Hi there everyone! I am MaceMadunusus, I started modding roughly 14 years ago on a game called Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. I joined the Movie Battles II team in order to create many new, unique, and interactive locations as well as to update some existing levels. I am currently working on Movie Battles II's spiritual sequel Eridan Crisis.

Report RSS The Creation of Movie Battles II Republic Cruiser - Episode 1

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Here we go, another video for your eyes to stare in awe at.

Here we have Episode 1 (Of about 6) showing the creation of the Movie Battles II version of Republic Cruiser.

The first episode that we have here shows how I took the Side Hangar of the original Republic Cruiser (Actually took it out of the FFA version of the side hangar) and put it into Movie Battles II with tons of optimizations, fixes and making it MBII compatible.

Some of the things you see in this video is me taking out random entities that are not at all needed in the MBII version, to start off with. Then it heads on to things like Hinting or blocking things that are not in your line of sight (FPS helper) as well as some brushwork optimizations creating less t-junctions and tris. However, in this video you do not see everything I had done on this area, the whole area took about a day to get fully up to specs. The footage you see in the video is only about 1 hour of that work.

The Creation of MBII Republic Cruiser - Episode 1

There were a few issues in the video, like the gunship script in-game shot being choppy for some unknown reason, so I know that is there. And then the random spin around of the camera in the walkthrough in-game shot. The second one was caused by Camera Battles II (pugmod) whilst being in-game. One of the reasons we haven't released it yet is cause it can be buggy :)

This video does not fully show all modifications to the area, it shows a brief amount of each aspect to show everyone what is going on and keep the video time down.

Stay tuned more to come soon!

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