripted in.

Then, for round end (if the rebels board the Ebon Hawk) I will make a small cut scene type thing or a delay for the objective, and have the door to the Ebon Hawk close... and the ship take off and start to leave the hanger... when it leaves the hanger the round will end :P neat feature imo :P

Hope you guys enjoyed reading through all that... it took a while to put together :P

Hope you like my Work in progress stuff also!

Thanks, and enjoy!!!


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