Hi there everyone! I am MaceMadunusus, I started modding roughly 14 years ago on a game called Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. I joined the Movie Battles II team in order to create many new, unique, and interactive locations as well as to update some existing levels. I am currently working on Movie Battles II's spiritual sequel Eridan Crisis.

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Still moving forward.

I really need to start finding time to update this site... man.

Anyway, since it has been, again, a pretty good amount of time without any updates here is a few.

I am not going to post any map updates but I am going to post quite a bit of video updates (Incase people have not been checking my video section)

First video we have here came along with the release of Movie Battles II Release Candidate 3. This trailer is directly for promotion of the newer Arc Rifle weapon. I, personally, thought this video turned out a very well. It was even the first Movie Battles II video to be featured on GameTrailers.com in High-Definition (And the first mod that I know of). This video was made more of a Thank You towards Wildebeest for adding Pugmod (or CameraBattles II) to MBII, I promised this to him for doing that for me. Ended up pretty good :P

Movie Battles II Arc Rifle Trailer

Here is the second video, this one is a map preview made specifically for Youtube and ModDB, however since I made them we have a High-Res version of the video on the site. The video itself showcases Frosts new Death Star Escape map which was featured with Movie Battles II Release Candidate 2 release. All in all, it took about 2-3 hours to make in total so its nothing that specially, but again I thought it turned out really nicely.

I hope you enjoy this as well, so have a look!

Movie Battles II RC2 Death Star Escape Preview

The last, and oldest video, is the feature in MBII Wildebeest had added for me. This video does not showcase all of the features added, it focuses on the Spline Cameras. Enjoy!

Movie Battles II Camera Battles II

High Resolution DIVX stream not currently available.

This is not all, however. Some may have noticed, some may have not, but I am now an Advisor to the JKA Galaxies mod. I have contributed some tiny things but not enough to become a full developer. That may come in the future. For the mod I have put together some videos showcasing some of their first features (Videos generally took about 10 minutes each) so they aren't anything truely special so I will not show them.

I should have way more posted soon on a map standpoint. I am waiting till I finish some more things to get some interactivity videos and new map screenshots up on the site. Movie Battles II version of Republic Cruiser has currently been my main focus. There has been an insane ammount of features, interactivity, and much more added just for the MBII version. Some may leak into the base JKA version in the future. Kashyyyk: Order 66 is also second on my priority list. As well as a few more MBII videos with I cannot disclose what they are.

Stay tuned more to come soon!


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